HeadsUp: Waew Mayura

I’m very surprised at the scarcity of info at AF and Spicy discussions given that rom-com Waew Mayura is a Boy Pakorn lakorn, but then I guess this is where I’m most helpful. Siumpoo [I suck at names. It’s Si-um-poo.] is a handsome, mysterious man who has never have his face photo-taken, so when he is wanted dead, he disguises as Jack. Yea, I think I might be interested, tell me more.

Waew Mayura is yet another remake as Buang, Dok Soke, and Khun Dech all are and is yet another reunion of Boy Pakorn And Marie Broennner from 3 Num Neua Thong. Siumpoo (Boy Pakorn) returns to Thailand after 15 years when his father died. In his father’s will, everything is given to Siumpon and that includes the chair of Thotsaporn Group. Yitipoom (Oh Anuchit) has a grudge against the Company because his father’s work as an executive had ruin the family and made his father indifferent of his mother’s death. So he seeks to seize control of Thotsaporn Group. If Saumpon dies, then everything will fall into his fathers’ hands, so Yitipoom plots to kill Saumpon.

Siumpoo survives the car bomb and is aware that he is wanted dead. Along with this right hand man, Siumpoo goes into hiding to play on that he is dead. In his safe house “Secret Garden”, he takes up the identity as Jaak and meets his bickering neighbor Weaw (Marie Broenner). She is a hard worker trying to support her sick mother and her sister’s eduction and lavish spending. She does modeling and presentation job but is now jobless because of rejecting her boss advances. Siumpoo starts to see that behind Waew is a vulnerable grin, and as they get closer as they build a garden, he must juggle between his identities and his feelings.

Chonticha (Nooch Nuchanun) and Ruenjai are Waew’s two best friends and Akarin (Two Popetorn) is their guyfriend. Not sure if he likes Waew, but the friend like him. Akarin’s nang’rai sister Layla (Noey Chotika) doesn’t like Waew. Wawaa Nichari is supposed to be one of the friends, but I can’t figure out these newbies.

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7 Responses to HeadsUp: Waew Mayura

  1. Anonymous says:

    The original version is awesome! I hope this version is as good as the first one. The story line sounds a little bit ruin but I’ll give it a chance!

  2. khaing says:

    thx for the synopsis.

  3. chere says:

    I I didn’t knoow this was a remake…I like Boy P. though, guess I’ll give it a shot…storyline sounds so typical.

  4. Misslialover says:

    Thanks so much! I’ve been trying my whole life trying to find the plot. Anyways can’t wait for it!!

  5. -A says:

    Thank You for the storyline. Finally, i know little about this lakorn.
    Great! I can’t wait to watch episode 1!

  6. cyaj says:

    Interesting. It is good to see both Boy and Marie pair up again. I can’t wait to see Two act. Love him. ㅋㅋ

  7. R. Tan says:

    i would watch it for Boy but I’m not a fan of Marie. If it was Margie, I would have been all over this lakorn. Thanks for the updates despite your crazy college schedule.

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