Mia Taeng Episode 10 Recap

OMG! Blom attempts to kill Pai! Kongkai and Pai are chased by bad guys! THE ACTION IS ON! Episode 10 marks Mia Taeng‘s  turning point into the dark side. From the double digits on, we will get all the events leading to the climax.

Pai gets nauseous, and Wayu tells her to take care of herself and if she told Kongkai yet. Pai replies no. Lady Boss and her husband are fighting again. She thinks that her husband’s got a new fling, but really he is just picking up an old friend to talk business. Wayu tells them to stop. He sends Pai home, and straight off, Wayu tells Kongkai that he’s not up to a fight and for him to take care of his sick wife or Wayu will come and take care of Pai instead. [LMAO! Wayu is so funny!]

Kongkai asks Pai what she had to tell him, but Butler comes in to say Mothermole needs to talk to them both. In the meeting, they are discussing the plan to fix the village-dispute. Kongkai asks Pai to go with him the next morning, but she says she’s busy. At the Company meeting, the associates are satisfied with Kongkai’s plan. Then Mother Villain walks in with Blom to announce her as the presenter of the program.

Pai is at her regular checkup, and the Doctor tells her that the baby developments are normal, but she need to take better care of herself because everything she suffers, her baby will also receive it too. Mothermole is unhappy that the Family Villain are over-stepping their boundaries to announce Blom as the presenter. They ask for Kongkai’s final say, but he says that he’ll leave the approval to the board. Blom asks Kongkai if he wants to work with her, but Kongkai says it’s business.

Mothermole is happy that Kongkai is able to draw a line between business and personal affairs. The associates approve Blom as the presenter and the Family Villain are overjoyed. Blom asks if Kongkai still loves her, then a secretary comes in to tell Kongkai that some policemen are here to see him. The policemen announces that Pooyai Thep (the headman of the village)  filed a report of Kongkai being the suspect. Kongkai agrees to give a statement.

Blom hears, and she returns to her house. Blom declares war if they hurt Kongkai, and she threatens to stop working for them. At the village, there is more problems. Butler comes in with information that the oppening day of their Program is the same day as when the village have an important celebration. Kongkai runs through some events in this head and realizes that he is being set up. He tells Butler that he is going to get to the bottom of this. Kongkai asks if he knows where Pai is, but Butler says he doesn’t know. The Maid Mole calls Blom to report that Pai is not home yet and Kongkai is being worrisome. Kongkai smiles that Pai is not calling him but he can call her. Blom calls Pai and tells her that Kongkai is staying with her.

Blom: …Told it tightly that marriage license because soon you won’t get to told it because he won’t want  you or that marriage license of yours.

Pai is crying, and Kongkai calls. She asks where he is, and Kongkai replies that he is at home. Pai is angry, and she tells him she won’t be coming home. Pai is at her parents house. Pai tells her mother that Blom called and said Kongkai is with her, but Kongkai says is he is at home. Her mother tells her to trust her husband. The maid comes to call Kongkai to eat, but he doesn’t want to. She tells him that Pai loves him, but for him, who does he love?

Maid: …Ask yourself. Who when missing from our lives even for one minute, we can live on? And who is it that makes us what to change to be better in her eyes?

Kongkai answers the question knowing that it is Pai, and he asks for Pai to wait for him.

Mothermole and the maid smiles that Kongkai will soon pick Pai but adds that because Kongkai made a promise to Blom, it won’t be easy. Mothermole calls Pai and tells her that Kongkai is probably missing her too because he isn’t eating. Pai is pleased to learn that Kongkai is at home. Her mother tells her that as a wife, she now know who to trust. Pai’s mother tells her that her current flip-flops in emotions is because she loves Kongkai. Pai reveals the her feeling doesn’t matter because within the year, she has to go. Pai gets nauseous as she sniffs the flower champa, and at home, Kongkai is throwing up! The maid sees and smiles that he is in Pai’s room because he misses his wife.

Blom calls Kongkai to come be with her for the night. Kongkai replies that he is tired. Blom screams that Konkai has never done this to her and it is like he doesn’t want her anymore. Her assistant tells Blom that Kongkai doesn’t love her now. [Dude, listen to his guy. He told you that like 5 times already!] Kongkai is looking at the framed photo of their wedding. Pai rubs her nose sensing a sneeze, and Kongkai SNEEZES!!! [CUTE! They are one!] Next morning, Pai’s mother serves breakfast, but Pai fails to hide her nausea. The mother guesses and tells her that she may be able to hide it for a few more days but not forever. She tells Pai to tell Kongkai.

At the Company, Kongkai is excited to come see Pai but finds out that Pai is not coming. Blom comes in to asks him to help her chose her dress for the program opening, but Kongkai is indifferent. Blom asks him to care for her a bit. He apologizes. Blom asks that they hop over to her condo.

Blom ends up going home alone. Blom tells her assistant that no matter what, within the year he is coming back to her. The Gay Assistant says by then, maybe Kongkai will not pick her. Blom tells him that she will make him return and it’s even better if Pai is dead. Kongkai sees an enveloped suit on his bed and thinks that Pai is home, but Mothermole says she is the one who put it there. Kongkai however gets happy when he learned that Pai had prepared it for him. Lady’s Boss Husband’s tells her that he thinks they should separate for a while.

