Mia Taeng Episode 13 Recap

We are down to the second last episode, and I’m shaking in fear that the rushed ending will break it for all the respect I had invested in Mia Taeng. Episode 13 turns out to be no joke. We get no scene between Romeo and Chompoo Juliet; just action action and action. Some loose ends are wrapped up well, but the big conflict remains yet unresolved.

Kongkai comes in high spirits to tell Butler that after the meeting, he needs to go out and for Butler to reserve Kongkai a table as a restaurant. Mr. Villain overhears and calls Blom to rub it in her face that Kongkai is taking Pai to dinner. After the meeting, Kongkai readies himself to the French restaurant, when WTF, Blom appears before him. Blom says she is lonely and for Kongkai to send her to her Gay Assistant’s shop. Kongkai goes to his car for some paper, and behind, Blom picks up a glass and stares at it. At first, I’m like: are you trying to have a staring contest with it, but NOPE! Blom drops the glass and deliberately steps on the shards. Kongkai returns to Blom bleeding and takes her to the hospital.

At the workplace, Pai is patiently waiting for Kongkai. All wrapped up, Blom plays the nice girl and says she’s sorry for wasting his time. Kongkai tells her that he is already late for his appointment. Blom fakes deadly pain. Pai is still waiting as many co-workers leaves for the day. Wayu [my man!] appears to tell Pai to stop waiting and he’ll send her home. Kongkai and Blom return and she is still hurting and asks Kongkai to send her to her room. Right at that time, Pai arrives and sees the scene. YES! Mothermole comes and asks wassup with Blom hopping. Blom asks Kongkai to help wash her. HERE MY FAVORITE PART!

MM: Your foot is hurt. You’re not a retard!

Godninja: Yes! YES! She is a retard!

Mothermole asks Pai if she and Kongkai actually went to their dinner. Pai replies no. Mothermole continues to ask if Kongkai picked her up, and Pai responds that Wayu sent her. Mothermole [like me] is totally frustrated with that biatch.

Blom clings onto Kongkai asking him to take care of her, but Mothermole saves him. She orders the Maid Mole to sleep and look over Blom. Kongkai is happy to leave. Blom calls him back.

Blom: Kongkai ka, you can’t leave me like this. You will do this to someone who loves you. I did everything to get us back. You’re going to repay me like this. Do you see my good intentions?

Mothermole pushes Kongkai on, and he leaves in a hurry. Blom calls after him, and Mothermole tells her that finally tonight, Kongkai will have much happiness because he gets to sleep and hug the one he loves. Blom screams in anger.

Outside the room, Kongkai apologizes to his mother for burdening her. Mothermole tells him to go make up with Pai. Pai is crying in silence, and finally, he sees her!!! SWIPE HER TEARS, ROMEO! WTF? He turns away? The maid mole offers to wash Blom, but she attacks the maid. The maid comes out to say Blom is having a tantrum. Kongkai looks to Pai’s room and then he just walks off in an internal battle. In his work room, Kongkai reflects over his responsiblity of the love triangle. Good. He cries too. He needs know it’s this fault! The main maid comes in and Kongkai rants out all of this list of sins:

  1. He’s a disappointment for having two wives, being unable to take care of the one who he loves, and fails to keep his promises.
  2. He’s sorry for burdening the family and the one he loves.
  3. He knows that he can only make excuses.
  4. He knows Blom loves him, and it’s his fault to ask her to wait and impregnate her but change to love another. It’s unfair to blame Blom one-sided.
  5. He knows he’s an ass for hurting two women and can’t find a solution to his misery.

The love triangle is unable to sleep under the same roof with the superior wife and inferior wife crying.

Next morning, Kongkai leaves for work early. Blom haves a tantrum and starts to beat up the maid mole. Pai walks in to stop Blom from hitting the maid and tells Blom to apologize. Blom refuses, but Pai threatens to report to the police. Blom screams out her apology. Afterward, Pai patches up the maid mole, and finally the maid realizes where her loyalty should have laid. Blom orders Gay Assistant back from him filling out paperwork to enter a contest. Blom sees a food art catalog on the assistant’s table and suddenly gets a light bulb moment.

