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Mia Taeng The Review

Mia Taeng encompassed the stereotypical storyline of a forced-to-wed-wife-vs-evil-mistress-for-playboy-pra’ek, but because it’s base off a Thai novel, you can see its literary message of a “mia taeng” or wedded wife more interplayed to bring a little more layers to the cliché. I am most … Continue reading

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Mia Taeng Episode 14 Finale Recap

Finale rush or not rush? A Thai lakorn is a Thai lakorn, meaning a rush ending is part of the culture. I felt that Mia Taeng was able to bring a quick and one-stone-for-two-birds closure to all its interconflicting issues. However there are some loose ends that never … Continue reading

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Mia Taeng OST

Mia Taeng OST. YT Links. DL links. Let’s make a toast to the finale of Mia Taeng.

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Mia Taeng Episode 14 Finale Preview

So, they really are doing this to us. How dare they slap us such a rush ending? I told ya. Guns-tears-and-falling-to-our-knees finale. Better up the romance!!!

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Mia Taeng Episode 13 Recap

We are down to the second last episode, and I’m shaking in fear that the rushed ending will break it for all the respect I had invested in Mia Taeng. Episode 13 turns out to be no joke. We get … Continue reading

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Mia Taeng News

On the Wednesday 24th episode of the popular star guest talk show Ratree Somasorn, “Chompoo” Araya Hargate who plays Aroonpapai announced that Mia Taeng will end on Tuesday August 30. So what does that mean for us?

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News: Mia Taeng Spoilers Alert

 Guns. Tears. Falling on our knees. That is the type of finale Mia Taeng will be. I dug and compiled some two scenes that I’ve seen (but maybe you haven’t) of Mia Taeng’s Finale. Enjoy.

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