News: Mia Taeng Spoilers Alert

 Guns. Tears. Falling on our knees. That is the type of finale Mia Taeng will be. I dug and compiled some two scenes that I’ve seen (but maybe you haven’t) of Mia Taeng’s Finale. Enjoy.

Here, let me narrate: Blom brings a gun to kill Pai, drags Pai out, Pai and Blom wrestle over the gun, Kongkai comes to beg Blom, and Blom breaks down in anger of her love.

I think this is the sequence of the events: Mother Villain finds out of their intimate relationship, she takes out a gun to kill Blom, Mr. Villain takes the bullet, and die or not die, we’ll find out.

Just some ratings: I don’t know about currently, but on on August 15, 2011, Mia Taeng received an 8.5 . It’s prime time Ch 7 competitor Tawee Pope scored a leading 9.1 . Falling behind only a by small margin, Mia Taeng is fairing very well for a channel 3 lakorn. For Thai lakorn ratings a 10 is good.

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6 Responses to News: Mia Taeng Spoilers Alert

  1. pachia says:

    i was wondering if the plerng toranong viki channel is up and running yet.. ive been waiting… !! oh and can’t wait for the finale of Mia Teang … i just can’t wait when she tells him about the pregancy..!!

  2. Kiki says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! This is Going to be intense! Can’t wait!

  3. godninja says:

    WOHOO! the updated polls@pantip just show Mia Taeng surpassing Tawee Pope!

  4. nessie says:

    i bet there will be 2-4 episodes left till mia taeng come to its end.
    freaking love the show!!

  5. Lala says:

    Wah, so intense! Now I’m super excited about it. Like you say if Episode 13 preview didn’t show such scene like this then it’ll definitely be the finales. Drama, drama, drama. Love it! Thank you 🙂

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