HeadsUp: Khun Dech

Oh ho! I smell double trouble. I’m talking about Khun Dech vs Khun Suk ja! Khun Dech is set to air this coming Wednesday. By the time Khun Suk air 2ish weeks later, Khun Dech would have had the chance to get in a solid start and it doesn’t help that it has the Channel 7 pra’ek dream team Vee and Weir.

Khun Dech is what I call the lakorn version of the famous Thai movie Ong Bak. Vee Veerapab will lead with his couple Green Adsadaporn and there’s Weir Sukollawat and Jakajaan Akhumsiri too. I couldn’t keep listening [I listened to the long summary article on Google Translator] on to see how Green comes into the plotline. She plays Buatong, a villager of Sukhothai that knew Khun Dech as a child. From her interview, she will be the one to change Khun Dech and make him learn about love. Sun Pitchayadon is playing the bad guy Samgrit who is the one behind the stealing of the buddhist idols. Now to what I’ve decipdered.

Khun Dech (Vee Veerapab)‘s father is the guardian of a cave that houses Buddhist idols and a special stone to appease the powerful spirit that lives there. His father wants Khun Dech to live a normal safe life so he sends his on out, but Khun Dech returns and witnesses him father death when the cave is raided by thieves. The spirit unloads himself into Khun Dech and from shock, he backs out. A monk has a vision about the incident and finds Khun Dech. Khun Dech completely blocks out the event and the monk brings him to Bangkok.

Ten years later, Khun Dech is a top archeology student. This diligence makes him close to a swordsmaster Uncle who teaches him the way of the sword. The Uncle has a daughter Dara (Jakajaan Akhumsiri) who is an Archeologist who likes Khun Dech. On a trip to Ayutthaya, Dara learns that Khun Dech is only being dutiful to come. She is angry and takes off to head back to Bangkok. Dara meets the hot-shot Police Lieutenant Yongyut (Weir Sukollawat). Here the three meets and they learn the Yongyut is headed to Bangkok to visit the monk that adopted Khun Dech.

It is learned that Khun Dech is the long-lost boy who the village Sukhothai had though disappeared. Yongyut wants Khun Dech’s father’s sword returned to the village, but the monk is hesitant because it may bring back the memories and the spirit in Khun Dech. The Uncle is accused of being a rebel and Khun Dech and Dara fled to stay with Yongyut. The monk dies and Khun Dech uncovers the sword and gets his memories back. He remembers that his father vowed to protect the Buddhist idols and he promises to help. So Khun Dech pursues on his journey back home to beat the bad guys with the sword to fight for the country. OMG! I forgot to mention the MOST IMPORTANT point, Khun Dech dies at the end. Thought you’ll like to factor that fact in before you commit to watching.

Weir has been reported to have quit cigarette and alcohol for 3 months to shape up for Khun Dech. I thought he quite smoking a long while ago for Pancake? I don’t feel it awkward for Weir to play second to Vee. Rather this than the other way around because Vee is the senior here. I have no cast complaints. I just hope that they don’t feed too much on this cross-couple love crush of Dara on Khun Dech, or it will get too awkward. I came across a video of Jakajaan saying that she haven’t gotten a wedding invitation from Chakrit Yamnam and Woosen Virithipa. I’m very shocked by this because the couple have been going around handing out invites to Seesan Bunterng, Bird Thongchai, and just inviting the public to attend their April 21st [that’s this coming Saturday!] wedding. Don’t get me strarted on weddings because Aff Taksaorn and Songkran Techanarong‘s engagemnt is the day after and there also…Oh, sometimes I can just get so out of topic. Chakrit and Jakajaan used to date. Duh, that’s the connection! And also Vee’s ex-girlfriend Nok is in here too, so…oh yeah right! You really don’t care. I love you. Okay that’s random. But really, I do love you.

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6 Responses to HeadsUp: Khun Dech

  1. Boo says:

    LOL. really Khun Dech dies? personally, I don’t mind. I like Weir more. 🙂 I’ve got to say though this lakorn makes Archaeology so interesting, and it is, but not this type of interesting….lol..plz. we, archeologists, are all nerds.lolo

  2. Anonymous says:

    The movie is great. I love the plot but hate Dara’s face. Why is her face like thru the whole movie. She’s cute but she needs to do something with her frown like she’s mad or something smells.

  3. chere says:

    where can i watch this in hd???

  4. monisouphank104 says:

    How does AF Green fit into this?

  5. -A says:

    oh damn, Khun Dech VS Khun SuK. I didn’t know this lakorn is going to air already.
    so many events happening this weekend. i’m going to be out of town too.

  6. godninja says:

    i was in an artsy mood.

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