News: Charebelle Drops Out Of School

I didn’t do a Dok Soke HeadsUp because those crazy ass awesome Pong fanatics have gotten everything covered. So since I ran into this article about Charebelle Lanlalin that totally got me nodding my head, I figured why not share it. Connect a bit to my life and plus, I know I know, I haven’t written any news or compilation posts for ages. To compare your GPA with daras

Ch 5 newbie Charebelle Lanlalin made her first dip into Thai ET with her appearance in Bie the Star‘s Glua Tee Nai Concert and thereafter filmed a MV with Singto the Star and co-starred in her first lakorn in Likit Fah Chata Din alongside Mike Pirath. Now she is onboard for her first leading role as Dok Soke with Pong Nawat. She is pleased with the ratings of LFCD and shares that she does review her pass acting scenes and even scolds at her stiffness wanting to re-act them. She is aware of her bad criticisms and takes them as lessons. Reporters asked about how she is balancing school and work and it leads to Charebelle admitting that she had dropped out of her studies.

Charebelle had talked with her parents, and they weren’t serious with it, just telling her to do her best at work. She plans to return back to school after her 5 year contract with Exact. She wants to take full advantage of the opportunity that she has right now because it’s something she will not always have. Some ask why Charebelle abandoned her schooling and why she can’t do like others who work and go to school at the same time. She says that some try to juggle both and ends up doing a crappy job on both paths. For Charebelle, she cannot do both well and would rather pick one and put her 100% effort into it.

I am so inspired by her words. Charebelle is only 2 weeks younger than I am. We’re both 20 year olds, and I tell you that I would want to drop like a hot potato out of college if I had a great job opportunity like her. I can do with watching lakorns, blogging, and subbing for ya and getting started on my future best-selling book. Only problem is my parents will kill me. Trust me, you don’t want to be like Pancake Khemanit who was a public laughing-stock with her 2.23 GPA. Or maybe you’re the Barry Nadech kind who is doing well maintaining a 3.7 GPA. I did some research and compiled some daras Bachelor’s GPA in no particular order.

  • Pinky Sawika=3.2
  • Lydia Sarunrat=3.9
  • Numwan Zaza=2.7
  • Jib Keetapat=2.87
  • Vee Veerapab=2.83
  • Win Tawin=3.41
  • Beam Kawee=3.60
  • Yui Chiranan=2.4
  • Rotmay Kaneungnij=3.61
  • Peck Palitchoke=2.95
  • Film Rattapoom=2.32
  • Godninja=3.95 <-That’s high school baby, don’t talk about college!

What’s your GPA? What your school philosophy? Ever wanted to impress me? Now’s your chance.

What some other LG compilation posts?

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13 Responses to News: Charebelle Drops Out Of School

  1. Leann Ly says:

    I have a gpa of 4.3! Woooo

  2. Brenda says:

    My problem isn’t my GPA, it’s the fact that I am so indecisive about what I want to spend the rest of my life doing.I’ve already changed colleges twice…which puts me on my mother’s hit list since I’m throwing away thousands of dollars at expensive private schools TT

  3. fun says:

