FF: Kidnap My Heart 7 End

All Good Things Come To An End…

Up to part three was my current progress. Like LG, I can only give you half a blossom. I do have a full storyline envisioned so here is how I imagined it:

After this, they really get learning about each other. Sorapong learns that she is indeed different. Her cooking skill is improving, she is helping the villagers, her garden is flourishing, and she is beautiful. Anita learns that he is very kind and quite romantic. As they are secure with each other at the brink of confessing their love at the end of the monsoon season, Sorapong goes off the city to farming seminar where he is about to sucessfully presents his new farm and finds costumers. And he meets the prison Director and learns that Khun Chachai has been trying to contact Sorapong because he has been found innocent of this past charges when some newly processed fingerprints matched the weapon. And Khun Chachai adds that he had gone ahead to ask the lawyer board to review Sorapong’s case to grant him his law license again. Sorapong is grateful and thanks Khun Chachai and the old man smiles that Sorapong reminds him of his son Towate who is currently a Chief Justice. Sorapong is surprised and felt humble because Towate is his idol.

Sorapong is happy and he goes ring hunting, ready to share the good news with Anita and to ask her to marry him. Anita on the other hand is dressing up and fixing the best dinner waiting for Sorapong to surprise him that she was pregnant again. But Sorapong’s return is beat by a mysterious visitor. Anita finds her father before her. Judge Chamongkul demands her daughter back for dare besotting with Sorapong the thug that he himself has put to jail. Anita is shocked at the revelation and is drugged and taken back. Sorapong returned to his house burning and he saves his son. He is heartbroken at the disappearance of his love. He goes searching for her and discovers her true identity. He goes to the Judge’s house and he breaks and fights in trying to get to Anita but the Judge has him arrested. Sitting in jail, Sorapong is bailed by his idol Chief Justice Towate. Khun Towate tells Sorapong to give up because he and Anita was never married and shares the story of his first love who he had given up and he sends Sorapong home. Then when Khun Towate sees Sorapong’s mom, the truth is uncovered that the Chief Justice is his father. This father was forced away from his mother, not like how she thought all along that he left her. With the help of his new dad, Sorapong blackmails the judge and he is able to get Anita back. All of the good news are share and everything is settled.

The waves were playing music and the sun was melting sherbet behind them. “Will you be ashamed to marry?” He looked at her. Sorapong brought out the ring case and opened it up and he took out the ring.

Anita started to cry. Sorapong asked softly. “I don’t quite understand what that means.”

Anita started wiping her tears in a hurry. “Pregnant woman are emotional. You shouldn’t propose and give her a ring all in one go, she might die of happiness.” Anita jumped and hugged him.

Sorapong slipped the ring onto her finger and held her hands between them on his heart. “I thought after everything we can honeymoon first, then have our wedding.”

“What type of reverse sequence is that?”

He laughed. “You’re right. You got pregnant first, now we are honeymooning and then we’ll get married…but the order doesn’t matter. I love you na, since I kidnapped you.” His eyes twinkled at her. “Do you love me?”

“When you kidnapped me, you kidnapped my heart too.” They kissed.

After the honeymoon, Sorapong brings Anita back home and surprises her with their flourishing garden and their new house. They had a grand wedding with all the villagers in attendance. Even Anita’s father came, and as first sight of his Grandson Jessadapong, the Judge became the best spoiling Grandpa. Months later, Anita gave birth to another son which they named Pongrikit. Sorapong continued to be a lawyer of the under-presented, and Anita became a doctor to treat the underprivileged. In all of their free time, they continued to makes babies.


Truly sorry that it has to end like this

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I like being a mystery, but my writing reflects me.
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8 Responses to FF: Kidnap My Heart 7 End

  1. Anonymous says:

    In all of their free time, they continued to makes babies.

    my favorite line hehe

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who is the n’ek

  3. Anonymous says:

    I loved your story soooo much that i read it twice and dreamt that you put up a new one >< if this was a lakorn, i would definitely watch it. Good luck wih everything!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    this is so good! it can totally be passed as a lakorn with good ratings! i say I’m going to support you on chasing you dream..I’m sure you can reach it very soon.. Good luck!

  5. Ruk1 says:

    Loved it ….. So when is it going to air :D?!?
    Wish u the best of luck :D!!!!

  6. Angela says:

    Wow you can totally make this into a lakorn! Love happy ending!!! Thanks for sharing this novel/story! Good luck in everything!!!

  7. yeezong says:

    lol, continue to make babies on their free time. ahah, i just gotta smile there. ;D

  8. cyaj says:

    A strong ending. I love your writing. Very descriptive. Dont be sorry. You done the best one can ever ask for.

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