Mia Taeng Episode 11 Preview

WTF? Yes! Blom is claiming that she is prego with Kongkai! Looks like Kongkai will not sit back and take it. So finally, will we get a smart pra’ek that won’t fall for this old move?

Blom: This job, Khun Ying Powan [Mother Villain] you will be hateful of me for sure.

KK: What is this?

Blom: I’m pregnant.

Gay Assistant: I beg you! Don’t do anything stupid Blom !

Pai: (slaps Blom) Stop. Your own  kid, don’t you love and care of it.

Blom:  Looks like you’re having so much fun.

KK: Blom?

Pai: If you think you are higher, then know that if I give up everything, you won’t get anything.

Blom: (Kongkai walking away hand in hand with Pai) Khun Kongkai ka?

KK: Let me take care of this situation myself. Don’t go away from me, okay?


Godninja: Finally in this love triangle, KK picks Pai!

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I like being a mystery, but my writing reflects me.
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10 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 11 Preview

  1. chriss says:

    will you guys be recaping
    Kularb Rai Glai Ruk
    hope you guys do and please

  2. dopefreshh says:

    Thanks for the preview! 🙂

    I don’t think KK believes Blom about the pregnancy. At least I hope he doesn’t. The last thing we all need is for Pai to leave because Blom fakes her pregnancy!

  3. :) says:

    Godninja, I heard from Anonymousblue that Ann upcomming lakorn is with Mart and it’s called “Qi Pao” . Do u actually know what the story of the lakorn is about ???? What happen to Ann and Tik doing a lakorn 2gether ???? I believe they did an interview 2gether and said that they would love to do a lakorn 2gether.

  4. val says:

    Love ur work help us non speaking thai who love it’s lakron to enjoy it better thanks for the hard work and will u be able to recap kularb rai glai ruk starring matt and great i just love that lakron watched it like six time already but would love to understand it better though i was able to pick up some what of thai i am not thai so it’s real hard. Would love it if u can help recap it even if it’s just matt and great scenes thank you

    • godninja says:

      we didn’t watch “kularb rai glai rak”, but i heard its good. for now, we will only stick to recap currently airing lakorns, so sorry we cannot repair this one. If you want any future lakorn recap, please request. and val, keep watching and learning thai. my sister and I watched thai lakorns, movies, MVs, shows, and concerts for like 5 years, and we learned the language.

  5. manisha singh says:

    thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssss i was very patiently waiting for the recaps i really didn’t expected tht u wud write the recaps so fast thanks once again

  6. omg, please do review episode 10 tomorrow! PUHHHHHLEASSEE! LOL I’ve already watched episode 9 and 10 but have no clue what is being said simply, for the fact that I’m not thai or speak it. I’ve been checking your website constantly to see if you have done a recap. Thank you and I’m dying for the next recap! I’m also waiting for that other chick to put english subs on it but that won’t be until next week. =(

  7. godninja says:

    i downloaded epi 10, i’ll watch it and write everything, so tomorrow for sure, epi 10 will be done! praying for webcam to work. AND I CANT LIVE WITHOUT THE NET!!!

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