Tawan Deard Episode 11 Recap

I parachuted right into the boiling sun of Tawan Deard starring hot newbies “Mark” Prin Suparat“Yaya” Urassya Sperbund, “Pope” Thanawat Wattanaphuti,  and “Mint” Chalida Wijitwongtong. Boy, is there a lot of action and love angst. From my  episode jump, I felt that I didn’t miss anything. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you have watch waaayyy too many lakorns for your own good.

Saroj (“Tao” Somchai Khemklad), who is running away from the law, comes to visit his friend Khao Gaa Saeng. He wants to kill Jaran (Johnny Anfone) and Sukda during their negotiation meeting the next day in the name of justice. Khao Gaa Saeng pulls some strings to get Saroj a secluded and good sniper spot above a shop. Saroj checks his spot, saying the distance is no obstacle. Khao Gaa Seang comments that after the shot, what is his escape plan. Sarot replies that he’ll think of it then. Khao Gaa Saeng adds that he know Saroj is doing this for Bupaa.

Saroj returns to Lanee who is concerned if Saroj will take her with him after the assassination. He tells her no and that he is born to kill not to love. He leaves, but Lanee rushes to him and knocks him down unintentionally. She finds out that Saroj has a prosthetic leg. He breaks down saying he is a cripple and unsuitable for her. Lanee cries that she only want him, will never be sorry, and loves him. He replies that he loves her only this whole time. She begs him to fight for their love this one time. They cuddle as they exchange their love words. Yok comes to save his son Daycha (“Beam” Saranyu Prachakrit), but Sada and Singh (“Pope” Thanawat Wattanaphuti) sees. Yok surrenders his gun to say they must kill him first. Sada gives Daycha another chance by giving him a test mission. Daycha asks what.

Pond asks Putawan (“Mark” Prin Suparat) about the plot of Saroj assassinating Sukda. He gives a good debate saying that is it worth to kill Sukda who is good owner of Raifahroong. Tawan defends that no matter what, Sukda killed his parents. Pond asks what Tawan would do if Phetroong (“Yaya” Urassaya Sperbund) knows he is trying to kill her father. Ploykwan (“Mint” Chalida Wijitwongtong) comes to warn Phetroong to stop thinking of Seua who of all women choose Lanee. Roong rides off reflecting over her perspective of Seua and Lanee’s relationship. [Oii! I missed all these heartaches! Mark drinking? HOT!] Kwan hops over to ask Seua if he have seen Roong who has gone for a long time. Suer rides to finds Roong. He tells her to return home, and she tells him off.

Roong: Don’t! Where ever you want to go die, go die! One like me, don’t need to live for you! Return to take care of your Lanee.

Tawan: You’re jealous of me?

Roong: I’m disgusted instead. You’re dirty, you know!

Tawan: Khun Lanee and I have nothing.

Roong: Don’t make excuses! Everyone sees that you’re  in the bedroom of that woman!

Tawan: I’m speaking the truth, and you say I’m making excuses. What you do want me to do?

Roong: You don’t have to do anything at all. Your life has nothing to do with me.

Tawan: Then why are you mad at me?

[Godninja: Because I LOVE YOU!!!]

Roong: Because you lied to me. In the past, you pretended to be a good person. I trusted you. And when I want you to enter sincerely, you betrayed me. What you want is not different from ???. Misleading women, taking advantage. You are a ???. Do you hear, Seua? You’re disgusting.

Tawan: (Grabs Roong for a back hug) It’s not that I don’t want you Khun Phetroong. But I’m not good enough for you. You are right. I am bad. I came here because I have an ulterior motive but not to you. I never wanted you to be disappointed, for you to lose tear like this. But I am only a normal worker, and you are Khun Nu Phetroong the future bride of Naroong.

Roong: Okay. If  you see that we’re compatible, then I will marry with Khun Naroong like how father and you desire. It’ll make everything better. Now answer me Nai Seua if you’re satisfy. This life this lifetime, you will never get to touch me. There’s only Khun Naroong who will be the owner of my body.

[Why you so mean? Seua just take her first!!! Or did they already ‘do it’? I know that’s just me wishful thinking.]

Naroong is impatiently waiting for Roong. Kwan has an intense dislike of him. Singh comes in to announce that Seua has returned with Phetroong. Sukda asks where Roong went. She responds that she fell and Seua came to help her. Naroong declares that it is a good thing the future bride has not gone missing or he’s going to bring hell to Seua. Naroong walks over to Roong and takes her to rest. Kwan and Singh are walking, and she expresses how Roong has made it clear that she has given up Seua, so Kwan now has a chance at Seua. Singh grabs onto her sleeve, and Kwan reminds him that they can only  be friends. She asks him to drive her to the city the next day and she’ll introduce him to many beautiful ladies and soon he’ll forget her. Kwan pulls his hat down on his frowning face. We get a kick ass song playing as Singh watches Kwan walk on. [WTF, there’s such epic slow songs in an action lakorn? I LIKE! Maybe if they play this to Tawan and Roong ‘doing it’, I can dub it the sex song of Tawan Deard? How does that sound?]

