FF: Kidnap My Heart 4

“He’s an Oxford-graduate lawyer. Against all odds, he battled his ten year sentence down to two.” Sorapong’s mother looked at Anita filled with admiration.“Oxford?” She looked at Sorapong who was now talking lowly to his Grandpa in soothing voices. “If he got such a top-notch education, why does he hate city people so much?”

Chapter 6: The Fateful Night

“He’s an Oxford-graduate lawyer. Against all odds, he battled his ten year sentence down to two.” Sorapong’s mother looked at Anita filled with admiration.

“Oxford?” She looked at Sorapong who was now talking lowly to his Grandpa in soothing voices. “If he got such a top-notch education, why does he hate city people so much?”

His mom hesitated for a bit. “His father impregnated me at 17 when I went to find work in Bangkok. It didn’t help when he had a tough undergraduate experience in Bangkok being a scholarship student. He endured and went on to Oxford to be a lawyer for the under-represented population. But without money or status, he kept losing to the powerful corporations and corrupted individuals. And he when was put in prison by them and he lost what he had worked for his whole life—his license to practice law.” Anita nodded and started to walk toward Sorapong.      

She kneeled next to him. In her soothing doctor voice, she spoke. “Hi, Grandpa. I want to tell you that you mean the world to Sorapong because he sacrificed everything in order to come see you off. You can rest in peace now.” The weak old man looked at her, and he gave out a smile. Anita walked away, just as the Grandma talked into Sorapongs’ ears. She sat in the outside bench to give the family their privacy and to reflect over the information she have just learned. Shortly after, she heard Sorapong’s mom start to cry loudly, and then Sorapong walked out like a madman toward the forest.

Without thinking, Anita followed him and found him at a clearing with a beautiful waterfall. Sorapong turned to her, his face full of tears. “Why are you following me?”

“I…I—.” She paused and walked closer to him. Slowly, they meet halfway, and she looked right into his watery eyes. Anita stroked his cheeks. “You’re so amazing. Why didn’t you tell me that this was why—.”

Sorapong put his finger to her lips to silence her. “Amazing? Not pervert?” He gave her a genuine smile, and he looked so vulnerable. Anita continued to swipe his tears away, then he grabbed her hands to stop her. “Even if you swipe them, the pain won’t go away.”

Anita hugged him. “Pong…” The way she said his name brought warmth to him.

Not knowing why, he started to kiss her and she didn’t hold back. They melted onto the grass. He was urgent but cautious. In the moments that followed, all was forgotten until they fused into one heartbeat. Sorapong slowly climbed off her and he looked into the distance. “They’re here.” Sorapong got on his feet, fixed his clothes, and gave one last look to Anita. “You’re different.” Then he walked away.

Anita dressed and fixed her clothes and walked back to the house. Hidden in the shadows, she watched Sorapong being cuffed. His mom was crying as she hugged him. Anita froze as Sorapong looked over to her and gave her a look that expressed anger. Did he regret what just happened between them? Then Sorapong climbed into the cop car. The trail of the flashing lights faded into the dark night, and Anita felt suddenly empty.

Chapter 7: Apart

Sorapong nodded at the prison director. “Hello, Khun Chachai.”

The prisoner director was all white-hair old with a warm Grandpa smile that made him so out of place in a prison. “This is our first meeting.”

“I suppose my bust out of prison deserved this special meeting with you.”

“Khun Sorapong, you only had four more months. Was it that important for you to break out?”

Sorapong smiled. “Everything was worth it.”

Chachai nodded. “I reviewed your trail and recently we arrested some felons, and their prints match the ones on the weapon in the attacks you were guilty of. Tell me, why didn’t you give up the names of these attackers?”

“What other ones?” Sorapong laughed. “Don’t waste my time. What’s my punishment?”

“Six more months plus your four left. You got ten.”

“Aren’t you being a bit too lenient, Sir?”

“Don’t be so surprise. You were the model prisoner. Plus you didn’t harm anyone during your escape, and you gave yourself up.”

“No one pressed charges?”

“No. Though there was a…yes, a Anita Ayutthayamon.  She said that she didn’t know you were an escape convict, so she gave you a ride. She gave us a word that you were most respectful to her.”

“Is that so?” Sorapong have been thinking a lot about her and about what happened between. “Can I go? I must have a bunch of letter to respond to.” He walked out and let the prison guard led him back to his cold cell where letters from villagers, farmers, and the poor where waiting for his counsel. Right now, he needed to do something to get his mind off Miss Anita.

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  1. Für einen gesunden Blutdruck reicht die Ernährung à la DASH-Diät allein aber nicht aus.

  2. Diese einzigartige Methode lehrt Sie auf natürliche
    Weise, Muttersprachler zu verstehen, mit richtigem Akzent
    zu sprechen, in Englisch zu denken ohne zu übersetzen.

  3. Hey! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you
    I truly enjoy reading through your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects?
    Many thanks!

  4. cyaj says:

    Amazing! As addicting as a lakorn.

  5. xox says:

    [Off topic] That picture of Thot and Bow brings back so much memories! (:

  6. asuma says:

    thx a bunch i ve been waiting for this for a long time …. keep the good work 🙂 fighting 🙂

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