HeadsUp: Buang

What happens when Roy Mai meets Tae Bangkorn meets Sarp Poosa? That is three super classics smack together to make a cross-generation period, ghost haunting storyline. I am very impressed by what I’ve seen so far. A ghostly thriller on the story of two love that transcend two lifetimes. The love promise between Khun Luang and Ma Cheun that destined them as lovers for eternity and the obsessive love of E’Pang that is bond to haunt and split them in all lifetimes.


Buang (Loop) is another remake of its 1992 original and also a novel adaptation. Because it is a remake, there’s a lot of info that’s known, but I’ve learned not to count too much on Channel 3 remakes being close to their predecessors. Netizens are extremely happy that RTeam Rome Patchata and Rita Sririta have reunited but show dislike of the storyline, their characters, and the overshadow of Noon Sirapan as the ghost. Veteran actor Mew Chamaipon [who plays Khun Ying Onchoi] said something that struck me: Buang is beyond a happy ending lakorn, it’s a life lesson and dharma-meaningful lakorn that’s meant to educated us people today. Too deep for me I say.

Rome, Rita, and Noon express how they are scared of ghost but are all pleased with their work. The cast gave alms multiple times throughout the production. Noon’s makeup at times took three hours to perfect. A whole riverside house was semi-built for a film location. Broadcast Thai has been praised for their excellency in horror lakorns, so for this one, come with expectations.

In the past life, the first time Pra Pakdiporntapan (Rome Patchata) and Cheunclen/Ma Cheun (Rita Sririta) meet, it was love at first sight. Ma Cheun is a prestigious prim and proper woman and Khun Laung is respectful gentleman. He soon comes to ask for her hand in marriage; it’s a match made in heaven. However, E’Pang (Noon Sirapan), who is a servant at Ma Cheun’s house, has a one-sided love for Khun Luang. She is obsess with winning him surpassing Ma Cheun because she longs for her right as an illegitimate daughter. With Ma Cheun’s mother Khun Ying Onchoi (Mew Chamaipon) further mocking and punishing E’Pang for her actions, she seeks to better herself by learning voodoo dark magic. She puts a love spell on Khun Luang. He starts to go to a riverside house to see E’Pang and changes. E’Pang is able to steal him from Ma Cheun and becomes his second wife. Because Ma Cheun is soft-spoke, her mother is always inserting herself to stop E’Pang. Eventually the love between Khun Laung and Ma Chuen perseveres over E’Pang’s spell. Ma Cheun gives birth, and when Khun Luang comes out of his spell and is near death, he makes a promise that for every lifetime, he hopes to meet her forever. E’Pang is enraged and heartbroken at his death and vows that no matter where Khun Luang is reborn, she will follow him.


In the present life, Khun Luang is Samon and Ma Cheun is Rampa/Pa. They’re a loving couple with twins. He is an only son who is a talented successful man but his soft heart makes him vulnerable. When the family return to Thailand to live in Samon’s ancestral house where the body of his great-something grandma is preserved in the house. In the riverside house, E’Pang calls to Samon and he releases her and she starts to get her long-awaited revenge. The family starts to witness haunting and everyone is scared of the house and the family moves into the riverside house. Between Rampa being label crazy, ghost E’Pang makes Duangram (Mai Sukontawa) lures Samon into cheating. He changes into a different person again, and Rampa have to confront with the past to free her husband and save her children. In the end, Samon becomes a monk to repent for all the wrongdoings he did. He forgives E’Pang and the circle [to play on the title, the loop of karma] of love, hate, revenge and haunting ends.


Probably by now, you’re yelling at me somewhere along the lines of: You suck man! Where’s the heck did Pope go? How am I suppose to fit Pope and his most-anticipating playboy role among that mess up there? That’s why this paragraph is dedicated to him. You can thank me now. Glaa (Pope Thanawat) is a Nai Yok [a rank] and the close friend of Khun Luang. Along with his couple Buasawan (Esther Supreeleela) who is the younger sister of Ma Cheun (I thought Ma Chuen was an only daughter? will update this), Glaa is the one always warning E’Pang of her actions and trying to help his friend. In the present life, Glaa is Anugoon/Nu who is the kind playboy co-worker friend of Samon. He a big flirt who sleeps around and a bad-mouther, but he falls for the awkward dharma girl Pachanee/Pat. She’s the modest, buddha preaching conservative and he’s the sexy playboy. Their boss-secretary relationship enables him take full advantage of her. Yeah, I can imagine how that unravels. Probably the single best-selling point of Buang.

