Dear Asianfuse and Spicy

Please set aside all my past jokes and smack-talks. I want to address an issue that I think is very prevalent and most difficult to confront. If you frequent Asianfuse or Spicy or both the forums, then I’m asking you to do endure reading this post. See it as the last retribution service you can do for me.

If there was a Google and a Yahoo in the English-Thai Tpop online community then it’s Asianfuse and Spicy. I discovered AF (then Sarnworld) in 2004, and my first member no. will blow your mind. Back then, it was the pioneer forum, and with my Thai still medicore, I relied heavy on it. But afterward, it wasn’t as exciting anymore, and altogether, I lost interest in Tpop from 2006 to mid 2011. I still visited AF occasionally. And it was not until late 2010 when I first registered at Spicy, but I couldn’t have visited more than five times. When I returned to launch LakornGods and created new my affiliated membership at AF and Spicy, I was blown away at the bloom of the fan base and growth and…very put off by the unchivalry.

Because I was bred an AFer, I can sketch the member hierarchy very well. I was and still am not an active member, but I knew who to not piss off and who to strike a joke with. I dig the language and the fan terminology. And it’s not uncommon to come across the mean attacks at Spicy. I would read the members’ comments on their horrible discriminative experiences as Spicy and would nod to myself, thinking yeah, those Spicies are so mean. Then a member would counter with a comment about being a member at Spicy too and they think it’s fine and the moderators are actually quite nice. And I would think tut, stop defending, you’re obviously wrong. I don’t know why every time over the last five years when I came across discussions like this at AF, I didn’t stop to think that I was prejudice.

When I started LG, I discovered that Spicy’s news forum was very good. There, I first got to know some of the prominent members. Then as I compiled HeadsUp posts, I learned that sometimes Spicy fared more info on Channel 7 and less popular lakorns. I started to see that a lot of the AFers have cross-membership there. And I saw that Spicies are funny, bitchy, and crazy about Tpop just like AFers are too. Then when I first found an AF versus Spicy rift camflouged in a Spicy discussion…I started to read this side of the story.

There was a lot of uncalled for comments exchanged. In my ruling, the AFers crossed the line in this instance. Because there was too much bad blood, Spicies executed some harsh punishhments. I didn’t stop there to blame one side. I tracked down the same topic thread at AF to I listened to their side too. Treaded through a hundred pages and found the follow up discussion to the incident. I understood both sides, their bad and their good. But what upset me was that each side thought they were absolutely correct.

Whether you like Ann or Kob. Whether you write Patchata’s name as Lome or Rome. Whether you think Yadech is overrrated or not. For me, I grew up watching Kob, and I will pick her over Ann any day. I can’t different between the L and R sound in Thai, but I’m used to Rome. And I’m actually indifferent about Yadech, so yes, I do think that they are overrated. We both are passionate enough to fight for the daras, singers, shows, lakorns, kookwans, directors, production companies, and channels we like. Fan smack is part of the package in fandom. But sometimes, we got extreme and we did go overboard.

I am glad to see that AF had open up to have other Asian head forums and that Spicy has become more inclusive. I was happy to see that the AF viedo site allowed members from both forums to log in, but I wish see more collabs. I would see less discriminative comments on both sides. This isn’t the United Nations. There are only a few super powers. If you can’t be more civil, then I’m embarrassed to be a part of this online community. PM a moderator or administrator and tell then you think that the Asianfuse-Spicy feud. Or simply next time you see these discussions, be the Gandhi. Of the 6.8 billion people in the world, we somehow came to love Tpop and that is a beautiful phenomenon.



Pictures are of my top 6 favorite actors that I grew up with in order. It is sad that some are getting married…while for others, I’m convinced they’re gay.

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25 Responses to Dear Asianfuse and Spicy

  1. lolz says:

    Lol if u love thai actors and want to know if they r gay or straight, kind or evil, and is plastic or not get the information from Spicy Forum. They just have this thing about gay actors And plastic actress. Being gay or not, Spicy Forum should not be fussing over them such as dissing Because those people r not Oil And Aump.

