Mia Taeng Episode 14 Finale Recap

Finale rush or not rush? A Thai lakorn is a Thai lakorn, meaning a rush ending is part of the culture. I felt that Mia Taeng was able to bring a quick and one-stone-for-two-birds closure to all its interconflicting issues. However there are some loose ends that never got any more attention to that itches me. Perhaps to make fans more happy, they should have added just 30 more seconds of some sweet father-mother-baby scenes.

Blom and Pai are driving to wherever, and in the car, Pai tells Blom to stop what she is doing. But Blom responds that she has nobody and her only hope was Kongkai but Pai stole him. Pai is trying to die or something but she rushes for the wheel and the car veers off course. Blom is angry and threatens to kill Pai on the spot if she dares try again. Then a truck comes crashing into them. At the hospital, Kongkai questions how Pai and Blom came to be together. The Doctor comes out to say both patients are safe and the pregnant one is safe along with the baby. Pai is wheeled out, and the Doctor remarks on the mother being weak. Kongkai goes OMFG! He learns that it is Pai who is pregnant not Blom.

Kongkai looks at Pai, running through the times he directly told her he wants to be a daddy. So cute, he realizes that all those times he was one! Pai wakes up, and Kongkai tells her that she is safe. Pai stroke her stomach and now knowingly, Kongkai adds that their baby is safe too.

KK: Khun Pai ka, why are you so mean to me, thinking of taking my child from me without a word?

Pai: I can take care of my child. But Blomcak’s child..if there’s not you to care for it, the child will be…

KK: You no longer have to sacrifice for Blom. My child, this is the only one, it’s our child. (KK kisses her hand) Yours and my child. (they stare at each other at peace that the truth is out)

Blom wakes up, and finally Kongkai is a ninja. He is there with Pai ready for war. Kongkai announces that he have seen her true colors.

Blom:What are you talking about?

KK: You’re not pregnant.

Blom: Kongkai ka, I…

KK: You lie to me, I can forgive you, but you took my wife and child to hurt. I can’t let it go!

Blom: Child?

Butler: (ninjas in with Gay Assistant) Khun Pai is three months pregnant.

Kongkai goes on to say Pai kept it a secret because of Blom, not thinking that Blom is poisonous viper. He ends everything with her and orders Butler to take all of Blom’s belongings out of his house. Kongkai cuddles Pai to say that they’re going to check up with the doctor to assure their child is safe. Butler asks Blom where she wants her stuff sent to, and Gay Assistant declares that anywhere but his condo. YES YES YES, he adds that he can’t stand a lying friends and walks out with Blom calling for him. Blom is left crying but she never cries for long as she gets her evil vampire look again.

Mothermole is awake, and she says that she doesn’t care of Blom because Kongkai has personally kick her out. Mothermole smiles that she is going to have a grandchild and for Butler to take care off all the external problems. Kongkai and Pai comes in, and Pai apologizes. But Mothermole says that she knows Pai did it for her. Pai announces that she can’t return home because she’s a scandal right now. Kongkai demands to go with her. In the drive, Kongkai does the MOST MANLY THING IN THE WHOLE FREAKING WORLD!!! He’s honest and he tells her what I want MY MAN to say to me.

KK: When we have a problem, I want you to talk to be straight forward. I promise I won’t be a baby or ridiculous. But can you not bring other people into our life?

Kongkai goes on to say that he’s dishearten when Pai says she doesn’t love him. He assures her that he’s taking his wife and child back home one day. He kisses her hand and drives on. They are happy! Gay Assistant is alone talking to the rain, when he sees Blom standing outside. Did Blom of all people just pulled a Korean move of I-soak-out-in-the-rain-for-pity? He goes out to get her and tells her that lying cannot buy a person’s heart. Blom cries that she loves Kongkai and why did he have to break his promise. They hug out in the run. That’s friendship, baby! Gay Assistant brings Blom something warm to drink as Blom continues to cry.

Blom: He used to say he love me. But it was only a lie. He lied. He probably never spoke the truth once. At the end, I’m only his bed partner. He never loved me. Never cared for me.

Gay Assistant: I don’t think he never lied to you. I trust that Khun Kongkai loves you. The day he said he love you, he really meant it. But as time changed, those loves word that day transform into lies like you think. It’s like the rain, before it was falling, but time passed, and it stopped. But it doesn’t mean it never rained.

Blom: You meant that he love me.

Gay Assistant: Used to love.

Blom: If he used to, then I must bring him back to love me again.

