Mia Taeng Episode 12 Recap

Do tell me if you have seen a scarier looking face. This is as close as it gets to looking like a starved vampire. I am most amazed that our couple is managing this whole fiasco so effectively. All of this hell, and Romeo and Chompoo Juliet are still cuddling it through. That’s what we call love.

Our family are having a meal celebration of Kongkai new chair as the President. Pai braves up to handle her situation and calls Blom to meet at a hospital. Blom tries goes to a clinic to stalk pregnant mother, but she fails when the mother recognize Blom. She returns to her shop and overhears Gay Assistant talking with a server that she is pregnant and wants him to give her some pre-salary to have an abortion. He refuses saying its murder. This of course is exactly what Blom needs, so Blom offers her a deal for the money. That night, Pai invites Kongkai to go along to the check up. He tells her he want to accept Blom child as their adopted child, but Pai replies that it’s wrong to part a child from his mother.

Next day at the clinic, Blom goes to talk a urine sample but it’s of the server. The doctor announces that Blom is pregnant. Pai walks out, and Kongkai follows her. Blom is angry that he dares chooses Pai. So she runs out  pretending that her stomach hurts. The doctor notices her in high heels and tells her to stopping wearing them and for Kongkai to take better care of her. Then we see clips of someone taking photos of the love triangle.

Our couple sends Blom home, but she fakes that she’s still hurting and wants Kongkai to look after her. Pai offers that they stay. Blom happily exclaim that she is happy they are finally one family. Pai turns around and cries thinking of all their sweet memories. At home, Mothermole and the maid talk about where Pai and Kongkai went. Then Butler comes in with a tabloid news of businessman Kongkai being the father of the model Blom and his wife  coming as a witness.

In the car, Kongkai assures Pai he will take care of the everything. He goes to open the door for her, and Pai caresses her stomach saying that mommy is okay. In the house, Mothermole demands how can they hide this from her and what will happen to him newly accepting his title. Pai reveals the Blom is indeed pregnant. Mothermole refuses to believe that Blom would let herself get pregnant. Then Mothermole grabs her stomach in pain. Pai puts Mothermole to bed as Kongkai comes in. He is split between his mother’s and Blom’s clashing condition. Pai soothes him that there will be a solution. They cuddle, and Mothermole is watching with a smile.

We finally get to see the mother and daughter couple. Bpen is hurting as she tries some exercises. Her mother leaves to go sell her food cart but slips. Even hurting, the mother goes. Bpen follows and  overhears the customers saying that the mother is aging and her child should be supporting her. Bpen appears and helps her mother. They hug. Finally, Bpen you’re starting to be reasonable.

Mothermole refuses to accept Blom’s child until is it born and the DNA test yields Kongkai as the father. Pai is listening in and hears Kongkai asking that it’ll be too mean for Pai to raise Blom’s child. Then the maid runs in with a remote. Blom and her mother are having a pity press conference. Blom stands that she is Kongkai love before Pai and now she is pregnant before his wife. They’re framing Pai as the third wheel and the one who is separating the true lovers-Blom and Kongkai. Blom’s mother demands the male party to take responsibility. Mothermole is angry, and Kongkai says he will take care of his personal matter. Then Butler says that it’s not like that; as the President, his image will affect the sales. Kongkai is so stressed out. Mothermole insists that she will only accept his child.

At Pai’s workplace, the whole good crew is together and they hear of the Blom being pregnant news. They growled at Blom calling herself the superior wife. Poochom is angry and is about to go beat up Kongkai, but Jieb pulls him back. THERE COMES MY FAVORITE PART.

Wayu: Don’t have to go. If this lady dares use her child to slap Pai faces, then it’s worthless.

Lady Boss: How do you know?

Wayu: This lady is pregnant. Pai is pregnant too.

Lady Boss: Yeah…WHAT? Pai is pregnant?