    3.4 average… that’s just high school lol would have been higher 3.8 but PE screwed me over. Yeah I was no athlete and I thought it was just fucken messed up the way he graded us. On mile run, under 9 minutes for a A. But you know I have short legs and not much of an athlete, but seriously couldn’t he just give me an A. But for other class, girls who can make the run under 12 minute =A. I guess that explained why the class started out with 18 girls to 5 girls lol And for the two mile run, you have to make it under 20 minutes. So it goes according to laps for grade. 8 laps=2 mile=A. 7laps=B. and so on… But for all the other class, the standard for girls is different. 7laps=A. and so on… My friend has the same period PE but we had different teacher, she aced the class. Mine was always B!!! But our 2 miles run are the same. We both always do 7 laps!!! And my mile time is faster than her. So UNFAIR!!! Sophomore year, I got even more screwed over. I love math, it’s so simple to me but after this one teacher my sophomore year, I hated math ever since then lol started paying less attention and math grew more difficult because I didn’t care for learning. And it was the year I got very active, during my lunch time, I would give it up and work lol yes we got paid for it. Not much but it was 6.75 for an hour. 50 bucks each month back then for me is like receiving 200 worth of cash now. Plus later that year, I had tutor after school. My combine monthly salary was 145. For someone under 16, making that much monthly was like being a millionaire lol Why? well I did worked my ass off at home. Come home from school, cook, clean, take care of younger siblings and hell did I not get paid for it and then you got homework!!! My parent doesn’t give allowances!!! Didn’t make it to field trips where you had to pay from your own pocket. But I was fortunate enough to have gone to science camp my elementary school year. I sold candy bars to pay for it but I was short 80 dollars. A counselor was kind enough to pay the rest. I don’t recall her name. And on top of that I took zero period PE. Epic failed lol I was just too exhausted to be running a mile and 2 mile run. And then junior year of hs came along… the year where I did lots and lots and lots of bad things haha well not really haha i was no alcohol drinker, or did do any kind of drug, I just skipped a lot to hang with friends lol… my first two year of high school, never missed a day unless I had an excuse for other school activity. when i was sick, i still went to school!!! even if i wasn’t able to walk, my mom would drag me to school. i guess i grew tired of it and rebelled lol. grades started dropping and when I hit my senior year, everything went downhill haha I worked 40 hours per week. Came home late yes I took work experience so i was allowed to work until midnight. And the BIG SENIOR PROJECT was required for graduation!!! You write a paper, spend 30 or more hours on doing something related to the paper and a product of some sort, turn in a portfolio (a whole lot of shit had to be in there, a letter of intent, letter to teacher, letter to judge, a journal of what i spent on doing for my 30 hours of service, a evaluation from myself, a evaluation form signed by your mentor, a copy of your research paper, evidences such as pictures, receipt etc, and a resume), and then lastly a presentation!!! You get 3-4 judges from teachers and other community volunteers (parents, staff, anyone). I myself had been a judge lol Everything was graded even the way we DRESSED!!! Public speaking is a no no for me… i stutter, that’s when people assume I cannot speak any English because i sound fobbish haha, and everything becomes a blur. Presentation must be over 7 minutes and under 12. If you failed the presentation, you get another chance. That is likely a 1 out of 40. We had about 350-450 seniors.

  4. R. Tan says:

    Getting all B’s in college sounds pretty good until you look at your GPA and it’s a 3.0. What’s even worse is when a B- = 2.7. Darn college GPA calculator… miss the high school days when an A – = 4.0 and B – = 3.0

  5. godninja says:

    thanks all ya for sharing. such interesting lives. i truly love learning about people especially online because granted, i don’t you nor do you know me and that’s the fun of it. to the little ones out there, we ain’t condoning that school is bad. the best education comes from lakorn, trust me on this one.

  6. Chaos says:

    High school was not nice to me. I was not please with my senior year’s GPA. But in college now and I have a higher GPA than when I ended high school but still it’s low. 😦 I’ve learn that GPA doesn’t really matter it’s trying your best. I have a learning disability but it’s come a long way. I am proud to say I am about to graduate with a 3.6! (Might even be higher if I graduate with all A’s in my online classes!

  7. simplysweet says:

    It’s always a tough decision when it comes to education and making money. But if i had opportunity’s like Charabelle i may have done the same too.

    Wow! Lydia at 3.9 out of the stars listed and you at 3.9! That is really good! Even if it was only high school.

    During my high school years i was horrible because those were the days where I just wanted to have fun so my gpa averaged at 2.8. =(

    Lesson learned and now…full time employee and college student averaging at 3.3 gpa. It is VERY TOUGH! but it is what it is. Im praying i keep myself above 3.0 until i graduate.

  8. Leila says:

    Whoa…Lydia scored that high in college? I must say that I’m impressed. I have to admit though that I don’t admire Charebelle for this decision of hers…honestly I don’t think that her acting career will be explosive or that it’ll last. It appears to be a poor decision on her part, because she hasn’t had enough experience in ET to show a steady pattern that this will work.

    • xox says:

      You said exactly what I was gonna say. I’m kinda surprise she got this nang ek role especially with a leading pra ek like Pong.

  9. -A says:

    Damn,Lydia’s GPA was the highest on the list excluded yours. haha.
    o m g, i didn’t do so well senior year. Why? well, because i
    got lazy. I did super well and good 9-11th then when senior
    year hits, I went down. My GPA drop; My rate drop. On the
    bright side, I still make the top 10. I regret for being lazy senior
    year, I regret it a lot! 😦

    Anyway,I didn’t know she was Mike’s Nang’ek in LFCD. wow,
    she’s only 20 too.

  10. cyaj says:

    I agree and am I was @ a 3.8 average my senior year. Sadly, college havnt been a friend of mine.

  11. lyla says:

    Wow Charebelle has everything planned for her future, yeah I’m envied her also! But considering she’s currently maintaining her position in lakorn, I agree that she has to postpone her education. And all those GPA! Lydia put me in awe as her GPA was so high. Such a talented lady!

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