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News: Vicky and Chai fortuned to Split

Chai Chatayodom and Vicky Sunisa‘s wedding is 70+% set and planned for May. And then now, there’s a fortune teller who did a reading on them without permission. The fortune was bad news.

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Ranting: Boobilicious Daras at Kom Chad Luek Awards 2011

Wow! Por Nattawut got two for Best Actor in lakorn and movie, Chompoo Araya for Best Actress, Yaya Urassaya and Barry Nadech for Popularity, Roy Mai for Best Lakorn, 30 Gum Lung Jaew for Movie Popularity…I don’t even give a hoot at the winners. I’m … Continue reading

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HeadsUp: Meu Prap Por Look Orn

After 12 years, Num Sornram and Vicky Sunisa reunite in the new action comedy Meu Prap Por Look Orn (Daddy Detective) [Airdate 01/20/11]. Num plays a cop who doesn’t like children but has to go undercover as a nanny for three troublemaking kids in order … Continue reading

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HeadsUp: Mook Liam Petch

Mook Liam Petch (Pearl-Sided Diamond) is a romantic action and like many recent lakorns is based on a novel and its title is quite the pun being that the pra-nangs are named Petch (Diamond) and Mook (Pearl). The promos, especially the magazine covers and promos … Continue reading

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News: Daras And Their Famous Families

I, as a still learning spectator of Thai ET industry, get shocked many times when I learn that this certain dara (meaning star and used to refer to thai celebrities) is related to this other actor/actress. Then when I compare photos, and I get those OHHHH they do look … Continue reading

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