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HeadsUp: Buang

What happens when Roy Mai meets Tae Bangkorn meets Sarp Poosa? That is three super classics smack together to make a cross-generation period, ghost haunting storyline. I am very impressed by what I’ve seen so far. A ghostly thriller on the story of … Continue reading

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Ranting: 3 Reasons Why I Might Just Watch Buang

Sorry, the title is misleading. There’s only ONE reason why I would watch Buang—for Rome Patchata. Hey, I happen to fancy Rome and his square jaw okay.

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HeadsUp: Mook Liam Petch

Mook Liam Petch (Pearl-Sided Diamond) is a romantic action and like many recent lakorns is based on a novel and its title is quite the pun being that the pra-nangs are named Petch (Diamond) and Mook (Pearl). The promos, especially the magazine covers and promos … Continue reading

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Mia Taeng The Review

Mia Taeng encompassed the stereotypical storyline of a forced-to-wed-wife-vs-evil-mistress-for-playboy-pra’ek, but because it’s base off a Thai novel, you can see its literary message of a “mia taeng” or wedded wife more interplayed to bring a little more layers to the cliché. I am most … Continue reading

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Mia Taeng Episode 14 Finale Recap

Finale rush or not rush? A Thai lakorn is a Thai lakorn, meaning a rush ending is part of the culture. I felt that Mia Taeng was able to bring a quick and one-stone-for-two-birds closure to all its interconflicting issues. However there are some loose ends that never … Continue reading

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Mia Taeng Episode 14 Finale Preview

So, they really are doing this to us. How dare they slap us such a rush ending? I told ya. Guns-tears-and-falling-to-our-knees finale. Better up the romance!!!

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Mia Taeng Episode 13 Recap

We are down to the second last episode, and I’m shaking in fear that the rushed ending will break it for all the respect I had invested in Mia Taeng. Episode 13 turns out to be no joke. We get … Continue reading

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