Mia Taeng Episode 12 Preview

I’m the  Superior Wife, you’re the Inferior Wife. Polygamy under the same roof in the 21st century? Unlawful! In a lakorn? Applause!!! We like drama! We like angst! We like cat fights! Okay, I’m not a cheerleader. Now, back to being a blogger.

KK: I will accept Blom’s child to be like one of ours.

Mothermole: (screaming denial) Not matter what I don’t believe it! I won’t accept it either!

(Sounds effects of Kongkai and Poochom punching it out!)

Father Villain: Kongkai will have to take Blom to live in this house in the title of his wife too.

Mr. Villain: No! I won’t let it. Blom must return with me!

Mother Villain: Narong [Mr. Villain]!

KK: Blom is my wife; she must stay here!

Pai: For me too, I have never thought that I would be a superior wife either.

Blom: Kongkai, stay with me.

Blom: Okay?


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I like being a mystery, but my writing reflects me.
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7 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 12 Preview

  1. lv88 says:

    thank you godninja. so next week Blom will provides proof that she is pregnant so Pai will had to moved out the house????

  2. manisha singh says:


  3. dopefreshh says:

    I’m going to miss Pai when this is over. She’s one the smartest n’eks I’ve seen in a long time. I suspect that Pai doesn’t believe Blom and that’s why she doesn’t put up a fight about Blom moving in (at least I hope that’s what is going on).

  4. lv88 says:

    why did Pai had to hide her pregnancy?

    • godninja says:

      This is Pai’s long explained to her mother. If Pai’s child is fatherless, she will take best care for her child. But if Blom’s is fatherless, she’s going to ruin her child. Then Kongkai will be most sorry because he didn’t care for his child.
      In Godninjas’ words: If Pai reveals her pregnancy, it’ll be the end of the lakorn. [That’s always how my mom puts it.]

  5. :) says:

    So piss-off right now. Pai should not let Bloom live with them !!!!! If I were Pai…. I would either tell Kai the choose which women he wants to live with him b/c only one women can be the lady of the house.

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