FF: Kidnap My Heart 3

Sorapong gave her a deadly stare down. Anita knew she can’t win. “Turn your back.” Sorapong turned his back to her and Anita hopped off the bed and started to undress and dress. Anita was finishing as she pulled over her lavender sweater when Sorapong turned around and tossed a pair of boots at her. “You’re shirt is inside out.” Continue reading

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HeadsUp: Khun Suk

No butter or background on this HeadsUp. I’m serious when I say go get a snack. This is the whole lakorn in a nutshell. I can tell you one thing about Khun Suk: you’re up for a wild ride and a load of angst. An underdog overcoming adversity to raise his status for the one he loves. The absolute classic forbidden love story that transcends social classes. Continue reading

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FF: Kidnap My Heart 2

“Don’t give me ideas. Get up!” He dragged her through her room to the adjoining bathroom. He planted her on the cold tile floor and started undressing to the nude. He walked into the shower stall and laid the knife on the floor next to him and out of her way. He looked at Anita who had her eyes closed. He called to her. “Don’t even think about it.” Continue reading

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FF: Kidnap My Heart Part 1

I’ve been working on a fanfiction but have been hesitant (still am) about publishing it because you will get to know a certain perverted side of me. Because I have a reputation to uphold, I’ve highly down-graded my “imagination” by keeping this fanfiction appropriate for everyone. I don’t like instilling a cast for my fanfiction because it allows you to make your own. For me, I imagine Mark Prin and Yaya Urassaya. Enjoy! Continue reading

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HeadsUp: Waew Mayura

I’m very surprised at the scarcity of info at AF and Spicy discussions given that rom-com Waew Mayura is a Boy Pakorn lakorn, but then I guess this is where I’m most helpful. Siumpoo [I suck at names. It’s Si-um-poo.] is a handsome, mysterious man who has never have his face photo-taken, so when he is wanted dead, he disguises as Jack. Yea, I think I might be interested, tell me more. Continue reading

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News: Charebelle Drops Out Of School

I didn’t do a Dok Soke HeadsUp because those crazy ass awesome Pong fanatics have gotten everything covered. So since I ran into this article about Charebelle Lanlalin that totally got me nodding my head, I figured why not share it. Connect a bit to my life and plus, I know I know, I haven’t written any news or compilation posts for ages. To compare your GPA with daras Continue reading

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HeadsUp: Khun Dech

Oh ho! I smell double trouble. I’m talking about Khun Dech vs Khun Suk ja! Khun Dech is set to air this coming Wednesday. By the time Khun Suk air 2ish weeks later, Khun Dech would have had the chance to get in a solid start and it doesn’t help that it has the Channel 7 pra’ek dream team Vee and Weir. Continue reading

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