There is a cake contest, and Pai is a judge. Gay Assistant returns to his home in surprise that there’s no damages. Blom replies that she was getting tired and she thought of her baby so she stopped. She brings up the topic of the cake contest and tells him that his cake got no style. Gay Assistant tells her of his passion to win, and Blom gets out her phone to search for Pai number. Then she goes to get him water, and the assistant searches Blom’s phone. Pai is at the shop tasting the Gay Assistant’s cake submission. She compliments on how it smells good, tastes sweet, and the lemon cake is moist. Then to the presentation, Blom says he need more work. Gay Assistant goes on his knees pleading Pai to tell teach him who to improve the cake’s appearance. Pai says she can help him. The server lady who took Blom’s money to have an abortion before takes a video recording of the exchange and brings it to Blom. Poochom and Jieb is out driving to seek more information on his investigation. Out of gas, Poochom pulls over to a station, and Jieb  sees Bpen and her mother and points it out to Poochom. He watches his ex-wife. Bpen tells her mother that she’s going back to school to get a job to look after her mother. Poochom is silent as he watches, saying that it’s because of him that Bpen didn’t finish school and not have a good job. Jieb suggests Poochom to help Bpen to repent his faults.

Night comes, and Poochom is at the house. Bpen tells him she doesn’t want anything from him. She lost all her dignity when she stole Poochom from another and that her mother is the only one who had ever loved her. Poochom apologizes and then gives her money to help pay for her tuition so her mother wouldn’t have to work so hard. They thank and forgive each other. All us well for these two. Poochom is with Jieb, and he tells her to order all she wants. He reflects on how he’d learned lots from this experience. Jieb responds that when she finds her love, she’ll take best care of her man. Poochom comments that that man must be lucky and asks if she have met him. Jieb says she’ll have to longer, she’s only a kid, and it’ll be long time. Poochom nods, and they go on to order their food.

Gay Assistant is happy as he finds out that he won! Blom is pleased that her plan is on. At work, Lady Boss is happy at the success of the cake contest and that the sponsor will continue to work with them. The co-workers chants “bonus bonus bonus”. The lady sponsor comes in all mad at the failure of the company. Everyone is confused, but understands when they look at the news clip saying Pai as the judge took bribe from the first place winner. The whole situation is going to hurt the company. Pai denies that Gay Assistant set her up, but Wayu remarks that he is the friend of Blom. Reporters are hounding Gay Assistant for words on his disqualification.

Pai appears and Gay Assistant apologizes for being selfish to ask her to help him knowingly that she was a judge. At the house, reporter waits for Pai and asks her on the deal of her bribery. Lady Boss gets two letters. One says the sponsor lady is suing the company and Pai  for 10 million. Letter two says Pai is laid off. A PV Corporation meeting is called, and the Family Villain rubs in that Kongkai and Pai’s image are killing the company. Pai is ousts out of her title at the Company. Kongkai stands up to defend Pai, but Mother Villain tells Kongkai that even as the President he’s not doing too hot. Pai overhears Mothermole and Butler talking about Kongkai’s image going down the drain and how it’ll add fuel tot he Family Villain’s plot. Mothermole falls from the stress. Kongkai hurries back from the office and apologizes for not being any help. His mother just tells him to keep on helping Pai.

Pai goes to see Blom. Blom is all sympathizing with her and tells Pai that have she forgotten that she’s all for protecting Kongkai. Blom orders her to go from Kongkai because he is going down for having a wedded wife like Pai. [Here’s the reason for the divorce.] Pai reflects over what Blom told her, and she calls Lady Bosss on who she should contact for a new release and then she gets writing. Next morning, Pai goes over to cry on her mother’s shoulder.