Jaran brings in food for his mistress Kulap. She tells him to go way and that she’s just tolerating him so she can pay off her dead parent’s debt. He tells Kulap she is to be blame for trusting Daycha to help her out. Jaran tells her that she’ll have to be by his side forever. Yok tells Daycha to go on and run away to start a new life, and as for what Sukda assigned Daycha, he should not worry about it. They ride off in opposite direction. Then Daycha declares to himself that he will not lose to the game easily and turns back. Sukda tells Yok that he knows of Daycha’s running away and that he sees Daycha was his nephew and can’t punish him but this is the last time. At the sniper crib, Tawan is wandering off in thoughts as Saroj briefs him of the plan B for Tawan to shoot Sada.

Tawan replies that he is afraid this will trigger war the townsmen will suffer. Saroj defends that there have to be losses for the greater good. Tawan walks off, and Soroj question Lanee of the change in Tawan’s demeanor like he doesn’t want to avenge anymore. Lanee replies that the answer is Phetroong and that maybe it’s good and they can still pull out. But Saroj said he have come too far to retreat.  Naroong brings a ring to Phetroong. He says that the negotiation will go well. Roong tells Naroong straight that she agrees the marry him for peace not of love. Naroong crushes the ring and is piss off saying when they wed, he’s going to teach her well. Kwan and Singh are in the city, and Kwan tells him she doesn’t want him around and for him to not go drinking.

Singh goes into the tavern and Khao Gaa Seang reads his heartbroken face correctly and offers Singh alcohol which he drowns. In the market, Kwan sees Lanee rushing and wonders where she is off too. In the tavern, a drunk Singh overhears some townsmen mouthing off about how they want to jump Ploykwan. Singh declares a duel. Lanee goes into the sniper crib with Kwan following. The drunk Singh insists to the duel, and they face off. Singh drops his gun and brings out his short dagger saying it’s enough. Singh’s vision is blurry and shaking as Khao Gaa Saeng throws a glass bottle to the ground to start the duel.

Whoosh! In action motion, Singh with his eyes closed dodges the flying bullet to his head and then sways over to send his dagger into the man’s leg. Then Singh slides over to the man with the dagger at his throat, demanding an apology. He slits that man. Kwan overhears Saroj and Lanee talking about killing Jaran and Sukda. Kwan is caught and knocked out by Saroj. The shop owner rushed over to predict that they must be up to no good and runs away. Lanee goes to close the shop. The still drunk Sing goes hunting for Kwan with no luck. Kulap tricks a perverted worker to untie her, and she runs out to find Daycha there to help her. She tells them to run away, but Daycha replies that he must finish Sada’s mission first.

At Raifahroong, everyone is worried over the missing Kwan. Jaran is beating up the man for letting Kulap escape and then hears the news that Ploykwan is missing. He is angry because the timing might make it seem like he is the kidnapper. In the sniper crib, Kwan is faking unconsciousness as she listens to Saroj and Lanee talk about the plan and of running together afterwards. Next morning, the surrounding negotiating space is cleared and secured.

Kwan mutters in commotion and Saroj gets out his dagger to threaten her silent. Sukda gives a prep talk  that if the negotiation goes well, then Raifahroong will finally be in peace. But if he doesn’t return then for everyone to support his daughters. Jaran wakes up the police chief and tell him to do his job. The evil three musketeers are talking of that Jaran will definitely fall, and they whisper in conspiracy.

Both parties walk up to meet, Naroong guarantees their safety. Jaran and Sukda gives up their arm. Sukda asks that before the talk, where is his daughter. Jaran denies and says that they are the one to release Daycha who came to stole his wife. Kwan succeeds in loosing her bond and grabs Saroj’s dagger. Saroj is aiming right at them. Then Kwan stabs Saroj, and a premature bullet shoots off. This causes both sides to fire and skirmish.