At Phuket, Kongkai talks with Mr. Villain that someone is trying to kill him. He suspects an insider and asks Mr. Villain to help investigate the matter. Mr. Villain looks smug, thinking that dumb Kongkai is not suspecting him. Kongkai on the other hand, smiles too because he is testing him. Mothermole comes personally to invite Blom to their meeting. Blom gets all dress up.

Last minute, Gay Assistant works it out that they are setting Blom up but misses informing her going into the elevator with Kongkai, Mr. Villain, and Pai. In the elevator, Blom hangs onto Kongkai. At the meeting, Mothermole present Pai as the helper of Kongkai. Blom is angered because it is her job, but Mothermole explains that Blom doesn’t not have the brain to answer that real questions about the program.

Blom loses face big time! In Blom’s room, she is angry that she walked into her own grave. Family Villain are piss off that once again Mothermole is able to intercept their plan. Mother Villain wishes that Mothermole, Kongkai, and Pai are dead. This gives an idea to Mr. Villain. Butler comes in with Kongkai to say that they had to give up Kongkai’s room so Kongkai will have to stay with her.

Kongkai cuddles her and admits that he missed her. He leans in to hug her, but his invisible bread scratches her. He asks her to shave it for him. [I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!!! Who ever knew that shaving your man can be this HOT?]

Pai even slaps some aftershave on him. He was just going to get her to wash his hair, when Butler calls with news of the outside protest.

The villagers are protesting PV Corporation of obstructing their  celebration. Pai assures them that their program opening will not interfere with there’s. The headman tells Kongkai that if he wants to talk, Kongkai must come to his house. Discussing with Mothermole, Kongkai says he will go. Mothermole is pleased that Kongkai is learning to be responsible.

Blom calls Pai and tells her to come talk. Gay Assistant is looking for Blom and calls her, but Blom’s phone is in the locker. In the spa, Blom tells Pai to divorce Kongkai. Pai answers Blom.

Blom: Nee, Aroonpapai! Don’t you realize that you came second!

Pai: But I have the title as the wedded wife. Or to call it something else: I am the big wife.

Blom: You bitch!

Pai: I am the big wife, and you? What are you?

Blom: You call me a small wife!

Blom gets angry and pushes Pai to the wall and straggles her and bangs her head. Pai hold on to her stomach and faints. At first, Blom is scared as she pokes at the unconscious Pai, but after a bit,  she smiles at the thought of ridding of the problem.

Blom drags Pai in the spa room and turns the heat setting way up. Gay Assistant is feeling a bad omen and finds Blom coming out of the spa. He gets a call asking for Blom. Blom then remembers that she left her cell in the spa locker room, so she fakes it that she doesn’t remember. But the assistant knows, and he runs to the spa to save Pai.

The doctor checks up Pai, and Butler asks how she came to be in there. Pai avoids answering. Kongkai goes to thank the cleaning lady that helped Pai and learns that the Gay Assistant was the one who save Pai. Kongkai overhears the Gay Assistant telling Blom of how can she leave Pai to die.  The doctor tells Pai that she is vulnerable to fainting. Mothermole comes in and asks if Blom is behind this. Kongkai yells at Blom and he asks Gay Assistant if it was Blom who was with Pai in that spa room. Blom confesses that it was her and she hates Pai and she’s going to kill Pai. Kongkai throws her on the bed, and Blom is hurt at his actions. Alone, Blom tells herself she will not lose and not wait for one year for Pai to return Kongkai.

Pai insists to go with Kongkai to talk with the headman. Kongkai hugs her and says he wants to forever. Lady Boss’s Husband packs and leaves, and she tries to soft-talk him out but fails. Next morning, Blom talks to Kongkai and Pai that she had let Pai borrow Kongkai for too long, and she hopes that  Kongkai will keep his promise. Pai tells Kongkai that regardless of the future, right now they have important things to do.

Jieb gives new information that Weewat (the gunman they have been investigating) is gone on an important job to Phuket. Poochom remembers that Kongkai and Pai is in Phuket too, and he calls Butler to warn him of the coincidence. They see Lady Boss crying and learns that her husband have ran away. Kongkai is not being a respectful negotiator an the headman tell them to go to the island if they want to talk.

In the country road, a car cuts in front of theirs, and the passengers comes out with guns. Kongkai and Pai runs out of the car. Pai is weak, and they are caught. At the hotel, Butler and Blom is waiting for Kongkai, when two policemen comes in to announce that they found an abandoned car register to their program. Butler knows that is is Kongkai and Pai.


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5 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 10 Recap

  1. Celine says:

    Thank you so much for translating it into Eng sub.
    Chinese sub updates so slow that I almost lost my tamper!!

  2. Hi-yah says:

    I’ve never hated a nang’rai as much as this…actually the closest would be Ploy in Kularb Rai Ngarm…

  3. Luna says:

    Thank You!Thank You!

  4. :) says:

    So sweet !!!! Got me all smileling. Ep 9., Kai didn’t get to kiss Pai but now he got it on Ep 10.

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