Mia Taeng Episode 11 Recap

So finally, our Romeo and Chompoo Juliet exchanged their confessions, but is doesn’t get easier from here. Blom’s fake pregnancy claim is splitting them, and as long as Pai keeps her own real a secret, drama is coming in full swing.

Episode 11 takes us right to the Family Villain discussing how they’ve order the hit on Kongkai and Pai. For tomorrow, Mr. Villain will lead the Program, and the Mother Villain is happy. Mothermole and Butler are not worry for everything is going accordingly to their plan. Then we see Kongkai and Pai sitting with the villagers. Kongkai tells the headman that he baited himself knowingly that the headman would save them and that proves that someone is setting him up. Kongkai assures him that they will treasure the sea like the villagers. They ask to be part of the village, and the headman lets them stay with him.

Night comes, and the celebration starts. They perform some soul rinsing ritual and then they all circle and dance. Kongkai is doing a great job flinging his arms, but Pai is shy. Then Kongkai and the headman are having fun and drinking. Alone for the night, Kongkai cuddles her and OUT OF NOWHERE, Kongkai says he loves her. Then they of course proceed to the physical parameter of love.

Okay, these two love birds have the longest bed talk, but I like that it’s the only time they are honest with each other. Important matter they whispered at each other.

  1. Kongkai says since they’ve married, this is the best night of his life because they are alone. [Sure. Not what just happened minutes ago?]
  2. He admits he has change for her and realize that she is the real diamond unlike Blom-who he never loved-who is the fake diamond.
  3. Kongkai is happy to be her partner in life and that he  has never meet anyone like her.
  4. Kongkai talks about regrets, but Pai tells him she would change nothing because if he wasn’t him, she would have not loved him.
  5. Kongkai thanks her for loving him and say it is time to tell the truth to Blom and for the rest of time, he wants to spend it with her only because he now knows who he want to be with.

[Almost word-to-word translate, I just condense some. I am so happy they finally confess their love, and actually talk about Blom.]

Next morning, Kongkai kisses Pai on the brows and tells her it is time for the culprit to go to prison. Outside, they got the one who poured oil in the house and blamed Kongkai. Kongkai offers that if he tells the man reveals the identity of the one who paid him to do the dirty work, then they won’t send him to the police. Mr. Villain is guiding some guests on their program. Someones asks him  about the rumors that Kongkai has gone missing. Blom walks in and says Kongkai is busy with important business and Mr. Villain is only filling in the duty temporary. He drags Blom and they bring out their past.

Blom: Not true! Kongkai is still alive! You’re lying! Kongkai must come back for me! He must return to marry me!

Mr. Villain: In front of me, you dare speak of another man?!

Blom: Kongkai is not another man. He is my husband. He is the one I love.

Mr. Villain: Liar! You love me!

Blom: I never loved you! I have never love you, you hear me. I never love– (Mr. Villain muffles her.)

Mr. Villain: Don’t ever say you love another man. When mother harmed you, I was the one who swiped your tears. When you became a model, I was the one who congratulated you. And that night when I was yours, you said you love me only. You love me. You love me! (Blom softens, and Mr. Villain drops his hand clamp on her mouth. They stare at each other.) You love me. I love you.

[Oh, this is so intense! Even I pity the bad guy now.]

Blom suddenly catches herself and pushes him away. She asks him that if he loves her what happened to him when his parents [Okay, they got no blood connection. She’s really just a servant’s daughter.] ordered her to sleep with who and who like Kongkai. She yells that he doesn’t even dare tell his mother about them because she is low. She says she will not tolerate her love not seeing her worth. So Mr. Villain suddenly drags her and says he’s going to go tell his mother about them.  He tells her to come back to him, and he’ll prove it to her. Blom call him crazy, and he says he is crazy over her, of their love. Then Father Villain comes in to say he won’t let them go to see the mother and he knows of their relationship. Mr. Villain confesses that he love Blom even against their wishes and will never cease his love and was most angry when he lost Blom to Kongkai. Kongkai comes in with the cops to announce Mr. Villain as the person of interest in the village-fire case. Father Villain tells the cops that in defense of his son’s innocence, he is willing to give a statement. The father and son go with the police.