Wayu: Yes, you guys don’t know because you’re not important. [LMAO. Damn that was good how he defines his self-importance]

Pai talks to Mothermole that they can’t hid from the fact that Blom is the mother. Pai sadly says she is sorry.

Mr. Villain comes hunting for Blom and orders Gay Assistant to tell him if the rumors are true. He whispers yes, and Mr. Villain is angry! He gets a call and runs off.  Back to Pai and Mothermole, the mother says that they can’t let Kongkai walk into the tiger den of the Family Villain, but Pai explains that she doesn’t want the one she loves to make a wrong decision. The Family Villain is in the house to rage war. The Father Villain demands justice for ruining his daughter’s future. Kongkai says he will support the child. The Father declares that they want Kongkai to marry Blom. Blom softens and asks for Pai to give her justice. Pai kicks asses at a super duper speech saying that she have never thought she’ll be in such a despicable situation as superior wife having pity on someone asking such from a bad-mannered person. She says she will let Kongkai make the decision.

Mr. Villain is rushing over. Father Villain demands that they want Kongkai to openingly accept Blom to live with him as his wife. Mr. Villain comes in and grabs Blom demanding that she return with him. Kongkai remembers what Blom have told him of Mr. Villain molesting her, so he announces that Blom is his wife and she will stay here. The father slaps Mr. Villain and drags him out. He declares that he is willing to risk the company and everything but he refuses to lose Blom. The father threatens that if his mother knows, she’ll definitely kill Blom for ruining him. The father returns and says his son left and they can continue from where Kongkai announce that he’ll let Blom stay. Mother Villain tells Blom to take care of her husband and mother-in-law. Blom is happy clinging on Kongkai.

Pai follows Mothermole  to apologize for failing. Mothermole says Pai has already gave too much for Kongkai. They hug. Kongkai disses Blom with the Butler to go find Pai and his mother. Blom is angry and declares that if she is unhappy, no one can be happy. Kongkai comes to Pai and wipes her tears. Downstairs, there’s a war exchange.

Blom: Thank you mother for accepting me.

MM: You must have a tiny brain. Can’t differentiate between accepting and willingly.

Blom: I don’t care to know because no matter what, I”m still Kongkai’s wife. And what mother need to remember is that I’m going to be the mother of Kongkai’s child-your grandchild.

MM: If you want me to remember, then you must realize that you got here because of your child. You alone no longer have any value to my son.

Blom: Why? Are you jealous that Kongkai thinks I’m important?

MM: If you believe so and it gives you happiness, then go on believing it. But for me, I believe in what I see more. (Blom is left brewing in her own defeat.)

Our couple is holding hands. Kongkai apologizes. He wants to be with her, but it’s so hard. They reconfirm their love, exchanging I love yous again. Then they hug. Kongkai stroke her back while Pai cries. Blom is watching, and her anger boils.

Poochom and Jieb is outside Kongkai’s house. He is debating about going in not knowing how to comfort Pai. Jieb’s phone rings, and Poochom tells him to pick up her father’s call.

Jieb: I’m out…with a friend…male…called Poochom…he’s a lawyer…is this complete enough?…tonight I’m not coming home…but where I am sleeping…I haven’t thought of it yet…let’s end it here.

Poochom demands why she used his name because he’ll sound like her…[boyfriend?] but then he said “an unlucky person who met a new-generation kid like you”. Poochom drives her home. Mother Villain asks her son why he came to intercept. Mr. Villain defends that letting Blom stay as a second wife is ruining their family reputation. The mother is pleased that Blom a servant’s daughter is finally useful. Lady Boss goes off to see her husband’s old fling on a hunch. The maid mole is mocking Pai that finally the real mistress of the house is here.