  2. lolz says:

    I find Spicy Forum to be a very immature place, they know so much and is so accurate about who people should adore and should not. It’s funny how mai and her mom just take a look at someone and know if they are gay or straight. She is so perfect that every person she likes are perfect as her. What a lovely girl. Her fellow friends are in fact funny, they can’t seem to make decisions on who they liked. Very hilarious how they have to denied liking one of their actors or actress inorder to go with the floats. If not Mai would cried like a mad dog…maybe to the point of blocking some members. Haha they are what you called some low life motha shit. We have to love how true of a person Oil is, he is one perfect handsome guy and how wonderful Aump is. Can’t help to state da fact that Mai is a person in denial motha paker.
    Go on with Asianfuse they are starting to pick up da shit too. Gotta said I use to love Anne too but their overall reaction is making me disliking her with all these hot actors they r bragging about. I’m not trying to be mean but Phatman or what ever her name is with this Malaho girl is freaking annoying as hell. Motha shit peoples when they think they know so much…geese these this person people.

  3. Faely says:

    I’m an old lakorn fan lol I found Sarnworld when there were just a few members lol and lakorn news was hard to get haha so I’m very proud of Sarnworld at where it is today. Back then everyone was nice and got along fine at least to me. I landed on spicy not to long after that and got along fine with the girls there ofc this is back than when everyone was still nice LOL. I left the lakorn world for a very long time came back and whoa drama with the forums lol. Not apart of the drama but this is sad both forums are great in their own ways. Back than at Sarn everyone talked to everyone. Spicy has always been clicky you’ll have to be there often etc for them to start liking / taking to you but the admin there is very nice indeed. I’m referring to Sunny, get to know her she’s an awesome person. I’m not going to mention the other nice admins/mods who are no longer there but I do miss them. See I’m old haha. I have to agree, with what someone said Mai is resourceful to a point but she’s def. mean with her comments. I didn’t remember her being like this but I guess I just never knew or maybe she changed? LoL. She talks smack about actors she don’t like but seems to be blinded when it comes to her own favorites lol. I don’t care she does that but I wished she’ll be nicer with her comments lol you def can’t disagree with her it will get ugly haha so I just ignore her. I see other members just agreeing/play her game sad. Ppl should be able to express how they feel without being bashed at…even if you disagree be civil right? None the less I still enjoy spicy and love Sunny….She is the founder she’s very nice. Both are good sites but it’s def more welcoming at Sarn, and to me it will always be Sarn lol.

  4. katty says:

    there is time i just love to make comment to make the admin at spicy apesh*t and goes all around moking me while i just ‘watch’ them with my bucket of popcorn.its fun see their drama while i LMFAO at them.such a bunch of girls who think they………………………………oops LOL

  5. Anonymous says:

    spicy forum has loser admins as mai who knows all and others while asianfuse has some annoying peeps as that phatman girl who knows so much about acting

  6. ray says:

    Those girls at Spicy are a bunch of losers. They bully and humiliate their members like no tomorrow but yet when they’re treated the same way, they act like crybabies. Mai is bitchiest one of all. She always acts like her opinions are true facts and also acts like she’s this highly informed plastic surgeon. Everyone to her has had surgery but she can’t even accept that her girl Aum Patchrapa is truly plastic from head to toe, both mind and body. Straight up bitch. Shampoo is probably the most annoying one. She’s so bipolar and never has her own opinions, she just agrees with whatever her homegirls say. She’s also a fob too and half of the time, I don’t understand half of the shit that she says. Sunny and Lalita are the nicer ones and are much more reasonable. I don’t know what happened to that Natty girl but I’m glad she’s gone because she was pretty darn irritating too. Not just the admins but the members of Spicy in general are aggravating. Jackielee and Kimix are both rude and annoying as heck. I block their comments because it’s a waste of time to even read their comments. Noydarny08 makes me want to punch her in the face whenever she opens her mouth. She likes to talk nonsense in order to get more posts and acts like she knows everything. Teptida is just weird. She’s always trying to talk in Cambodia or references something in Cambodian when no one even understands her. I don’t think I need to say much about Alice. Those bithces probably haven’t blocked her because they like humiliating her when the time comes. Maiko is annoying. She writes paragraphs going back and forth between her comments. Dansaran can’t go through a day without asking a million questions but doesn’t even bother to thank people. Sasa823 is a Nadech fan and that alone says a lot about her. We all know how annoying Nadech fans are. Kizukami is a strange girl but sometimes you can’t help but laugh at her. Scuttlebuggist is plain annoying.

