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News: Saichon forehead promises with Nong Mooman

I said 100 out of 10 that Barry Nadech will visit and yes! Nadech does not disappoint!  The Woody team brought the footage for Nadech to watch, and he was touched and teared up. Immediately afterward, he asked his manager when he was free. At the appointment, … Continue reading

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News: Saichon is a Miracle Healer

I was watching this segment on Woody Born to Talk the other day, and my jaw just dropped. You know how you and I are crazy about our Saichon/Charles? Well, we are nothing compare to this Nong Mooman. Mooman is a 7-year-old girl born … Continue reading

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News: Igossipy’s Top 10 Hottest Daras 2011

The 10 Hottest Daras. 5 nang’eks and 5 pra’eks that made it hot this year according to Igossipy. Featuring pics from the Daradaily Great Awards and the Hamburger Awards.

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News: Siamdara’s Top 14 Pra’nangs 2011

Top 14 Daras with 7 pra’eks and 7 nang’eks according to Saimdara. Many of the names on the list were winners at their Siamdara Star Awards 2011 in June, so I decided to gather up the photos to go along with the list.

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GRGR 2011 Fanlist

For name submission onboard the Game Rai Game Rak 2011: I’m a Charles’ Angel/Nangfah kon Saichon Fanlist, comment below with (1) your name as you desire and (2) which side you want to listed on Rai or Rak/Team Charles or Team Saichon.

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News: GRGR Voted Hottest Lakorn + SPOILERS

Game Rai Game Rak Sao 5 Tubtim Siam Rak Pathiharn Likit Sanaeha Kularb Satan The hottest lakorn is GRGR by votes via Siamdara. It’s raking in votes [and ratings too I think] with die-hard fans voting in masses under the spell of the bickering … Continue reading

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HeadsUp: Game Rai Game Rak

Didn’t think I would miss Game Rai Game Rak, huh? This HeadsUp post is nothing new. It just compiles all the 64 pages worth of juicy info from the GRGR thread at AF! Took me two hours to read them and eternity to write … Continue reading

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