FF: Kidnap My Heart Part 1

I’ve been working on a fanfiction but have been hesitant (still am) about publishing it because you will get to know a certain perverted side of me. Because I have a reputation to uphold, I’ve highly down-graded my “imagination” by keeping this fanfiction appropriate for everyone. I don’t like instilling a cast for my fanfiction because it allows you to make your own. For me, I imagine Mark Prin and Yaya Urassaya. Enjoy!



Chapter 1: Breaking and Entering

Even before her hand can flick the switch to give light to what her eyes was seeing, she knew what it was. The tall shadow quickly abandoned the slightly ajar refrigerator and dashed for her.

Anita quickly flicked the light, but it was the wrong move. She should have run for the door instead. The sudden light blinded her for a few seconds making her unable to react to the death grip on her. Anita opened her eyes to meet a set of bottomless dark eyes. Long hair spread over his rugged handsome face. It can’t be. He was wearing a dirty gray jacket over a fading orange prison outfit. An escape convict has broken into her house and she had walked in on him.

“Hello. Miss Anita Ayutthayamon.” He grabbed her keys and bag and threw them on the floor.

She remembered his face from the morning news. He had busted out of prison. She couldn’t exactly recall the details of his conviction. “Take anything you want. I can give you money. Let me go. I promise that I won’t tell anyone you were here.”

“I’ve learned not to trust Bangkok people—the people who think they own the wealth, the nation, and even the law.”

“My husband will be home soon.”

He laughed. “Miss Anita, you’re lying. I already checked. You live alone.”

She pushed him with all off her strength. He tumbled a bit back at the surprise of her strength. Anita ran for the door, but he grabbed her from the back. He pushed her back into the kitchen and grabbed a knife to wave it in front of her. “What happened to you promising not to rant me out? You would’ve run out of here yelling for the whole apartment to hear. I didn’t want to use force, but you leave me no choice.” He brought the knife closer. “Your knife was sharp with the sausage. I wonder if it’ll cut your pretty skin as easy.”

“I’m human. I hurt and I bleed too.”

“Good that you know that. I guess you’re not such a blonde as you look.” He suddenly gave her a bad boy smirk. “Where’s my manner? I’m Pong.”

“Sorapong Chatree. I know your name. You’re frontline news.”

He tensed at his name. “You can laugh. I get it every time from city girls. Oh, Sorapong Chatree. How country-sounding.”

“And are they wrong? Your name sounds cheap.”

“So Miss Anita, it looks like you are like all those other city girls who sees a country bumpkin like me and bet with their friends who can get me drunk and in bed first.” Then his smirk grew crooked.

Anita knew what he was thinking. “You pervert!”


Just A Teaser So You Know’ll What’s Up

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I like being a mystery, but my writing reflects me.
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7 Responses to FF: Kidnap My Heart Part 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    What is mark character name? is Anita yaya name?

  2. Angela says:

    I love it! Althought I’m imagining Nadech and Yaya but I love it! Can’t wait for more!!! You are an excellent writer!

  3. Ruk1 says:

    Interesting…. I like it

  4. huajaikaungtur says:

    I really enjoyed this, can’t wait to read more~! I can image Yaya and Mark, too & don’t worry about the pervertedness, everyone’s a pervert at times xD

  5. lilithao says:

    OMG!!! Can’t wait to read this!! Super great already!!! Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  6. SkinyWinky says:

    Good luck with ur exams. I should be studying too but hell I’m here reading ur Fan fics…

  7. cyaj says:

    Interesting yet scary. Sounds good. Keep it coming.

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