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News: Siamdara’s Top 14 Pra’nangs 2011

Top 14 Daras with 7 pra’eks and 7 nang’eks according to Saimdara. Many of the names on the list were winners at their Siamdara Star Awards 2011 in June, so I decided to gather up the photos to go along with the list.

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LGNews: Top 10 Most Juiciest 2011

Allow me to compile a bias list of the top 10 most juiciest things that happened this year in Thai ET. Juiciest meaning coolest, most sexy, and most shocking in general. I warn you, this post ends in tears.

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News: Topless 4+1 Pra’eks

Have you seen this? Is this new footage? I beg you, someone hunt down the video for me!  ‘Cause I’m spazzing right now!!! You know how much I’m into abs and nakedness??? So far, it’s been naked females, but this is more like me! Wow! Wow! Wow! It’s … Continue reading

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Tawan Deard The Review

Tawan Deard. Tawan Deard. Tawan Deard. Where to start? Yes, you are unprecedented. One of kind, definitely. It was the first cowboy-action genre in lakorn history. It also was the first action Ch3 lakorn to be filmed in HD. As a 4+1 Superstar lakorn, there was heavy promotion. … Continue reading

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Tawan Deard Episode 16 Finale Recap

Bloody hell! How many fake bullets did they used in the making of Tawan Deard‘s finale? It is hardcore action. At the same time, I’m not too happy with the sequence of events. Tawan just rained on the party and show who’s the boss. … Continue reading

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Tawan Deard Episode 15 Recap

I can’t help to notice that Mark is soooo hot! Man+Guns=My Type! So, it’s really the second to finale episode. I am super baffled at the masses of death. I’m not a big action lakorn watcher, but Tawan Deard‘s death statistics are … Continue reading

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Tawan Deard Episode 14 Recap

Mysterious stranger? Obviously, we know who you are, but I still love the twist that wasn’t really a twist twist. You get what I mean. Did I mention that I like it when the bad help kill the bad. Save … Continue reading

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