The Lady Boss, Wayu, and the coworker are stalking out at the fling’s condo, and they see the husband come. He is cutting all of his ties with his fling saying he now know he loves his wife. Lady Boss hears, and she is happy. He turns back to see his wife. Lady Boss thanks him for choosing her and that they’ll be  family. The husband touches her stomach saying he wants a family of three.  They hug and cuddle walking away. At meal time, Blom remarks that Pai is like a slave and comments that the soup is flavorless. Mothermole orders Pai to stop cooking. Pai finishes the dishes and Kongkai comes to ask her if she is tired and that he doesn’t her to work so hard. They cuddle and head to bed together. Outside the door, Blom sees, and she fakes headache pain. Pai tells him to look after Blom and closes her bedroom door to them.

Pai is cuddling her knees in tears while Kognkai is sitting in the couch. Both are reflecting over their sweet sweet sweet times. Next morning at the workplace, Pai walks into the lady coworker calling Pai stupid for letting her husband bring in a pregnant second life to live in the same house. Lady Boss comes in asking for Pai. At breakfast, Mothermole asks where Kongkai slept last night. Blom enters to say why didn’t Kongkai wake her up. The maid cuts in that Kongkai should drink the coffee because he sat in his office all night working. LOL. In your face! Butler comments on how Kongkai has never been so eager to go to work.

In Lady Boss’s office, the lady coworker apologizes for gossiping. Lady Boss pushes Pai to tell Kongkai that she is pregnant because she is the superior wife and she was pregnant first. Pai is surprised that Lady Boss knows of her pregnancy and looks at Wayu. He dares said that they forced it out of him. [More like you volunteered the information to look self important!] Everyone tells Pai that Blom’s pregnancy timing is suspicious. At the company, Kongkai asks if Pai is at work yet and the worker replies no. Kongkai calls Pai, but she doesn’t pick up. Lady Boss says there is work for Pai if she feels up to it, and Pai says she is able to separate personal and business matters. Poochom comes to meet Pai saying he is able to talk care of her and her child. Pai tells his straight that her child only  have one father who is Kongkai and if not, then she’ll be the only mother. Poochom signs in defeat, and Wayu who is watching is happy. Poochom is ready to punch Wayu but walks out to see Kongkai.

Face to face, I smell a fight. Poochom orders Kongkai to show some respect for Pai and if he can’t take care of Pai, Poochom can.

KK: Are you right now just asking a wife from her husband?

Poochom: I’m not asking. I”m just warning. I won’t allow you to hurt the one I love any longer. (Kongkai pushes Poochom, and the dog fight is ON! Wayu and the lady coworker goes running for Pai.)

KK: Hey! Speak better! The woman you are referring to is my wife!

Poochom: The one I am speaking of is also my ex-girlfriend too. (Kongkai hold Poochom by the collar. They fight it out!!!)

Pai demands them to stop or she won’t speak to either of them and to stop embarrassing her more. Kongkai runs after Pai. Kongkai defends that Poochom offended him saying she love him. Pai asks Kongkai that he has the time to think of her maybe after he woke up from bed. Kongkai smiles to tell Pai he was in his office working and the maid can vouch for him. He comments that she didn’t sleep either by the look of her eyes. Pai touched her cheekbones which I see no puffiness or anything that signifies lack of sleep. Kongkai says that later they are going to go to dinner together, and he starts kissing her. The crew of workers comes in to witness their PDA. Pai pushes Kongkai to go, but he kisses her once again in front of everyone.


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6 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 12 Recap

  1. Celine says:

    Besides the soundtrack at the begining, there’re two or three more songs in
    the lakorn. I remember two songs which man sings( usually play in Chompoo and
    Rome’s romantic scenes)
    Could you tell me the names of songs? Thank you!!

  2. duzinski says:

    THANKS and its a great recap. . . good work for U

  3. lv88 says:

    how many ep for this lakorn? when will mothermole knows Pai is pregnant?

  4. Lala says:

    I’m lovin’ this lakorn and the drama, but totally dislikin’ Kongkai. Wouldn’t he know if Bloom is pregnant or not when he is the one who is sleeping with her and know when was the last time he slept with her. No wonder he’s called water buffalo, Lol.

  5. manisha singh says:

    gr8 u r very fast

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