Mia Taeng Episode 9 Recap

Kongkai is throwing up, eating sour mango, and sneezing in turn of Pai. Why Pai, why you keep the baby secret from him? Tell him so he can make everything right. Can’t you see that Kongkai will be such a good daddy?

Blom tells Kongkai that Mr. Villain came to her condo and slapped her. Kongkai tells her that she can stay here for as long as possible. The maid said she had already place Blom’s luggage in the guest room . Blom insists to stay with Kongkai in his room. Pai won’t allow it, but Kongkai tells the maid to bring Blom’s luggage to his room. Then Tutu starts to sing a mocking song of Blom stealing other’s husband. Tutu reports to Butler of Blom staying with Kongkai. He tells Tutu to work hard, and he’ll receive reward. Mothermole makes Butler tell how Pai refuses.

The maid tells Pai to get her war gear on because Pai is the Big Wife. Pai says she is only trying to protect Kongkai. Blom apologizes to Pai for not following Pai’s orders. Pai responds that she won’t tolerate anything inappropriate. Pai tells her that today, they were chased and Kongkai was the target. Pai asks  Blom if  she is part of it. Blom replies no. Pai cries as he reflects over how Kongkai again and again rejects that Blom can never hurt him. Pai tells herself to be strong.

Kongkai is thinking of when Poochom was holding Pai’s hand. [Really! Compare to what you have soon, that is nothing!] Blom comes talking and hugging to the bundle below the blankets. It’s Tutu, and he has a hive of ants and he pours in all over Blom. [LOL, he’s wearing a black head cover!]

Tutu runs out, and Kongkai comes in to see Pai already there. Blom wants the culprit to be found and punished. Kongkai promises her tomorrow he will. Next morning, Tutu, Butler, and maid laughs at the events of last night. Pai walks in to say that she doesn’t like the method. Then Blom appears.

Blom: In truth, you are were the one to give order for Tutu to do it. Kongkai ka, didn’t you say you will take care of it this morning. I suppose everything happened because I stubbornly wanted to sleep in your room, and someone got unhappy and mad at me.

Pai: Do you imply me? I am not that ridiculous to let a child do that. If I was going to do it, then I will do more than this because I am the lady of the house. I have to right

Blom: If you didn’t order the child, then he wouldn’t dare do it.

Kongkai says that this was a deadly joke and asks if Pai ever care for anyone else and she even risked him. Tutu confess that he did it and thought of it himself. Pai apologize for Tutu. Blom insists that there must me one to fault. Blom wants Pai to say she masterminded it or she’ll call the police. The maid moles comes in with a branch of the ants. Tutu says Blom is evil and takes the branch and throw it at Blom. Kongkai intercepts and starts to spank Tutu. Pai comes in between, and Kongkai accidentally strike her. Pai tells him to hit her until Blom is happy. She takes his hand and force it in her face.

Kongkai freezes and Blom hugs his arms, saying its enough for her. Jieb gives information to Poochom that Pragok has a lot of close friends that are gun men. She gets a  bit excited when Poochom says he worries about her method. Jieb grabs his hands, shaking to get him to tell him about who Pragok is targeting. Bpen comes in and accuses Jieb of being Poochom’s new fling. He tells her to stop. Poochom says they should. He grabbed Jieb’s hand and they walk off.  Blom tells Kongkai to accompany her to her a shoot the next morning. Kongkai says no and that he need to take care of his mother. Pai jumps in to say that she can do it for him and for him to go. Blom tells Kongkai that Pai doesn’t care who he goes with.

Butler shakes his head, saying the Kongkai does not understand Pai and that she was defending Tutu go he wouldn’t get punish. Butler hands him a new cell phone because him old new got wet. At work, Pai get faintlike, and Wayu and the lady co-workers takes Pai to the clinic. Even with Blom, Kongkai thinks about Pai. Then he listens to the voicemail that Pai left him where she says she is worry of him. Butler calls Kongkai and asks what happened when they got chase. Butler responses that she was investigating her suspension that Kongkai was going to get hurt. Butler adds that its painful when the truth is not believe, it ‘hurts’. [This dude used the best English, analogies, and have the best facial expressions.] Blom comes to hug Kongkai, but Kongkai makes an excuse that he has work to  prepare.

