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Dear Asianfuse and Spicy

Please set aside all my past jokes and smack-talks. I want to address an issue that I think is very prevalent and most difficult to confront. If you frequent Asianfuse or Spicy or both the forums, then I’m asking you to do endure reading this post. See it as the last retribution service you can do for me. Continue reading

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I’m Leaving LG To Go Chase My Dream

Dear friends,

I must go. I must go chase my dream now. I’ve thought and thought and thought again. I’ve always wanted to be a writer in all sense: a novelist, a screenwriter, a columnist, a journalist, a blogger, a songwriter, a researcher, and ultimately, I just want to be a storyteller. The more I am disappointed with my college experience, the more I’m aspired to pursue my wild dream. To chase it is sacrificing everything. Have you ever been so confident that you can do something but the world was up against you? For once, can I be that one in a million? This summer, I’m going to embark on a mission to write a novel. Though you’ll never know if I make it, it doesn’t matter. Know that at this time and this place, we had a good time.

Rak Mak Mak Love You Lots,

Godninja Continue reading

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FF: Kidnap My Heart 7 End

All Good Things Come To An End… Continue reading

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FF: Kidnap My Heart 6

An uneventful week passed. Sorapong hanged up a net on the outside porch and slept here. He woke up early. Cooked, ate, covered the food for Anita, and left for work. What did Anita do while he was gone? They didn’t talk, so he didn’t know. He returned late, washed up, and slept. They barely saw each other, and weirdly he missed seeing her rowdiness and her loud voice. Continue reading

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FF: Kidnap My Heart 5

Ten months later, Sorapong found himself knocking on the same door that he broke into that life-changing night. Anita opened the door, and if it was possible, she was more beautiful than before. “Hello, Anita.” She seemed flustered at his unannounced visit. “What are you doing here?” Continue reading

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FF: Kidnap My Heart 4

“He’s an Oxford-graduate lawyer. Against all odds, he battled his ten year sentence down to two.” Sorapong’s mother looked at Anita filled with admiration.“Oxford?” She looked at Sorapong who was now talking lowly to his Grandpa in soothing voices. “If he got such a top-notch education, why does he hate city people so much?” Continue reading

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