FF: Kidnap My Heart 6

An uneventful week passed. Sorapong hanged up a net on the outside porch and slept here. He woke up early. Cooked, ate, covered the food for Anita, and left for work. What did Anita do while he was gone? They didn’t talk, so he didn’t know. He returned late, washed up, and slept. They barely saw each other, and weirdly he missed seeing her rowdiness and her loud voice.

An uneventful week passed. Sorapong hanged up a net on the outside porch and slept here. He woke up early. Cooked, ate, covered the food for Anita, and left for work. What did Anita do while he was gone? They didn’t talk, so he didn’t know. He returned late, washed up, and slept. They barely saw each other, and weirdly he missed seeing her rowdiness and her loud voice.

Sorapong was busy thinking about weirdly missing Anita and did pay attention to his work. It was hot, and he was bare-footed and topless. They were building a house shelter for their new tractor and he stepped back into the pile of nail he himself laid our near his feet for easy grabbing. He swore loudly.

Uncle Gao patted his back, pushing him to get out of the construction. “I’m surprise you didn’t bang the hammer into your own hand. You’ve physically here, but your mind is elsewhere. Go home. I heard you asking for a spare net. You haven’t made up with you wife yet have you, huh?”

Uncle Tong joined. “She won’t let you sleep with her again until you apologize. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong. You do it, or you’re going to sleep alone. Go back home. You’re a work hazard. Don’t come back until you’re feet is good. You got stab bad. That’s good, so your wife will pity you.”

Another worker nodded. “That’s right Foreman. Why can’t you be like other boss? Take a day off or two. I’m sending you home.”

Sorapong climbed off his ride and trotted to sit on the porch. It was late afternoon. He looked around. Where were Anita and his son? Then he heard his son laughing. He got on his feet and followed his son’s laughter.

He walked a bit down the dirt road behind the house leading into the trees.  He rounded a giant three and he saw Anita covered in sweat on her knees using a hoe at the soil. He stood hidden in the giant tree and spied on Anita. What is she doing? Planting a flower garden?

“Je, what’s so funny?” Little Pong made more cute laughs. “Does mommy look that funny?” Anita swiped the sweat off her neck and walked to pick up Jessadapong in his car seat in the shade. She sat down before him. Anita rubbed a streak of dirt from her cheek and smeared in on the baby’s forehead. Little Pong giggled. Anita smiled. “You bad little baby. The more you grow, the more you’re mean like your father.”

So she thought he was mean. Sorapong frowned and his injured feet started hurting that minute. He winced at the pain and made some leaves rustled.

Anita looked up and she stopped smiling. She stood up. “Why are you here?”

“What are you doing?”

Anita carried Little Pong passed him and headed for the house. He followed her. Anita set the car seat on the porch and lifted her son out.

“Are you giving me the silent treatment?”

Anita turned to stare at him. “Whenever we talk, we end up arguing. So let’s just not talk.”

“Are you mad at me?”

Anita turned her back to him and started undressing Jessadapong. “Did you forget something? Just go get and go. It’s 100 degrees. I’m going to go bathe Jessadapong.” Sorapong watched her take his naked son with a tub and walk away. He lifted up his feet, where two noticeable holes were not longer bleeding, but they started to throb.

Chapter 18: Bickering

Ten minutes later, Anita returned with little Pong. She had washed herself a bit and planned to put the sleepy her son to sleep then go bathe herself, but found Sorapong still home, sitting on the porch.

Anita tucked Jessadapong to sleep and she walked back out. She looked around. “Where’s your car? Did you not drive it back? Are you waiting for a ride?” Sorapong looked up at her and he looked sickly. Anita quickly walked to him, full of concern. “Is something wrong?”

“It’s hurts.” He moved his feet. She finally notice his bloody feet.

Anita fell on her knees before him and she took his feet. “What did your giant feet happen to step on?”


“Were they rusty?”

“No, they’re new.” She walked into the house and returned her medicine bag. She took out the antibacterial wipes and smiled knowing how she’ll serve her revenge.

“OWWWWW!” Sorapong roared. “Why did you tell me it was going to sting?”

“Be a man now.” She continued wiping his feet. Anita looked up to see his face contorted on pain. She found some satisfaction. She smiled wider.

“You’re smiling.”

“Am I?”

“You’re still smiling!”

Anita wiped everything clean, but there was still blood keep coming. “You need stitches.”

“What?” She brought out her needle set and the special thread. She sterilized her hands and threaded the needle.

“You’re serious? No. NO!”

Anita grabbed his feet still, and she rubbed something else on him. “This will numb the surround nerves.”

Sorapong shook his leg. “I’ll rather bleed to death then have a not-even doctor stitch my feet.”

“Then you know better than to move your feet, because I’m not liable for killing you.” Anita went for her first stitch.

“OWW!” Sorapong clenched his teeth. “Why didn’t you warn me you were starting? You—OWWWWW! Why have you got such heavy hands?”