Gay Assistant reminds her that everything have changed, and Blom says she will take Kongkai back because he’s the only one who loved her.

At Pai’s parents house, we get slow motion romantic scenes NO not the sex scenes. Kongkai stealing some fruits and getting his hand slap by Pai. Then he returns to see Pai napping. He takes forever to peel an apple.

Pai wakes up to order that she plans to eat it today. They share the apple slices. Kongkai leaves, and Poochom and Wayu appear with bouquets. They’re bickering, but in the background, they hear Pai telling her mother that she is not returning home because she don’t want to bring down Kongkai. Our peun pra’ek duet dramatically loosen their grip on their bouquets. They walk out and submit their defeat but gang up to help Pai the one they both love. Arm in arm, they shake to get to the bottom of the Pai’s scandal.

Poochom and Wayu go to see Gay Assistant. They question if that day of the video-recording, who else was around. The culprit server keeps dropping the utensils and rushes off. A phone rings, and it turns out the be the server’s with Blom calling. Light bulb! Mothermole, Kongkai, and Butler are talking company shares, and it seems that Mr. Villain is cheating. Family Villain is going down! Poochom, Wayu, and Gay Assistant get the truth out of the server after threatening to send her to the police. Everyone meets up. Gay Assistant apologizes. Poochom says they can sue of defamation. Butler gets a plan and asks for Gay Assistant to help. Gay Assistant gives a press conference telling that he is the one to ask Pai to help him without telling her that he was going to enter the contest and that Blom is the one behind everything. Lady Boss adds that the cake judging are anonymous. Everything is good. The sponsor says that she have withdrawn her law case against Pai.

Pai and her mother see the news and are happy. Mothermole tells Kongkai to go pick up Pai. Behind, Kongkai, Poochom, and Wayu have their man talk. They warn him that if Kongkai ever make Pai sorry, there’s a line ready to take care of her. I like how everything is just snapping together. At the company meeting, Kongkai reveals that Mr. Villain swindled money by taking loans under an affiliated Company from PV Corporation. Evidence is shown and Kongkai fires Mr. Villain. Law enforcement enters to take Mr. Villain. Villain Mother and Father promises to get their son back.

Blom hunts down Gay Assistant for the press conference. He tells her that he is doing it because Kongkai told him to do it and he is doing it for Blom as a friend. Blom slaps him, and he screams at her that she is selfish for ruining his dreams. He adds that how can she have the face to call him a friend and kicks her out. Blom tires to talk back Gay Assistant but ends up running out to Pai. Pai is outside the shop. The superior and inferior meet face to face and CATFIGHT! Blom accuses Pai of stealing everybody from her. Pai scolds her that Blom is selfish and only wants Kongkai for his benefits and that’s why at the end, she is alone. Blom gets back by saying Kongkai can’t love because he exchanges love promises to both of them, but Pai assures her that people can change and today, Kongkai loves her.

Pai returns home, and Kongkai is waiting for her. Pai is a bit mad at him, and Kongkai replies that if a woman scold you, she loves you. He hugs her and says she’s about to give him the most precious gift of a baby and he will take best care of her. Blom returns to the Family Villain home for a gun. Mother Villain wakes up asking for her son but learns that Blom has returned. She goes out to blash Blom of being bad luck, dirty, and a servant’s daughter. Mother Villain slaps Blom like FIVE times. Enough is enough. Blom slaps her back and brings out her gun. Mr. Villain returns and goes to hug Blom to stop her from going to Kongkai. He tells his mother that he is not going to lose his wife again. Mother Villain is shocked at the news.

The whole house is preparing special food for Pai’s return with Mothermole smiling. Kongkai drives Pai home, and they have the cutest conversation. I like the part where Pai was looking at him, and he tell her to stop looking at him alike that and then he takes her hands to kiss. DUDE, eyes on the road! Mothermole is have a blast fixing a nursery. She wants a granddaughter.

In the driveway, Blom is there for the final showdown. Blom grabs Pai from the car with her gun out. Pai the wise buddha tells Blom to stop because she is only hurting herself. Blom yells that she wants Pai’s life. Blom throws Pai to the ground. Kongkai tells Blom that even if Pai dies, he can’t go back to love her and kneels down.

KK: If you must kill someone, kill me. Because everything came from me. I beg you. Don’t hurt my wife or child. Have mercy.

Blom starts to break down that she really have lost Kongkai crying why why why. Blom’s so pitiful. The family comes out, and Mr. Villain comes to take the gun from Blom. Kongkai goes to pick Pai off the ground. Mr. Villain tells Blom that they’re going home.