Kongkai calls Pai, and Wayu picks up to say that how he dare abandon his sick wife and won’t let Kongkai talk with her. Blom is in the background, and  heards Kongkai checking up on Pai and gets her evil glare on. The doctor is happy, and starts to announce the results of the test, but Wayu crashes in. Pai says it’s okay, and the doctor mistakes Wayu for her husband and congratulates him wife for being pregnant. Pai is smiling.

Outside, Wayu goes off to find Pai something to eat. She gets happy that Kongkai is calling, but it’s Blom instead. Blom calls to thank Pai for letting her borrow her husband and that she heard Pai is sickly. Pai accuses her that she is sick physically, not like her who is sick in the heart. Pai vows to do everything to free Kongkai from their evil hands. Wayu is back, and he hears everything. [WOW, everything happened as the spoiler Lyn posted up at iheartlakorn!] Kongkai sees Blom with his cell and asks her why she has it. Blom replies that she found it outside and is just about to give it to him. Wayu gives Pai the glass of orange juice. He curses at Kongkai of being a playful father. Pai is about to go up to take care of Mothermole, but Wayu goes on a rant to say that he is a child lover and that Kongkai is a nothing father and that he is happy to… [Take care of her of course!] Pai cuts him and excuses herself.

Poochom, Bpen, and her mother drives back from their divorce settlement. Bpen asks Poochom if he will be happy if she dies. Tried of her, he answers yes. Bpen jumps off the car. At the hospital, the doctor says Bpen had broken her bones and will not be able to walk, but with therapy, she may be able to walk again. Poochom tells Bpen’s mother that he will take care of the hospital bill, but the mother tells him to go. Pai suffering some nausea, and she pats her stomach to talk to her baby:

Pai: My baby, just when mother found out you are here, you’re outing full strength like a certain someone.

Pai asks Butler what is the feud between Pragok and the Family Villain. They are business and love rivals. [Oh, the details are so fussy.] Mothermole is using the ipad and asks for Kongkai. Pai makes an excuse of Kongkai, saying her is greeting clients. Pai tells Butler to leave, and she will take care of Mothermole. Blom comes in and asks Kongkai if she can borrow his ipad to look at her emails. Konkgai goes out to call Pai again. Pai is happy at Kongkai’s call. Kongkai asks if she is fine. Pai answers that Mothermole is. Kong braves up and say he is concern about her. Pai strokes her stomach and says that there is nothing wrong with her. Kongkai tells her to rest a lot, and he will be back.

Kongkai comes back, and he is suspicious of Blom spying on his files. [I hope KK got a plan like installing fake files and stuff. ] In the night, Kongkai pries Blom off and goes on midnight stroll in the sea to think of Pai.

KK: Even with Blom with me, why does my heart keep thinking of you?


Pai is thinking of Kongkai. Kongkai looks at the moon

KK: And are you missing me, Khun Aroonpapai

Pai: I miss you.

Mothermole pokes at Pai, and Pai calls herself a bad daughter-in-law because her words are worthless to Kongkai. Blom is waiting for Kongkai to return, and she tries to get him into the mood. But he brushes her advances off. Pai says she is worry, and Mothermole tells her not to worry and she will take care of it. Mothermole tells her to just be a good wife to Kongkai and have her a grandchild to carry soon. Kongkai gets a call and sneaks out, but Blom, of course knows. It’s Butler, and Kongkai asks if he knows Pai is fine. Butler says she’s probably hiding her condition as usual. Butler hangs up because he is sick of talking of the same bogus with Kongkai.

