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HeadsUp: Khun Dech

Oh ho! I smell double trouble. I’m talking about Khun Dech vs Khun Suk ja! Khun Dech is set to air this coming Wednesday. By the time Khun Suk air 2ish weeks later, Khun Dech would have had the chance to get in a solid start and it … Continue reading

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News: Pan-Pae “Everything is Better When We Are Together”

You’ve heard about Pan-Pae’s breakup, but you haven’t heard it from me. Everything is more juicy here at LG. Hottest in Thailand right now is Pancake Khemanit and Pae Arak‘s breakup after one short year. Strangely the famous celebrity fortune-teller made a prediction just … Continue reading

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LGNews: Top 10 Most Juiciest 2011

Allow me to compile a bias list of the top 10 most juiciest things that happened this year in Thai ET. Juiciest meaning coolest, most sexy, and most shocking in general. I warn you, this post ends in tears.

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News: Pancake Says Not That Much ‘Love Scenes’ With Weir

Really? And I was looking forward to all the around and on the bed juicy scenes which I perceived as quite a lot in Nang Fah Gub Mafia. Either I got it all wrong or Pancake is lying underestimating. I’m just quick-summarizing … Continue reading

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HeadsUp: Nang Fah Gub Mafia

Nangfah Gub Mafia (airdate:12/02/11). The Angel and the Mafia. Interesting title. And moreover, it has everything slapped into it. Romance. Comedy. Drama. Action. The whole package. I haven’t watched a Channel 7 lakorn since Kha Khong Khun…just maybe I’ll watch this one. But … Continue reading

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