BUT SHAWTY!!! Mother Villain appears to order her son away from Blom. Mother Villain attacks Blom, but Mr. Villain cuts her. The mother gets the gun, and she stupidly closes her eyes to aim at Blom. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Mr. Villain blocks the bullet.

Blom and Mother Villain is left crying after him, with the rest watching the tragic ending. He dies saying he loves her only forever. Blom calls after him to not leave her. WOW! That was EPIC EPICNESS!!! Blom is alone in black spreading Mr. Villain’s ashes thanking him for loving her and no matter where he is, she wants him to know she loves him. Gay Assistant comes in, and they hug as he reminds her that she still got him. Blom says she wants to redeem herself.

Then Blom is asking her mother why she left her. A female monk comes to tell Blom that inside Blom knows the answer. Blom confesses that it is her fault, hurting herself, and the ones who love her. The monk invites Blom to learn the real meaning of happiness. Blom follows the monk, where she is told that it is one’s choice to be happy or burdensome. Blom bows before the golden Buddha, and there is a shift, as we see Blom become a monk [pardon me if there is a more appropriate term].

The whole good crew is celebrating. Jieb is going abroad to study, and Poochom is going to chase her. So cheesy when they much fun of him being chasing a kid. Lady Boss interjects that it’s sad for Father Villain who is in jail for his dead son and crazy wife. Then the lady co-worker asks of Blom. Pai excuses herself and we learn that Pai has refused to return home with Kongkai. Lady Boss remarks that it’s hard for Pai to take the burden of coming second and causing so much misery to other people. Kongkai goes to get Pai, and she asks to see Blom.

Gay Assistant takes Kongkai and Pai to see Blom. They are surprised to see Blom as a monk. Bloms asks them to forgive her. All is good as our couple stare at each other in final peace. DUDE Benz looks so strange in that bald cap, it freaks me out! First vampire then to bald. Too fast for me! Kongkai comes to pick up Pai, and they finally go on their WAY DELAYED honeymoon? Pai’s mother blessed them eternal happiness, and Kongkai promises to take care of Pai in turn of her entrusting her love to him.

They reach their destination, and Pai is asleep. Kongkai goes off, and then later, Pai wakes up. She searches for him to find a cheesy and adorable Kongkai setting up a surprise.

Mothermole comes to ask Pai if she sees what Mothermole is seeing. Kongkai is whole-heartedly doing the work to surprise Pai. Today, Kongkai is a responsible man of work and family. Mothermole thanks Pai for changing Kongkai. Pai thanks Mothermole for bringing them together and wishes her to be cure. Mothermole is blessed for Kongkai, Pai, and her grandchild. Butler comes in to give his Mia Taeng speech saying it’s hard to be a wife and a mother, and Pai is one of the sucessful Mia Taeng he have lived to see.

Pai: (Pai walks to Kongkai) It’s beautiful.

KK: Khun Pai? But I say it’s missing one thing. Wait for me a minute. (KK brings Pai a small bouquet of yellow roses) For you.

Pai: Thank you.

KK: You like it?

Pai: I like it. Are you tired from doing all of this?

KK: Khun Pai kup, from the first time we met, I did many bad things to you. I want to apologize to you.

Pai: What have pass, let it pass. What is most important is tomorrow. I want to take care of  our child and you to be the most happy to the best I can. If  you to make up to me. Can you smile to me a bit? If you have a strain face like this always, when walking together, other will say I got an old white-haired husband.

KK: If I’m old, would you walk with me?

Pai: And if I’m old, would you walk with me?

KK: Yes, because I’m walking with the one I love. Don’t get tired of me first.

Pai: How I can get tired of the husband that love me? (Pai gives KK a peck on his jaw, and Kongkai is SO SO SO shocked. It’s her first kiss to him. SWEET. He chases her to the swing)

KK:Khun Pai kup. Hugging a wife, it’s so pleasurable.

Pai: You think you’re the only one who hugs and have pleasure?

KK: Khun Pai kup, I’m really “kane laew?”. (KK kneels to Pai) Before we can have happiness like today, how difficult it was, I will never forget it. I will remember this as a lesson until I die (KK lifts this hand to promise) I promise to be filial and not bring anything difficult to our family. And I will be a good husband to Pai only. I promise

Pai: No need to promise. Every women as a wife who receives fidelity from her husband, trust me, is the happiest woman in the world. I am content that I am that woman.