It was soon over. Sorapong gave her a mad look. “Wait until my foot heals. I’m going to get revenge.” Anita walked back with a glass of water. “Here.” She hands him a pill. “Take a pain-killer. It’s going to throb badly.”He took the pill and drowned the water.


Sorapong flipped through his clothes. He realized he’s out of clean clothes to wear, so he wrapped a cloth around him. He walked back out of the house toward his porch bed passing Anita coming in with his son.

“Tell me you got something under that?”

“I don’t have anything to wear. You didn’t wash any of my clothes.”

“I’m not washing your stinky mess of clothes.”

“Then am I suppose to wash them and hang them to dry at night? You’re the one at home doing nothing in the day.”

“I’m not your slave.” She gave him an ugly stare.

Chapter 19: Intimacy

For the first time in a long time, they sat across each other sharing a meal. Sorapong poke at the soup. “What is this?”

“Rice soup.”

“This? More like dogfood!”

“If you don’t want to eat it, I don’t care. Walk on your own cripple feet and go. Go make your own breakfast.”

Sorapong raised up his spoon to her face in a threat. “Hey you!”

“Why? You’re going to hit me?”

He lowered his spoon and grudging took a bite of the soup. He made a disgusting face in anticipation, but he found it…kind of good. The surprise made him choke.

Anita raised a brow at him. “Delicious huh?”

“It tastes like dog food!” He dropped the bowl and stood up and trotted away.


He sat on the porch playing with little Pong. After a while, he saw Anita missing, and like a kid, he sneaked into the kitchen and dished a bowl of her soup. He ate and looked at his son looking at him in the car seat. “Sshh. Don’t tell mommy. If she asks, you ate it okay?”

In the afternoon, little Pong napped and Sorapong hopped around searching for Anita. “You’re doing it all wrong.” Anita looked up to see Sorapong hopping to squat in front her on the plot of sand she tilled. Sorapong grabbed her hands and opened her palm to get a few seeds from her. “These are peas, they are planted shallow?” He poked a hole an inch down and placed the seed in and cover it up with sand. “That’s how a professional do it.”

“I can manage.”

“I happen to know personally that anything you do with your hands is a disaster.”

“Like the rice soup that you have stolen to eat.” Sorapong looked away. Anita glared at him. “I can smell it in your breath. What were you doing eating my dog food?”

“Okay. I admit I ate some, but because I was starving.” He quickly changed the subject. “Is this what you’ve been doing all week?”

Anita smiled more to herself. “I’m so proud. I’m having my own vegetable garden!”

“I could’ve have done this in one day.”

Anita glared at him. “Don’t you have anything else to do than pick a fight?”

“Actually, I came to get you to wash my clothes.”

Anita stood up. “Your feet is injured not your hands.”

“But if I go wash them at the river, how is my foot not to get wet?” Anita started to walk away. She looked at him still only having the cloth draped around his waist for cover. “If you don’t wash then I suppose I’ll just walk around in my birthday suit.”Anita turned back to him, and Sorapong knew he won.

Anita ended up in the river with a tub. She used her feet to squash his clothes with all of her anger. Sorapong was sitting and eating a mango humming a tune and looking at her work up a sweat. Anita climbed out of the tub. She squat and dished out a shirt. She grudging wash it and then she grabbed the next article and came up with his brief. Sorapong called from the side. “Make sure those are clean.” Anita threw it at him.

“Hey!” Sorapong lifted his brief from the ground. He threw it back at her. Anita screamed as it landed on her chest. “You really want to see me naked? Better wash it!” Anita screamed louder but she quickly took the brief and washed it. Sorapong smiled. There’s something intimate about a woman washing your underwear.

Chapter 20: Possessive

That night, Sorapong was looking at some inventory paperwork when he heard leaves rustling with whispering male voices. He looked out the window to see young teenagers sneaking behind some bushes. He wondered to himself what they were doing, then his eyes widen. He ran to the river.

“What are you doing?”

Anita turned to him, and then continued to wash her baby. “Bathing your son.”

“I mean doing in that.”

Anita looked down at herself. “My swim suit?”

Sorapong let out a puff of breath in disbelief. “Have you been bathing like that this whole time?”

“Do you think I swim in nude like you? Good that you here, so you take Je. It’s my turn to bathe.” Sorapong walked up to receive his son.

He increased his voice volume. “Aren’t you afraid Miss Anita that there’ll be on lookers.” And he saw the teenagers running off like crazy

Anita didn’t seem to notice and gave him an ugly look. “You probably.”


“You’re staring right now.”

Sorapong brought his glaze on her V neck line to her face. “Not like you go anything I haven’t seen.” Anita screamed and he trotted off carrying his son.


The next night, Sorapong kept scratching his head at dinner.

“You’re stinky and disgusting. If you don’t wash yourself tonight, I’m not letting you come near Je.”

Later, Sorapong was at the water jug, scoping water on his head with a bowl, hopping in one leg. “Are you trying to purposefully get your foot wet?” Anita came and grabbed the water bowl from him. “Get on your hands and knees.”