    Asianfuse has annoying people too. That Penelope chick, that Daisyduke chick who is probably the same girl as Kimix from Spicyforum, thatsouthernasianchick, ugly and annoying preetam, bubbles8, fanny, phatman, -AyLove-, Bieluvr

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with some girls here, if you adore oil and aum like crazy then spicy forum is the right place for you. What’s so good these two too? The admins in there are so protected about these two to even bashed other members.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Spicy forum admins are very biased. They like to talk smack about other peoples actor but when it comes to oil and aump that this forum really adore, if members smack talk about these two, the admins will bashed those member like crazy. I don’t know what is so good about aump and oil? He’s freaking boring and not event hot or so good looking. As for aump all i see is she always try so hard to look sexy but eeehhh girl your not. I just somewhat think the admins in spicy forum is retarted.

  9. ch says:

    Like someone already mentioned, I believe both forums have their fair share of pros and cons. Spicy is very informative with constants news and updates on celebrities & lakorns which is something that AF lacks. This is due to the fact that the translators/admins of Spicy all understand and are able to read in Thai whereas those at AF don’t. Any information (Information from legit sources, not their comments made by their members) you obtain from Spicy is almost always right because of their accuracy in translations and they always provide their sources so you never have to worry about being misinformed. Sadly, I can’t say the same thing for AF. They have so many members there who pretend to understand Thai when really they don’t, instead they rely on Thai2English translator. This leads to a lot of confusion and inaccuracy which can be frustrating for others. Most of the time, members of AF just take all the information from Spicy/Sugar Daily and often don’t give them proper credits. It’s hard not to associate and link the two together when those at AF don’t have their own members who can contribute information without taking it from another International site AND whenever someone dislikes Spicy, the first place they go off to vent to is no other than AF. The atmosphere at Spicy and AF are quite different. Spicy is very heated and tense but can be entertaining/amusing at times as the girls there like to be comical and blunt. AF on the other hand is more laid back and friendly but definitely has their share of fan wars and debates. I believe this has to do with the fact that majority of AF members are extremely young (10-20 yrs) whereas Spicy has more older members (20-30 yrs). Because AF is so chill, the girls there spam like crazy. If you’re a general member wanting to go into a thread to get info, good luck because you’ll be reading 100+ pages of pure spam about the actors/actresses private life instead. I do agree that the girls at Spicy can be rude and harsh but it all comes down to whether you’re able to adapt to that environment or not. I’ve had people tell me that they initially didn’t like Spicy but eventually grew to accept the way they are and others who stopped going there altogether. My personal criticisms towards both forums are as follows. Spicy’s admins often cross the line by abusing their members which is unacceptable unless they’re directly being attacked. As the admins, they have the duty of being role models for everyone else but yet they don’t possess a lot of maturity to fulfil that duty. If you argue with one admin, the other comes in their defense. There are cases where the people being attacked by the admins deserve it but as admins, they don’t have to go that far. Just simply ban them and the end but they choose to prolong things for the fun of it. That’s not professional behaviour especially coming from an admin of a big forum. The girls are very close with each other because they know one another personally so their friendship also blinds them of their conscious too. The girls can also get very catty and personal by making harsh comments on every actor and actress out there. If you’re the type of fan who likes people to sugar coat things and you’re unable to read negativity or constructive criticisms on your favorites then Spicy might be considered a nightmare for you. It reminds me of this one time where some fan went and bashed on Yaya Urassaya on her Instagram and it became a big deal amongst her fan club because the comments were so harsh. That trouble maker even told Yaya that if she wanted to know how much people hate her, just go and read Spicyforum LOL. They have a particular member who always stalks AF to see if anyone bashes on Spicy members and that person would later report to them on their Spicy private/admin thread. I don’t think it’s necessary to do that but then they have their reasons. If AF doesn’t always talk smack about them or steal their info, I doubt Spicy admins would care much. AF, sighs! It needs a lot of polishing and work to do. My biggest problems with them is their lack of organization and professionalism. I know Darvil is the main administrator but he moved to Asia so one one is really there permanently to look after things. There’s so many issues there like people stealing info without proper credits, hot linking, spamming, attacking, there’s everything there. The admin/moderator team really needs to step up their game. If those moderators aren’t passionate or open minded enough to do their job then they need new responsible people to replace them because they’re not doing their duty AT ALL. If someone has been causing problems after constant warnings, they should be banned. If someone is attacked, someone needs to solve the problem right away regardless if the victim is a friend of the moderator or not. If someone posts a video or picture without credits, someone needs to warn them and tell them to be respectful of the original owners. If someone spams too much, someone needs to give a friendly warning and suggest to made a different spamming thread in the Thai section. If lakorn threads are created without reliable sources, they should be immediately moved to the Unconfirmed section until more info is revealed. Those who always use Pantip or can’t read Thai need to be warned immediately so others don’t spread false information. They do have a Rules thread but honestly, it’s pretty much nonexistent because no one reinforces them. All of the mods I’ve come across are extremely bias which makes me question why they’re even mods anyways. One particular mod acts like she’s the boss and makes decisions on her own without discussing with anyone. There would be a war going on in a thread and when one person decides to close it, she stubbornly opens it again so her friend can have the last say in the argument. If there’s a lakorn airing and it stars someone she doesn’t care for, she moves it immediately whereas if the lakorn has her favorites, it’d stop airing but she’ll keep it pinned there until she decides to unpin it herself. How the heck did this girl became a moderator in the first place? Time has proven that she has no ethics, no professionalism, no respect or common courtesy. I should also mention that the way they handle that Wiki forum is unprofessional too. Apparently everyone can go there and add/remove info. I think only certain reliable people should have that access because people can post false info on the actor/actresses profiles. If you want a nice, fun and respectful environment in a forum, you need good moderators to reflect that behaviour.

