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HeadsUp: Waew Mayura

I’m very surprised at the scarcity of info at AF and Spicy discussions given that rom-com Waew Mayura is a Boy Pakorn lakorn, but then I guess this is where I’m most helpful. Siumpoo [I suck at names. It’s Si-um-poo.] is a handsome, mysterious man who … Continue reading

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News: Igossipy’s Top 10 Hottest Daras 2011

The 10 Hottest Daras. 5 nang’eks and 5 pra’eks that made it hot this year according to Igossipy. Featuring pics from the Daradaily Great Awards and the Hamburger Awards.

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News: Siamdara’s Top 14 Pra’nangs 2011

Top 14 Daras with 7 pra’eks and 7 nang’eks according to Saimdara. Many of the names on the list were winners at their Siamdara Star Awards 2011 in June, so I decided to gather up the photos to go along with the list.

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News: Topless 4+1 Pra’eks

Have you seen this? Is this new footage? I beg you, someone hunt down the video for me!  ‘Cause I’m spazzing right now!!! You know how much I’m into abs and nakedness??? So far, it’s been naked females, but this is more like me! Wow! Wow! Wow! It’s … Continue reading

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News: Watch out for Boy Prakon’s Bro Non

Three Boy Prakons? WOW, I’m in shock. Please rewind. “Boy” Pakorn Chatborirak introduces his two younger bros Non and Lek. Non is beefier but the mustache is LOL identical. It has got to be the new ‘Chatborirak trademark’. Lek is so cute; can’t wait until … Continue reading

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