Then Kongkai gets a cold letter from Pai, and Butler runs in with a newspaper. Kongkai reads the headlines of his and Pai’s divorce announcement. Mothermole is stressing over in the balcony, then YES YES YES, she overhears the exchange between Mr. Villain and Blom. Thing they revealed.

  1. Blom is the source of the bad Pai news.
  2. Blom in not pregnant.
  3. Blom is doing everything to be the legal wife of Kongkai.
  4. Mr. Villain loves Blom.
  5. Blom wants Kongkai for his money.

Mothermole intercepts Blom and says that tomorrow, they’re going to the hospital and she personally wants to see that child of her. Mothermole tells her that she’ll even get the father to come but who do Blom want it to be–Kongkai or Mr. Villain. Mothermole threatens Blom to get the heck out of the house or she’ll tell Kongkai everything.

Pai is leaving Kongkai because she’s damaging him. Poochom comes and Pai says he’s the only one who can help her. Kongkai walks in and grabs her to return home.

KK: Khun Pai, return home with me. I know that you’re the one who released the news this morning. Khun Pai, you used to be next to me when I have trouble. Today, I’m not going anywhere.

Pai responds that she is sicked and tired of everything and believes the news clip came from Kongkai as the root. She married Kongkai to escape Poochom, but now Poochom is single so she no longer have to. Pai grabs Poochom hands and he wraps his arm around Pai. Poochom asks for Pai back. Kongkai screams that he won’t let it. Pai says she is the one who made the decision.

Pai: Sign the divorce papers for me if you love me. This is my happiness.

KK: Khun Pai? (then he turns away dramatically with sad ass music playing and Pai crying)

Blom is hurrying her way out, and Mothermole is smiling. The main maid comes in to report that Kongkai is staying at his office. The maid says she’ll go get Mothermole some hot water. Blom gets an idea and calls the ex-maid mole to look for her missing earrings for a diversion. The maid comes into to get her mother to help her look and they go off just as Blom planned. Mothermole drinks the warm water and gets yawny. Readying for a bath, Blom appears, and with just a little strangling, Mothermole faints. Blom gets the naked Mothermole into the tub and turns on the cold (I think) water wishing her dead. Kongkai is pondering over what Pai said to him; then Butler calls.

Kongkai races to the hospital. Butler says that Mothermole is in a coma. Kongkai looks after Mothermole all night. Butler tells Kongkai to go to work and that the main maid will be coming to take care of Mothermole. He reminds Kongkai to do it for Mothermole because they’ll lose PV Corporation. Kongkai swipes his tears and gets dressed. The maid mother and daughter are packing Mothermole’s bag. They are pleased that Mothermole is moving her limbs a bit and will soon wake up. Blom is everywhere! Blom overhears this. Pai is coming to the hospital, but Blom beats everyone and gets to Mothermole’s room first. Blom is awfully overdressed. She takes out a switch blade and gets ready to cut the IV. Pai ninjas right in time to stop Blom.

Pai guesses right that it’s Blom who wants Mothermole dead and behind everything. Blom tells Pai she’s knows too much and better dead. They struggle over the blade, and Blom wins. She is about to stab Pai, but the nurse comes. Blom uses the blade on Pai, and they walk out.

Pai: You don’t have to run. If you promise me that you won’t hurt anyone else, I won’t tell this to anyone.

Blom: I don’t trust you. You’re lying so I’ll let you go and tattle to Kongkai, right? You’re going to steal Kongkai from me, right?

Pai: You love Kongkai, why do you hurt mother?

Blom: She’s an obstacle. The old hag hates me, and she’s going to take Kongkai from me.


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5 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 13 Recap

  1. Kiki says:

    Wow thanks so much! I kinda wanted pachoom and bpen to get back together. I’m really worried about how they are rushing this ending. We will see how it plays out 😛

  2. Krab says:

    thank you so much… intense.. (no, not really) =P

  3. manisha singh says:

    my friend u r really very fast

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