  10. I’ve joined Sarnworld since 06 and was probably active until the titles changed to AF…. I’ve had a little problems here and there but then i didn’t let that bother me because i honestly joined that site not just to make friends, but also to seek out for new Thai updates. I know a couple Spicy member’s who’s joined SW also and are very friendly. I heard and knew about the feud between AF and Spicy but do i care? no. so one day, i decided to join Spicy just to see what all the hype is…. i was amazed at how fast the news was compared to AF, but then after not even a week or 2 of not logging in (we all have lives outside of the internet right? my account didn’t exist any longer… can someone please explain that for me? is that fair in my case? no! it’s okay, i didnt angry for too long because it’s just a website right lol, it’s not like we know anybody in real life besides our real friends that joins….. anyhoot i just think that all this drama is lame…. everyone needs to quit bashing, if you dont have anything goood to say then please keep your mouth shut….. one thing i must say is AF has gotten very drama after all the veteran users left, i’m sorry…. alot of these youngin’s are soooo mouthy… it just needs to stop already… okay that’s all i gots to say, hopefully no1 hates on me because i’m on NOBODY’s SIDE!

  11. Anonymous says:

    To put it simple, there really isn’t any real conflict between Asianfuse and Spicy since some moderators and members claim they are “sister forums.” (Although I think Asianfuse’s new rule claim there is no relation – but I did not read the rules carefully so I can’t be sure). Being around these parts of the internet for quite a number of years, what I have noticed is that when netizens get offended by what was said at Spicy, they will vent it out at AsianFuse because it is less likely for them to get cyber bullied there. However, once this happens, those from Spicy will then play the victim and demand that moderators and administrators from Asianfuse take care of those complaining about them. In a way, the prominent members at Spicy are careful to maintain friendships with the moderators and administrators while they are not so careful about how they treat other members who do not have influence in the forums. Spicy can bash anyone they like, this includes not only the Thai celebrities but their fans as well. However, they are hypocrites who cannot swallow their own medicine when there are netizens who wish to vent out complaints at Asianfuse. They also have certain members who stalk various forums to make sure nothing “bad” is said about them. Like someone mentioned, they find it very hard to accept differing opinions and will resort to diverging the topic by making things personally dramatic.

