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Dear Asianfuse and Spicy

Please set aside all my past jokes and smack-talks. I want to address an issue that I think is very prevalent and most difficult to confront. If you frequent Asianfuse or Spicy or both the forums, then I’m asking you … Continue reading

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Ranting: 3 Reasons Why I Might Just Watch Buang

Sorry, the title is misleading. There’s only ONE reason why I would watch Buang—for Rome Patchata. Hey, I happen to fancy Rome and his square jaw okay.

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Ranting: Ready for the 50 million baht lakorn?

Khun Seuk (Warlord) is the Channel 3’s big project of 2012 to celebrate their 42th anniversary and TV Scene’s 40th anniversary with their big boss coming out to say they went all out on this lakorn. The sets, costumes, and props had to be made from … Continue reading

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Ranting: Leh Pummared, Tata, Bie, & Yadech

Okay, when the news is on the boring side and I so see a lot of funny and juicy epicness in watching videos and cruising around, I want to share them with you.

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Ranting: Duj Dao Din’s OST tears me up

I’m very much in love with the song Tol Hai Nap Dao Chon Mot Fah (Even If I Could Count All The Stars In The Sky) by Ten Nararak. It takes my breathe away and uplifts me. Simply beautiful.

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Ranting: What Does Nang Fah Gub Mafia and Rak Pathiharn Have in Common?

Just a good laugh to live longer this 2012. Ahem…Listen up, I’m about to crack a lakorn joke. Between being home, meaning busy with family and the New Dragon Year, I had no time for lakorns. So today, I sat down … Continue reading

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Give me Luerd Kattiya 2012 with Num and Bee and I will cry

I hope this news bit is just rumors…but then a lot of these recent remakes rumors have turned out true. Luerd Kattiya is one of the most celebrated and beloved lakorn of all lakorn times. I’m telling you right now that Luerd Kattiya is my favorite lakorn. It’s … Continue reading

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