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News: Charebelle Drops Out Of School

I didn’t do a Dok Soke HeadsUp because those crazy ass awesome Pong fanatics have gotten everything covered. So since I ran into this article about Charebelle Lanlalin that totally got me nodding my head, I figured why not share it. Connect a bit … Continue reading

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News: Pooklook and Tangmo’s Backlashing

It is not a secret that there was some friction between Pooklook Fonthip and Tangmo Pataratida onset Pleng Rak Ban Na (Countryside Love Song). What started as a grudge over Tangmo so-called causing Pooklook and Casanova boyfriend Vee Veeraparb to break up is … Continue reading

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News: Vicky and Chai fortuned to Split

Chai Chatayodom and Vicky Sunisa‘s wedding is 70+% set and planned for May. And then now, there’s a fortune teller who did a reading on them without permission. The fortune was bad news.

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News: Nam Rapeepat’s Shotgun Wedding

Nam Rapeepat and GF Mintra Chaneesa are making headlines because of their wedding announcement. Before, I only glanced at the headline not thinking anything of it, but now out of class, I’m checking around and this is all over the … Continue reading

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Ranting: Boobilicious Daras at Kom Chad Luek Awards 2011

Wow! Por Nattawut got two for Best Actor in lakorn and movie, Chompoo Araya for Best Actress, Yaya Urassaya and Barry Nadech for Popularity, Roy Mai for Best Lakorn, 30 Gum Lung Jaew for Movie Popularity…I don’t even give a hoot at the winners. I’m … Continue reading

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News: Film-Annie Saga “Secret” Finale

On February 7, 2012, the three-ish-year-long-talk-of-the-town Annie Brooks and Film Rattapoom saga came to a semi-closure. It’s one of those ending that leaves you hanging on the edge of the cliff…but you won’t fall. The court ruling outcomes and such … Continue reading

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[News] Aump in her bra, Annie-Film saga finale, Pae can’t forget Pan

A brief cut through of some news bits that I found interesting the within the last week. Can’t miss some of these juiciness. I stayed up writing this, so I might not sound most intelligent but definitely still more than some of these … Continue reading

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