Mia Taeng Episode 9 Preview

Okay, calm down people; we CAN survive until next Monday. In the mean time, we got to hold a baby shower for Kongkai and Pai because baby Romeo and Juliet is going to make his/her appearance soon!

KK: In my entire life, I don’t want Khun Kongkai to go away from me! I love him!

Mr. Villain: Don’t yet ??? (i dunno, too fast, plus don’t understand.)

Mothermole: Someone like you don’t have the right to chose!

(Kongkai gagging as he hugs Pai.)

Pai: Khun Kongkai . . . (Kongkai runs for the bathroom)

Butler: Having pregnancy symptoms in turn for your wife?!?

[In many Asian beliefs including Thai, the husbands are also said to suffer pregnancy symptoms along with their wives. I think it’s so a sweet thought! Make the male gender suffer too!!! Yes, I’m very much a feminist!]

Pai: (Pai intercepts Kongkai giving a beating to Tutu) Stop Khun Kongkai. Hit me. (Kongkai mistakenly slaps Pai.)

Godninja: I hate you Romeo. This is the 21st century! Hitting a child as disciple or mistakenly hitting your wife is a BIG NO NO in lakorns! Cuz you will make Pai think of you a a children-hitter and then she will be apt to keep her baby secret from you, YOU MORON!!! *Godninja slaps Kongkai*

Pai: (Pai holds up Kongkai’s hand and move to slap her) Hit until you are satisfy, til Khun Blomcak is satisfy.

Maid: Kongkai . . .

Blom: The one who need to be punish has already received it.


I want to thank all of my readers, especially those who are taking their time to comment.

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I like being a mystery, but my writing reflects me.
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24 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 9 Preview

  1. mari says:

    lookng for the ep 9 recap when are u going to post. . . thanks

  2. suthida says:

    When a male experiences pregnancy symptoms they’re called sympathy symptoms/pregnancies. It isn’t strictly an Asian thing, just thought you’d like to know…

    Anyways, I don’t think I’ll be satisfied if Blom doesn’t die at the end of this lakorn. That homewrecking biatch deserves nothing less!

    Oh, and thanks for the recaps! (:

  3. chriss says:

    i wanna see it already…too bad i will be out of town those two days wont get to sit in watch it from my laptop…i could watch it from my phone but ill be at the beach and everyone is going to steal my phone lol…
    thanks for the recap

  4. kitty says:

    woot woot!! let the man-morning-sickness begin!! i’m also a big fan of man getting morning sickness too!! it was great fun watching my brother run for the bathroom when my sister-in-law was pregnant!! thanks for the preview…i hope i still have time for the lakorn…school is coming up fast!!

  5. filan says:

    I am from singapore and i love lakorns from thailand!!!! ALL THE WAY!!!! Please review more of other lakorns! Hope they are all subbed in English…

  6. LALA says:

    Thank you for the summary/recap. Love it.

  7. :) says:

    I LOVE the lay out picture that you have 4 ur site. That’s a cute photo of Rome and Chompoo.

    • godninja says:

      yea. i make every graphic (except the recaps pics. those i take with my webcam) using this free online photoshop called aviary. im trying to train godbling to be our graphic specialist but she havent got the jist of it yet. im thinking of making a new header and background every once in a while to reflect the lakorn airing at the time.

  8. :) says:

    It’s just too cute how Kai will end up getting the sickness beside Pai. Just like Ann and Ken lakorn “oum ruk” ^•^

  9. Semi says:

    All we need now is a fake dual pregnancy that’s the only way I can see her staying in the game

  10. May says:

    Thanks cant wait till next Monday to come lol I wonder if the KK mom gonna die?

  11. whx says:

    Ha ha ha ha, Khun Kong Kai having morning sickness
    So happy to let him know morning sickness how terrible
    I don’t like Monday but now I wish Monday is here……..

  12. Luna says:

    I wanna choke Blom.
    Thanks ka.

    • godninja says:

      just choke? im already masterminding a Mia Taeng fan kidnap-and-torture mission. you wanna sign up? 555

      • R. Tan says:

        I’m in… In the meanwhile, can we also include a mission to steal the film… I really hate waiting a whole week for the next episode.

    • godninja says:

      R. Tan, you just made my day. Now that is what I call a mission. I’m almost sure that they are done filming, so maybe we can set that up too! Thank god, I’m a ninja.

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