  12. lilithao says:

    I agree, I understand if fans don’t like a certain someone however, they should be more respectful towards other peoples opinion. Besides, its not like the actors or actress will end up the way we want them to be out that they will fall fit the actor/actress that we want them with. People will always have different view points and agree on different things. But if they can’t respect another fans opinion, they should just not comment or reply.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with Yoyo. Spicy’s Admins are rude and bullies. As fans of the Thai Entertainment Industry we should be able to freely express our opinions without getting bashed and made fun of. They are super biased! At first, I liked commenting and being an active member but some members there are just straight out obnoxious! They always think that their opinions are superior than others and will argue with you until they prove to you that their OPINIONS are right. It’s an opinion. No one is right or wrong so stop harassing us. We are all entitled to our own opinions and they do a poor job at accepting that. They are not at all friendly and I found that most of the members gang up on you and make you feel like your opinion doesn’t matter. I do notice that you can joke around with the Admins if they favor you and they don’t talk down or ridicule your opinion as much. I was bashed a couple of times and my statements weren’t even offensive and as blunt as theirs. They just love picking fights with you especially if you’re a newbie. And must I add that their whole plan of blocking forum access to members who aren’t as active is just ridiculous. Forums are there to bring people from all different parts of the world together. Just because we don’t comment as much as they do, cause we do have a LIFE! doesn’t mean that they should deny us access. I’m extremely disappointed with the way they handled things. It is their forum and I understand that they can run it however they want but they just went overboard with everything.

  14. Yoyo says:

    Both forums have their pros and cons.

    First off Spicy is a very unfriendly community filled with negativity, sarcasm and rudeness. I can understand that the Admin team are consisted of girls who are extremely blunt and opinionated but that doesn’t give them the privilege or excuse to bully and attack the poor members there when they simply have a different opinion regarding a specific matter. I also understand that they like to joke around and their jokes can be funny, only to a certain extent. I’ve seen this happen in a countless number of cases. For instance, if you’re a big fan of the so called ATEAM, YADECH or MTEAM then you can basically classify Spicy forum as a living hell. Those girls enjoy discriminating against these three pairings, especially Aum Atichart and Yaya Urassaya. Why? I don’t exactly know. It’s not a proven fact that everyone most love those two actors but what I don’t get is why can’t the admins feel a little more considerate of other people’s feelings? Why make a public forum based on Thai entertainment when you’re bashing on everyone except for Oil and Aum? Might as well make it an Oil and Aum forum and block every single member who doesn’t care for that pairing. I’ve come to observe that once someone has entered the Spicy zone, they’ll try hard to fit in with the group and what better way to do that then bash the living hell out of a particular person. If it’s someone they dislike then you should pat yourself on the back because the chances are, you’re on Admin team’s LIKE list. Doesn’t that sound a little desperate? The only good thing about Spicy forum is that majority of the contributors understand Thai therefore, they have the fastest updates when it comes to news and gossips. Asianfuse is very slow in that department and basically steals everything from Spicy.

    Asianfuse is a little more chill but that forum is filled with annoying little teenagers. Being over two decades old, I feel a little out of place there. I swear, they can’t go through a day without making a thread or comment about who is better between Ateam & KA or Mteam/Markim & Yadech. Similar to Spicy, these girls always ask for trouble and love to initiate fan wars. Once someone actually expresses their disappointment, they’ll act all innocent and go “Oh sorry, I didn’t know this would cause any problems”. Really? In reality, who even gives a damn about which couple is a better than the other. There’s a reason why there’s more than 2 actors/actresses in the showbiz. There’s over a billion people living in this world and most likely, everyone will have their own preference as to who is their favorite and who they prefer. Grow up, learn to accept that your opinion isn’t a proven fact and just enjoy feeding words of praises to your favorite. If you don’t like someone then ignore them. If you find that you’re always clicking on threads that are clearly related to the person you dislike then sorry, I hate to tell you that you’re a desperate ‘hater’ who is jealous of the person which is why you feel the need to stalk on them all the time. Example: I’ve noticed a lot of Kimberley Voltemas fans have been attacking Yaya Urassaya a lot lately. Why? Because they’re a little too excited, a little too confident, a little bit snobby and a little bit arrogant that their girl FINALLY has the chance to possibly “outshine” Yaya. Yep, working with the infamous Nadech Kugimiya and slightly less popular Mark Prin defines that she’s a shining superstar who will kick Yaya out of her spot. Doesn’t that sound silly? Or who is better, Nadech or Mark? What the ****. Comparing those two guys is like comparing oranges and apples. If you like apples then stay away from oranges and if you like oranges then stay away from apples. What’s so hard about declaring your opinion without bashing and being rude about the other? Well sure thing is it’s a VERY HARD TASK TO DO for the young girls there. I feel like Asianfuse is an elementary school playground. Every time I go to that site, that’s all I’ll ever hear. This person is prettier than this person, this person is better, this person is the best of all, this person is a goddess blah blah blah. The lack of maturity I see is out of this world.

