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Ranting: Leh Pummared, Tata, Bie, & Yadech

Okay, when the news is on the boring side and I so see a lot of funny and juicy epicness in watching videos and cruising around, I want to share them with you.

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Ranting: Boobilicious Daras at Kom Chad Luek Awards 2011

Wow! Por Nattawut got two for Best Actor in lakorn and movie, Chompoo Araya for Best Actress, Yaya Urassaya and Barry Nadech for Popularity, Roy Mai for Best Lakorn, 30 Gum Lung Jaew for Movie Popularity…I don’t even give a hoot at the winners. I’m … Continue reading

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News: Siamdara’s Top 14 Pra’nangs 2011

Top 14 Daras with 7 pra’eks and 7 nang’eks according to Saimdara. Many of the names on the list were winners at their Siamdara Star Awards 2011 in June, so I decided to gather up the photos to go along with the list.

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HeadsUp: Nam Kuen Hai Reab Rak

We’ve only heard of the flood crisis causing millions of bahts in damages to showbiz but damn was Exact Scenario Ch5 smart to turn the waves around. Likit Fah Chata Din had to stop shooting because of the flood, so Nam Kuen Hai Reab Rak‘s … Continue reading

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News: Ch7 Top 13 Highest Ratings 2011

The title says it all. Ch7 Top 13 Highest Ratings Prime Time Lakorns of 2011. As dumb as it sounds, I didn’t know Kha Khong Khun rated this high, but that’s not a complaint. And have you ever wonder what are Ch7 … Continue reading

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News: Who will be the next Chai Klang?

I’m talking about the famous pipe-smokin’ heart-throb pra’ek character in the legendary Ban Sai Thong. A few hours ago, I watched “Pong” Nawat Kulrattanarak‘s interview that he’s been approached with the role but he’s busy blah blah blah. Was gonna go into what was said, but our good friend Lyn … Continue reading

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Snippet: Nai Roy Rak Finale Recap

Nai Roy Rak stars beefy chest “Pong” Nawat Kulrattanarak and sexy “Aum” Patcharapa Chaichue. I think they were smart to slap together two sex icon to star in what fans calls a lakorn flop of the year. Nai Roy Rak looked like waaayyy too much drama to me. Regardless of … Continue reading

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