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[News] Aump in her bra, Annie-Film saga finale, Pae can’t forget Pan

A brief cut through of some news bits that I found interesting the within the last week. Can’t miss some of these juiciness. I stayed up writing this, so I might not sound most intelligent but definitely still more than some of these … Continue reading

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HeadsUp: Nang Fah Gub Mafia

Nangfah Gub Mafia (airdate:12/02/11). The Angel and the Mafia. Interesting title. And moreover, it has everything slapped into it. Romance. Comedy. Drama. Action. The whole package. I haven’t watched a Channel 7 lakorn since Kha Khong Khun…just maybe I’ll watch this one. But … Continue reading

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HeadsUp: Sen Tai Salai Sode

Sen Tai Salai Sode will be our first heads up lakorn post. Taking place of Tawee Pope, rom-com Sen Tai Salai Sode (The Deadine) stars beautiful “Noon” Woranuch Wongsawan and casanova “Vee” Veeraparb Suparbpaiboon and premiered on Tuesday the 27th. Currently at episode one, it will continue to run on the Monday-Tuesday … Continue reading

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News: Daras And Their Famous Families

I, as a still learning spectator of Thai ET industry, get shocked many times when I learn that this certain dara (meaning star and used to refer to thai celebrities) is related to this other actor/actress. Then when I compare photos, and I get those OHHHH they do look … Continue reading

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