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News: Who will be the next Chai Klang?

I’m talking about the famous pipe-smokin’ heart-throb pra’ek character in the legendary Ban Sai Thong. A few hours ago, I watched “Pong” Nawat Kulrattanarak‘s interview that he’s been approached with the role but he’s busy blah blah blah. Was gonna go into what was said, but our good friend Lyn … Continue reading

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Tawee Pope The Review

Tawee Pope is famous. It is many people’s favorite lakorn [or among their favorites]. Every ‘older’ [but young at heart of course!] avid lakorn watcher knows of it. A present-day modernist nang’ek time-travels via a mirror to the past to meet old-fashy pra’ek. I myself have … Continue reading

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Music Recap: Nalika Dtai

I don’t know why I have never thought of recapping music videos? They’re short and their [what I call] little lakorn stories are so amazing. Anyway, this idea came to me in an epiphany today. I wanted to share it so … Continue reading

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