Mia Taeng The Review

Mia Taeng encompassed the stereotypical storyline of a forced-to-wed-wife-vs-evil-mistress-for-playboy-pra’ek, but because it’s base off a Thai novel, you can see its literary message of a “mia taeng” or wedded wife more interplayed to bring a little more layers to the cliché. I am most amazed with the romance quality and quantity. You know what I mean. Godninja is proud to give Mia Taeng 4 Stars.

First and foremost, I need to praise “Benz” Pornchita Na Songkhla. Mia Taeng would’ve not been Mia Taeng without the role of Blomcak. Every time Blom broke down in tears, she did not last in her self-pity state. Remember all those times she went bipolar and turned evil again and the camera click-zoomed into her vampire face. Those were scary moments. At the same time, she gained my pity points. Her love, no matter if they keep insisting it’s for Kongkai’s monetary benefits, to me, was sincere. Now to our couple. I have not watch “Rome” Patchata Nampan or “Chompoo” Araya Hargate in a long ass while, and together for the first time, I thought that Chompoo brought the playboy out of our meek Rome well. Oh, and I just loved “Wan” Thanakrit Panichwit‘s character as Wayu. He had many epic LOL moments that I enjoyed immensely.

Plotline wise. Mia Taeng had the conflict interest balanced in well…until the finale. I don’t know what happened, but they chewed onto more than they can eat. So we got baited but short-changed. As I mentioned before and like many commenters have discussed, there were many loose ends or can-do-without characters. We won’t bathe in those flaws. Let’s talk about the juicy stuff.

I really liked how Mothermole and Butler lessen the stupidity on Kongkai. They saved KK’s ass many time from Blom, or else we’ll be stuck with more heartache. Pai proved to be a strong nang’ek; a unique one in my book. Even more righteous than the nang’ek of equal fame Kluay (played by “Noon” Woranuch Wongsawan) of earlier this year Ch7’s Kha Khong Khun. Pai is like Gandhi. If the enemy strike your left cheek, turn to them the right one.

Anyway, you can’t talk of plotline without the tamed-sex scenes. Asianfusers, believe it or not, have done us the honor of keeping count how many time Romeo and Chompoo Juliet ‘did it’. Some called KK a “sex addict”. Be the judge. The record is FIVE willingly scenes. In more detailed, epi5 and epi7 had two rounds and once epi11. I forgot what this sex talk to leading to, so I’ll move on.

Don’t want to rant on to bore you, so I’ll make it quick. I love the title song and the, as I dub it, slow sex song. Did they personally sang these songs of Mia Taeng? Cuz the songs and lakorn was a match made in heaven. Just a few positives things I got to mentioned. I like Jieb. I like KK’s confession to the main maid that he’s an ass. [I barely see pra’eks break down and confess their sins.] How they showed KK’s transformation. Oh, plus the bed talks in between sex was GOOD!


Pretty Sexy Review I say!

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6 Responses to Mia Taeng The Review

  1. fyun says:

    I do addicted with this lakorn. I watched over and over again. Now I’m curious to read the novel also

  2. cc says:

    5 stars for godninja :*

  3. saron says:

    Like both main actress and actor. Rome and Chompoo play pretty good! Hate Benz’s character so much!

  4. Lena says:

    Your blog totally rocks! It’s so great to see that the lakorn addiction spreads more and more and that there are always people fluent in Thai who are nice enough to share the stories with us non-Thai-speakers. Love you for this! And your blog is so beautiful, informing and hilarious. I’m totally into your personal comments on lakorns like in this review of “Mia Taeng”, please keep feeding us with recaps and reviews. I’m just happy that you are here for us and I’ll be stalking your blog for sure. 😀

  5. Yaya says:

    Benz should win award(s) for Best Supporting Actress. She’s damn pretty good, hate her so much, but in the same time I do pity her.

  6. godninja says:

    anyone got good bloopers to share? I saw a few but they are more focus on a particular scene not overall. got to go youtubing for one.

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