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28 Responses to HeadsUp: Buang

  1. Anonymous says:

    So good.I love it.

  2. BONBY DIARY says:

    This lakorn so interesting.I love it so much…

  3. xhippo says:

    this sucks now i dont want to watch it cuz they dont end up together……

  4. honestlyyours says:

    Does anyone know where I can watch the original version of this series?

  5. Chan Chu says:

    I dig the playboy Pope. Haha I think this is my favorite role of him.

  6. -A says:

    hahahha. I love the last paragraph! Why? Well,of course it’s Pope! ahhaha..
    Thank You.

  7. Lena says:

    Awww, I forgot to write: Happy Thai New Year to the LakornGods-team and all fellow lakorn-fans! Kisses!

  8. Lena says:

    Great news: It seems that Wishbonika is going to sub “Buang”! The first clips is already out: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL38F54C2A2F746B91&feature=plcp
    Lots of love!
    P.S.: This lakorn looks stunning but the ghost scenes look very disturbing! Anyway, I love that R-Team is back on the screen! 😀

  9. godninja says:

    i am utterly suck into Buang. Dok Sok was interesting but it didn’t grab me so i’m not gonna follow it. but Buang stirred something in me. not matter how piss off i get or how emo (i ain’t the intimidated by these trillers) it gets, i’m going to go through with it. very impressed thus far.

  10. lis says:

    I’m not gonna watch it. Whoever watch it please let me know how is it. Sorry, not a big fan of horror. I’m really terrify… I wish someone is actually screen cap so I can read because I really want to know too 😦

    • :) says:

      I didn’t want to watch it as well but I couldn’t help watching Rita and Rime 2gether with their cute lil twins. But I have to say that this will be my 1st horror lakorn which I know will scare the SHIT out of me.

  11. cvang010 says:

    ending is ehhhh…. i ll watch it if they change the ending….be nice if they change it up a little….make it unexpected it’s a remake

  12. godninja says:

    trying epi one tonight after exam. was so tempted to watch it before, but i’ll contain myself to go study instead. dok soke was interesting however.

  13. Misslialover says:

    Really excited for this lakorn && I’m so hyped for Pope’s part! Seems to be really cute how opposites attract!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  14. UrWorstNightMare says:

    Too much of Rome and Rita…

    • :) says:

      What do u mean ???????????

      • UrWorstNightMare says:

        It’s gonna hurt, so be prepared…First of all, Rita never amaze me as an actress; and to be honest, she’s not really that attractive to me, despite the publicity she receives as “hot” and “beautiful.” Second of all, Rome is getting a tad bit rusty, his acting I mean; it’s only gotten slightly better since Klin Kaew Klang Jai and I expect more from him. Finally, I don’t see the special chemistry Rita and Rome have that pulls them together. There you go.

    • godninja says:

      i’ve actually never seen a rome-rita lakorn. i’ve managed to seen bits of their hit Klin Kaew Klang Jai…but other than that, i just think that they look good together. when Buang airs, i’ll call my mom and ask what she thinks of it. if she likes it, i might watch it.

  15. monisouphank104 says:

    I watched Sarp Phusa already (subbed by wishy) and the ending is similar to this drama in the end. I’m more interested in Pope & Esther couple but I’m also wanting to see what will happen between Rome and Rita’s characters

  16. Leila says:

    I will tune into this lakorn! I love Broadcast Thai’s horror lakorns…Jun Euy Jun Jao was amazing!

  17. Angela says:

    Ah man, they are not going to end up together at the end. That sux! I like happy ending so not sure if I’ll be watching this one. Thanks for the plot line.

    • godninja says:

      yea, i was thinking about that too. and being the wishful thinker i am, i figured that E’Pang will stop haunting them and then the next lifetime, they meet and have a perfect life together again and again. people, don’t correct or rationalize this with me. don’t ruin my happy thoughts.

      • Angela says:

        yeah I know. It’s not his fault that he did that stuff to her. They should make the ghost relized what she did and try to become a good person/ghost. Oh well!

    • fireworks says:

      angela – yeah me too like happy ending and sort of debating to watch or not and hope that this time, it will show that the ghost knows that she was wrong and repented, not like Roy Mai …

  18. sara says:

    Pope as a sexy playboy??? wah!!! That’s one BIG selling point…haha…gonna watch this because of Pope…=)

  19. :) says:

    I loVe Rome + Rita But a movie that bothe of them not ending up together sucks. It’s not Rome falt that Noon Does dark magic to make him cheat on his wife. That reall y sucks 😦 but I will try to watch it cause I want to C Rome and Rita ^•^

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