Sorapong raised his brows at her. “Don’t go ordering any man to do that?” He chuckled as she caught on his this sexual reference.


“Okay, bad joke.” He got on his hand and knees and angles his butt in the air. Anita squatted on front of his head, and slowly she washing his hair. Sorapong liked how her hands massaged his shampooed hair. He lifted his head to her. “This is kind of romantic. What do you say later we—.”

Anita poured water over his head. Sorapong didn’t close his eyes in time. “Hey! My eyes sting!”

“What a real pervert!” Anita stalked off with the water bowl and Sorapong , in one move, dipped his head in the water jug to relieve his stinging eyes. He rubbed his eyes. What’s up with this woman calling him a pervert all the time?

Chapter 21: Falling

A few days later.

“Ow ow ow.” Anita pulled the last bit of thread out.

“That’s it. What a baby.”

Sorapong grabbed her hand. “Who’s the baby?”

Anita turned to look at him. “You wail at every little thing. Can’t you be a grown man?”

He pulled in her in, colliding into him. He hugged her to sit on his lap. “I am very a grown man. Maybe you forgot–.”

“Khun Sorapong!”

Anita quickly lifted herself off Sorapong. He looked over to see a villager running in. “There’s a situation at the village. Khun Tong’s wife is going into labor, and the Grandma midwife is sick. We can’t get the satellite radio to work to call for a helicopter! It’s the wind!”

Sorapong looked at the evening sky and he observes the monsoon like clouds and the howling wind. “I’ll go help!” He ran to the worker.

Anita ran over and grabbed Sorapong. “Wait, I’m going too. Let me get Je.”

Anita came out with her baby bundle and her medicine bag. “Let’s go.”


As they neared the house, a storm started to tear the sky. Anita quickly covered her son and ran inside the house. Sorapong and the villager road on to the radio house. The whole village was there. The men outside trying to help and the women inside consoling the mother in pain.

Anita gave her son to Auntie Jung and went right up to the mother in labor. She grabbed her stethoscope out and she quickly finished the 3 vital checkup. “Auntie, you need to breathe, you’re blood pressure is too high.” Anita looked to the sitting crowd of woman. “We can’t wait for that helicopter any longer.” She took a deep breath and turn to the mother. “I’m a doctor. Don’t worry.” Anita was not sure if she was assuring the mother or herself.

Sorapong and the worker couldn’t get the radio to work and they returned to the house. Sorapong ran up the stairs and he heard the sound of a baby crying. And inside, women screamed in relief. “A girl!” Happy cheers follow, then the door opened and a sweaty but smiling Anita walked out with a small crying still bloody baby and handed the baby to her father.

Uncle Tong grabbed his daughter and cried. “Thank you. Thank you.”

Anita smiled like she going to cry. Sorapong came up to her. “What happened?”

Anita looked at him and hugged him tightly. “I delivered a baby.”

Sorapong found himself stroking her back. “Why are crying?”

“I’ve never felt more happy.” The newborn baby was washed, feed, and asleep. And everyone talked afterward in celebration. People kept thanking Anita.

“I would have never guessed you were a doctor.”

Anita shook her head. “I’m a Doctor, but not a doctor like you think.”

“You knew exactly what you were doing?”

“I wanted to be a family doctor, I studied all fields.” Then she frowned. “But my father said it was the lowest paying doctor, so he made me change my study.” Anita smiled and pointed to her temple. “But I remembered everything.”

“You must be a genius then being so young. Can you check my blood pressure? Last time I was at the city clinic, they said I had…had very big blood pressure.”

“They call it high blood pressure.” Anita grabbed the device. “Let me see.” Sorapong cuddle his now awake son eavesdropping on Anita. He sort of like her smile.

Chapter: The Raining Night

They were dropped off at home, and the family walked into the small house. It was storming, and the discussion remained undiscussed, but he was not sleeping out in the we porch.

Sorapong handed Anita his sleeping son. “I’m going to change first. You put him to bed.” He dried himself and undressed and got in dry clothes. Then he handed Anita towel to her. “Your turn.” Anita looked at him hesitantly.  “I won’t look.” Anita suddenly grabbed the towel.

“If you look, I’m going to kill you.” Sorapong turned his back to her, the he quickly stole a look at her just starting to dry her hair. “You’re peeking.” She walked over and swung the towel at him. Sorapong caught the other end and he pulled it. Anita came crashing into him. They lost their balance and she fell on top of him. Time slowed and they stared into each other.

Sorapong lifted his hand and stroked her damp hair behind her ears. “You’re more than what meet the eyes. You’re…” He slowly shifted her under him and he stared at her face. “You’re different.” Anita remembered the last time he said those words and it was after their mistake on that waterfall clearing. Sorapong kissed her nose and then he looked at her. He saw the twinkle in her eyes, and he took it as permission to continue. In whatever forces they were moved to make love again, it dissolve their guarded hearts for the night.

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