KK: I love you na, Khun Pai. (KK kisses Pai’s forehead, and they put their head other in closure)

We get the cliché of Thai lakorn zooming out and THE END!!!


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29 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 14 Finale Recap

  1. daralene says:

    whereever rome is , i saw benz..
    lol i really like rome, so i watch/read his lakorns though he acts in “abnormal” lakorns….
    they always make benz a monk in the end…….
    wish to see rome again….

  2. cc says:

    thanks godninja for your recaps. really loves mia taenf. it’s my first time watched thai lakorn and already falling in love with it. so many self-value to learn from mia taeng.
    so much loves from indonesia 😀

  3. simplysmiles says:

    I was wondering if any of you know who the actress that plays Jieb is?

  4. nong sa says:

    “I don’t think he never lied to you. I trust that Khun Kongkai loves you. The day he said he love you, he really meant it. But as time changed, those loves word that day transform into lies like you think. It’s like the rain, before it was falling, but time passed, and it stopped. But it doesn’t mean it never rained.”

    this is beautiful. thank you so much for the recaps!

    • godninja says:

      haha, you just made me reread that dialouge, never is suppose to be ever. oh well. it’s just word to word translation. the way gay assistent said it in thai was beautiful first. but thanks.

  5. The Swan says:

    are you the same lakorngods who subbing some of Dung Duang Haru
    if so could you plz continue it’s getting so good and your subs is really good too and there’s not enough subbers, so pllllz continue
    thank you

  6. nini says:

    thank u so much for your hard work, i like this lakorn is not that bad like other said come on korean drama or chinese can go on and on and this only 14 episode is not draggy either…Thanks for hard work hopefully maybe someday u have time to sub.

  7. godninja says:

    thanks all for thanking me. i can live with all the loose ends, but there is one that just had to be answered–the whole KK’s father assassination.

  8. Cha Cha says:

    This lakorn was way rushed…everything. We don’t know why or how Ben got pregnant; how Khonkhai’s father passed away; where the heck is Pai’s dad?; and how did Pai end up falling in love with Khai???; way too many characters of no relative importance. I admire Rome and Chompoo, but they’ve got no chemistry…and sorry to say, but this lakorn kind of sucked…not what I anticipated.

  9. snow says:

    Hey! I just wanna say THANK YOU!!!! You’re awesome! I know it was a lot of hard work translating this lakorn and I really really enjoyed reading your funny comments. I was so happy when I discovered that you’re doing recaps!Save me from all the suffering of waiting for it to be subbed!

    • godninja says:

      i try to insert more of myself in, but it takes approximately four hours to recap to perfection so i get lazy or i don’t have time. thanks. many have complimented that i am funny, and i try to be to entertain ya.

  10. dee says:

    OMG! so glad it ended. It was dragging on forever. LOl

  11. ladyme says:

    Thanks for the hard work. Can’t believe it finally end.

  12. jen_x says:

    Thank you very much! Now it has ended. Makes me sad 😦 But u girls did great. keep up
    the good work 🙂

  13. kitty says:

    good job girl!! hope you have fun at school…then again it’s school…anyway looking forward to another lakorn. love what you have done for all of us non thai fan!!

  14. lv88 says:

    thank you so much… you are awesome… hope we get to read more of your recap on the next lakorn.

  15. duzinski says:

    thanks you for a great story. . . hope to read your next project!

  16. :) says:

    Thank u soooooooo much godninja !!!!!!
    I have enjoy following through this whole recap lakorn. May the next lakorn recap that u will do be as exciting as Mia taeng.

    I do have to say that I was a bit dissapointed that the people end this lakorn way too fast. Everything was speeding up. It’s o-k now, b/c now I can go back and consatrait on school.

    But I thought that PooChom was going to end up with Jib (the sweet heart). 😦

  17. Harija says:

    Thank you so much for the whole series recap!

  18. miisslala says:

    Thank you for the fast update! I’m lovin’ it, yet so sad that had officially ended today. Thank you once and again for all the work and effort you ladies had put in. 🙂

  19. dhelle85 says:

    you, sure is fast… thanks..! =)

    • godninja says:

      i wake up early just to recap for ya. i’m glad i can rest for a bit now until we settle on our next project.

      • :) says:

        Thanks u so much, ur comments always makes me laugh. I LOVE a good laught. (^•^)

        it’s true what u said as well… If perhaps their was a 10 second of their little family w/ a baby, all the fan wouldn’t mind the who speeding up lakorn. B/c I, myself would be one of those fan. lol…lol…

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