    So bottom line is, both forums are equally bad where the bad outnumbers the good.

  15. aikoden says:

    I’m a member at both forums and I have to say that they’re both my home. I found AF first when it was still called SarNworld back in 07-08, and later joined Spicy in the later half of 08. I must admit I was AF biased at first but as I came to know the Spicy members, they weren’t as bad as I thought. They both have it’s pro and cons. Spicy members like to joke and tease.. and some members will get hurt and go whine at AF. I’m sorry if those members got hurt over those stuff, it’s really nothing serious. They don’t go bashing on subjects unless someone really instigated it. And I must say that I’ve seen some members who actually keep instigating on the admins on purpose, that’s why the Spicy admins take action. They’re actually really cool and funny if y’all get to know them. It’s a really neat and organized place. As for AF, it’s a neat place to chillax. It just finally started getting organized, though once in awhile members would constantly post similar topics/polls.. which can get annoying-ish. 🙂 but I wouldn’t mind.

    I realize that there’s actually more arguments over at AF than AF vs Spicy though. Members can get ticked off very easily. Some can be even cruder and go super bashing. 😦

    If it sounds like I favor one more than the other, I’m not. I like to remain neutral on both side since they’re both my home. 🙂 ❤

    • subzero says:

      If you’re familiar with the people there or the admins, then I think it’s okay for them to joke around with you and even throw harsh comments at you out of playfulness. But if you’re not familiar with them and they’re not familiar with you, wouldn’t it be considered rude?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Some spicy mod / admin are straight out rude this is my honest opinion and it has absolutely nothing to do with AF…I don’t like the fact that when it comes to disliking one forum you are immediately labeled as defending / siding with the other. That’s not the point the point is that I’ve seen members defend Dara’s like Ann / Ken / Yadech and get “Banned” or speak up about rude comments and are made fun of. I understand that it is their forum hence I guess anything goes but cyber bullying is wrong & I feel bad for new young Thai fans that has to tolerate this abusive just to get their much wanted Thai news… I’m a 21st century woman so I’m speaking my honest opinion and if that doesn’t make me a Ghandi than I’m happy that Im not…this is not an attack on your Post I am just voicing my opinion and I want others to to speak up too if you feel bullied on supposedly fan friendly forums…

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not too familar with the specifics of this fandom issue, but I don’t think it’s necessarily an AF vs Spicy thing. From what I’ve seen, a lot of uncalled for things are said at Spicy and people tend to rant it out at AF because the Spicy mods and admins are the ones who seem to, I don’t know. Abuse their power? At AF, the mods and admins are not as vocal or active.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, I just wanted to say I agree with the above comment.

    • Anonymous says:

      I feel bullied. And I just stop going to the forum period.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I;m both a member in Spicy and AF. I first discover Spicy before AF. I enjoy reading their
    translation on Thai ET Gossip. But then when I discover AF I found myself that I went there more often than Spicy now. In my view ,Spicy have the Thai ET Gossip while AF have the Thai Lakorns updated.I found myself to be more into the Thai Lakorns update so I go on there more. Anyway, I agree with you on the Spicy VS AF whole situation. I think it’s just how the way people read others comment that make them misunderstand the whole meaning to that person’s comment.
    Anyway,Hope you the best in the future and your dreams! I enjoy all the ET news and lakorn updates you have posted on this blog. 😀 It’s sad to see you go but we, as your viewers, have no right to stop you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wasn’t even done yet and i already clicked “enter” haha.. Well, so long and hope you the best again. 🙂

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