Mothermole returns home, and Poochom is already there. Jieb sees Kongkai and asks for Kongkai. Kongkai is silent, and she guesses that he must be with his fling and that by the look on his face, he came with his fling but feels guilty. Jieb just claims Pia as her sister, and then asks Kongkai to be her  bother too. Kongkai agrees, then she is leaving  but trips. Kongkai catches her, and Blom pulls Jieb off. Jieb calls Blom a husband-stealer.

Poochom says he is single now. Pai reminds him that she is not longer just by herself but has a family. [Meaning the little one too.] Butler comes in to say Konkgai is in trouble. Mothermole come sin and says she must take care of it. The villain family is  finds out about Kongkai plan to befriend the villagers and Mr. Villain says he already put in action a plan. The villagers see a dam [I think it’s a dam] damming their water.

Butler appears in front of  Konkgai and says he didn’t come along. Pai and Mothermole are also here.  Jieb introduced herself as the younger sister of Pai and Kongkai. Mothermole tells Pai to go rest, and she goes and Kongkai follows. In the room, Kongkai says this is their second honeymoon. Pai mutters that there wasn’t even a first one. Kongkai apologizes for hitting her the other day. Then he starts kissing her. He sits and hugs her.

KK: I know that before, I didn’t many bad thing to you, but you still worry much of me. I’m sorry, Khun Pai.

Pai: I understand. You were forced to marry someone you didn’t love . It was bound to be like this.

KK: Right. Before, I might have not loved, but right now…[Kongkai leans for a kiss, but ends up throwing up instead. LMAO!]

There’s another problem at the village. Mr. Villain’s idea it that there is an upcoming celebration that the villagers are serious about, and he planning Kongkai to be the cause of its downfall. Bpen is  crying that Pocchom does not visit her, and even if she dies, he wouldn’t come. Bpen says that Poochom is her first and she want Poochom to see her worth. Her mother says she was in the same situation, and that you must love yourself. [That’s right, people! Love yourself and listen to your mothers!]

Kongkai and Pai appear, and they talk of them looking pale and being nauseous. Butler offers Kongkai the sour mango, and he eats it saying it’s not sour at all. Butler says it is like he is suffering pregnancy symptom in turn for his wife. Pai says no. Blom is watching as she is PISS! Kongkai and Pai takes a romantic stroll, and he asks when he will realy be suffering pregnancy symptoms. [Aw, the playboy wants to be a daddy now!]

Blom fakes to be sick, but Mothermole orders Blom back. Blom says that Mothermole stole her mother’s lover, and Blom will come steal Kongkai from her.  One day when Kongkai backs back, she will make him stay with her forever. Kongkai looks at Pai and tells her she should go get a checkup. Pai insist she is fine. They argue of Poochom.

Kongkai accuses her of wanting to go back to Poochom. Kongkai manhandles her, and she faints in his arms. Pai wakes up on a bed, and she talks to her baby:

Pai: Why can’t mommy contain her mood. But I can’t really tell your father that I have you now. [Pai looks around then and cries s a few tears.] Mommy is so tired.

Kongkai appears with a basin of water and a towel. He swipes her forehead. He says something about her usually being cool but now she ‘s something else. He asks or if she already having a little baby! [YES YES, Kongkai!!!]

The Villain Family talks of Blom. We learn that she is the offspring of the Father Villain and a servant. Mothermole sends Blom home. Father Villain (Pragok) asks to speak to Mothermole alone. He threatens that one day where she is standing will be his. Mothermole says she will fight back. Mr. Villain gets all soft on Blom. Blom tells him that there’s no point of him being nice now. She loves Kongaki only and he will never win Kongkai.

Blom cries to her assistant that she is afraid Kongkai doesn’t love her anymore and he is only staying with her to fulfill his promise. He tells her it is happening and if Kongkai abandons her, there is still him. Kongkai and Pai is cuddling, and Kongkai tells her that he won’t speak anything more that will upset her. Then he starts kissing her. Pai tells him to stop because he stinks. Konkgai is angry. Pai tells him that she wants to go back early in the morning. They end up turning their back to each other in cold silence.


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