Kongkai asks to talk to Blom about them. Kongkai tells Blom that she must be weary of waiting for him. Blom says she is happy to wait. Kongkai takes her hands off him and continues.

KK: Blom, you are lovely to me always, beautiful. You have everything a man wants. I thought you were the one I wanted beside me. In the past, there were a lot I didn’t know, like the one to be beside me to go through the good and bad with me and I want to be with her because of love.

Blom: I love you. You me right? We love each other.

KK: I’m sorry.

Blom: Kongkai, ka. You promise me that you’ll come back to me. You promise you’ll marry me, didn’t you?

Blom hugs him in desperation. She starts crying and recites promises he made her of them living old together and having kids. Kongkai tells her that when he made those promise, he thought he loved her, but now, he knows his heart and the one is love is Pai. Kongkai tells it straight that he is taking back his promise. Kongkai dramatically turns away from her. Blom is frozen in tears and she breaks down. Then she suddenly stops and turns evil.

Kongkai is in high spirits as he returns to their room to announce that it’s been taken care of. Blom is in the dark, reflecting over the promises Kongkai made her to come back to her and that he will never love Pai. Gay Assistant comes in and Blom tells him that Kongkai broke off his promise and that she is pregnant with Kongkai. Then Blom starts hitting her flat stomach saying that why did her baby be conceived at this time. [Dude, is this baby fake or not, because even Blom made me believe her act?]

Poochom, Jieb, Wayu, and the other co-worker come with Lady Boss to search for her husband. The husband has got a new fling and he asks for a divorce. Wayu cuts in to say he is selfish because Lady Boss loves her. Lady Boss gets into her car and runs herself into something. Lady Boss is at the hospital and she confesses that she can’t live on if she doesn’t have her husband and that she knows she is overprotective and she would like another chance to make him happy. The husband admits that he is cheater and the one he wants to love him is her. They hold hands and give each other another chance. Jieb and Poochom starts talking about their lonely live. Jieb asks that if she dies, then who would miss her?

So she jumps into the pool. Poochom jumps after her searching the pool. Jieb calls him from the edge of the pool and says she now knows that aside from her parents there is another one that would miss her. Poochom drags her into the pool, and they battle it out. Pai and Kongkai walk with Mothermole, and they meet the Villain Father and Son. Both are smiling at their innocence. The Family Villain are fighting. Mr. Villain blames that it is the father who made him second-rate like hits. The dad hits him saying his stupidity will make him fall. Mr. Villain vows that he won’t let himself just losing everything.

Butler tells them that Weewat (the hired gunman to kill Kongkai and Pai) was caught, so the Villain Father and Son just shove the blame to him all. Kongkai is thinking of Blom, and Pai comes in to say she feels wrong for loving him even though she shouldn’t. He tells her that even if she goes away from him, he will never return to Blom because he loves her. He ends on the note that from now on, they can finally be happy and he sweetly stroke her stomach saying she has to give him a little one. Pai is thinking of telling him she is pregnant but last-minute Pai says she is sleepy. [NO, you got to tell him before Blom blows out her fake pregnancy!]

In the morning, Gay Assistant talks Blom into talking a walk, and Blom tells him that she has something to do and hugs him crying like she is leaving to a suicide mission.

Blom: Tacha, you are my best friend.

Gay Assistant: We are friends. Don’t think too much.

Blom: Cha, you take care of yourself.

Gay Assistant: Blom, are you okay?

Blom: Nothing. (swiped her tears) I’m going.

Blom is talking with her mother saying that she will tell Kongkai of her pregnancy today. Blom appears and they take it to the shore. Blom tells her that Kongkai broke off with her and that Pai is a bitch for stealing Kongkai. Pai announces that she loves Kongkai and that she will never let her hurt Kongkai.

Blom: I won’t hurt Kongkai. I won’t definitely hurt the father of my child. I am pregnant with Kongkai’s child.

Pai: Why are you telling me?

Blom: I want you to finally divorce with Kongkai and get out of our life for once.

Pai: I will never divorce with Kongkai. If you want Kongkai to take responsibility for your child, I welcome it.

Blom: You must not understand that for a child not wanted by his father how much is hurts. I don’t want to see my child hurting when he asks where his father is, who he is with, why did he left the child. But if my son have to be born without a father, then it’s better unborn.

