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HeadsUp: Khun Dech

Oh ho! I smell double trouble. I’m talking about Khun Dech vs Khun Suk ja! Khun Dech is set to air this coming Wednesday. By the time Khun Suk air 2ish weeks later, Khun Dech would have had the chance to get in a solid start and it … Continue reading

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HeadsUp: Duj Dao Din

Drama. Drama. Drama. 3 Ds to match the 3 in Duj Dao Din (Same Earthly Star) [Airdate 01/11/12]. DDD stars Stephan Santi and Jakajun Akumsiri and it will take you on a heart-breaking journey of Boonting (Baiple Phupar) who is an orphan kid in … Continue reading

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