Blom goes into the water. Gay Assistant arrives and chases after Blom. Blom tells him to go away and she walks on. Pai is having a major internal battle, then she runs to Blom and pushes her away and slaps her.

Pai: Stop being crazy, Blomcak! If you die, I won’t care, but the child is innocent. It’s your child, you can’t harm it. Don’t bring in a child’s life to work a deal with me. It’s your child, don’t you love or care for it?

Blom: Don’t talk like you know it to me because you yourself don’t have one.

Pai: I will be the party to leave. If you are pregnant with Kongkai, I will be the party to leave.

Blom: Are you talking for real?

Pai: But I need to be sure that you are indeed pregnant.

Blom: What do you mean?

Pai: I want the results that confirm you are pregnant. If you are pregnant with Kongkai, I will divorce him.

Kongkai and Pai are driving home. His mom calls and he says he is driving it slow so Pai can rest. He smiles, and Pai opens her eyes in sadness. At home, Mothermole is surprised that Blom is silent not fighting back. Pai wants to go visit her mother, and Kongkai volunteers to go along. He adds that he even bought gift for her mother. Mothermole is pleased that Kongkai is becoming a family man.

Blom and Gay Assistant is at a restaurant, and he is ordering food and questions that he haven’t notice her suffering any pregnancy symptoms. She says she must be lucky. He continues to asks her how she got pregnant if she takes the Pill. Blom lies that she took it late. Gay Assistant is starting to get suspicious, and Blom starts hitting her stomach, asking how can he be her friend and doubt her. [Thank God. Blom, you almost got me with your superb acting. I’m happy now that she’s a faker. ] Kongkai apologizes to Pai’s mother for previously being disrespectful. Pai’s mother forgives him, and then Kongkai notices that she is knitting some tiny socks.

KK: What are you knitting?

Pai’s Mother: Socks.

KK: For who? Why are they so tiny?

Pai’s Mother: I’m doing them for–

Pai: (cuts in) Mom, I’ve got a headache.

Pai grabs her mother’s hand, and her mother lies that they’re probably out of medicine and for Kongkai to go buy some. Alone, Pai confesses that she can’t tell Kongkai anymore because Blom is pregnant. Coming out of the drugstore, Kongkai buys a bunch of roses for Pai.

Pai tells her mother that if her child doesn’t have a father, she will have best care of it, but if it was Blom, then she will definitely raise her child bad. Pai wants Kongkai to be happy. I’m glad that Pai doesn’t believe Blom is pregnant, and she is going to prove it. Blom goes to a pharmacy, and claims she need information on her new role. She get information on testing and symptoms. Kongkai and Pai leaves, and in the car, he asks her to get him a book from the back. Pai turns to see the red roses.

She thanks him, and Kongkai points to his cheek. Pai gives him a peck and he is not satisfy so he leans over sniffing her. Pai orders him to stop that they are in the car, so he inquires that he can kiss her long like so if they were in their room. [Horny much, our pra’ek?]

In the driveway, Kongkai asks her the let him refresh now, and he starts kissing her. Blom enters and says she’s here to talk about them three. The love triangle goes to battle it out. Blom keeps pressuring Pai to be the one to tell Kongkai. Pai threatens that if Blom is smart, she’ll tell Kongkai herself. Blom and Kongkai starts to leave together when Blom asks to talk to him.

Kongkai demands what is whole charade is about. Blom replies that she is pregnant. In her room, Pai is crying as she strokes her stomach telling her baby that she loves him. Konkai sees her crying, and he comes in to help her sit, asking her how she is. Pai apologizes for not telling him. Kongkai says it is his fault. Pai tells him that it already happened so they need to work it out. Kongkai asks Pai what did she promise with Blom, and Pai doesn’t respond.

Blom talks to Father Villain about her fake pregnancy to force Kongkai to take responsibility of her and that she need him to get fake results for her. Mr. Villain walks in to say Mothermole has called in a meeting at her home. At the meeting, Mothermole says she is unwell and leaving her chair to Kongkai. Mother Villain is all screaming that Mothermole has won again. Blom walks in to say that she has something that will definitely help the Mother Villain take revenge.


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