Saroj’s hiding place is uncover. In frustration, Saroj reveals to Kwan that Sukda is a killer and the one who murdered her parents. [So if Saroj knows that Ploykwan is the daughter of his best friend, then did he tell Tawan? So does Tawan know that Ploykwan is his younger sister? Can someone please tell me?] Kwan runs away screaming that it’ not true. Saroj is shot at, but he succeeds in taking the other one out first. Sukda is shot on the side stomach, and Singh and Roong shoot to cover Tawan as he helps Sukda to take cover in the tavern. A shoot out is on full-blown, as Kwan comes  calling to Roong. Singh goes through a hailstorm of bullets to get to Kwan. She tells him he’s crazy, and Singh replies that her life is more important than his. Kwan looks into him and finally girl you get it a bit that ya are made for each other. Tawan takes Sukda over to rest in a tavern bed. Singh and Kwan fight their way to the tavern. Lanee comes over with horses to help Saroj escape, and they ride into the distance, as the ninja fighter is piss off at losing Saroj.

Roong asks where have Kwan been. She replies that a gunman named Saroj plotted to kill their father and Jaran. Naroong is crazy and takes the machine gun ontop the army jeep and shoots down the people. Roong tells him to stop because there are townsmen. The Jaran side is losing ground, and the police chief want to retreat. Jaran hands him a set of TNT. The machine gun jams, and Naroong jumps away. Inside the tavern room, Sukda losses conscious.

Saroj’s advice of that when the moment comes, show no weakness replays in Tawan’s head as he brings out his gun ready to hoot Sukda. The police chief throws the TNT, and an explosion stops Tawan and wakes up Sukda. He sees Tawan with his gun drawn to this side. Suspense in ON! The Jaran side retreats, and Roong and Kwan rushed to their father. Two bad men enter the room, and the shaken Tawan is unable to react, but Sukda shoots the second man dead. Roong and Kwan hug their father.

Jaran rides way with the evil three musketeers, but midway, they betray him. They get ready to shoot Jaran dead, but a mysterious bullet intercepts. Daycha is here and armed to kill, ordering the three musketeers off and to leave Jaran and the goods. Daycha declares that he’s going to use Sukda to triumph. Lanee fixes up Saroj’s wound saying that thank god Ploykwan was weak. Lanee’s assistant comes back with news that the city is in chaos and that Tawan has failed to kill Sukda. Saroj is suspicious that Suer has gone soft because he had the close contact to finish the job. Sukda is taking to Yok that Kwan reveals that Saroj its the one who captured her. Sukda inquires that Saroj must have an accomplice and  he must be one they would never think of.

Tawan comes in, and Sukda thanks Tawan for saving him. Tawan explained that he had his gun drawn in pereparenes to the blast. Tawan thanks of the saving him too. Sukda tells Tawan that he used to be wary of Tawan, but now they are trusted friends and he wants Tawan to stay at Raifahroong forever with him. Tawan is sitting in the dark in this down place, as Singh comes in with alcohol bottles to celebrate that everything turned out pretty well. He talks on to say that if Roong marries Naroong, then the peace will be confirmed. Then Singh realizes that he had outspoken and tells Tawan to give up on Phetroong just like him with this hopelessness with Ploykwan.

They drink together and toast to victory and the misery of the heart. Singh then gets out his harmonica and starts to play. Tawan nitpick Singh for playing the same old song, but Singh tells Tawan to listen on. It turns into the blues, and Tawan depressed over his complicated turns of life.


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15 Responses to Tawan Deard Episode 11 Recap

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like it a lot.

  2. -a says:

    will you be recapping from episode 1 later or you will just recap from this episode till the end?

  3. mui says:

    Love Nai Sua (Tawan) and Khun Nu Petchroong. They got chemistry.

  4. Guest says:

    If you want to catch up with Tawan Deard here is the highlights : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AxbScVSdv4.

    You should watch the very last moment of episode 7. HOT!

  5. Kat says:

    Thank you for your hard work, taking time to recaps TD for someone like me who cant understand but interested in the drama. My 1st time watching Mark, and he’s such a cutie. Loving it. Thank You Thank You Thank You

  6. Kim says:

    you’re AWESOME>>>>>

  7. Sandy says:

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Amy says:

    Actually he found out in ep 5 or so. Thanks for the recaps. I know you busy and all but if possible you would go back and recaps the whole lakorn. Please and thank you

  9. PuppyLove says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!! You AWESOME

  10. PuppyLove says:

    Actualy he found out in ep 5 or so. You did an awesome job with recaps but if you have free time, would it be possible to recap the whole drama. Only if u want to.

  11. godninja says:

    okay, he knew from beginning. cool! i was on epi 4. yeah, i did happen to see a that particular romantic clip of epi 7 into epi 8. too bad. they should have took advantage of the sexy song and get on the bed!

  12. godninja says:

    this took ages trying to get who is who, what is what, and all. looks like i dropped right in for the finale climax. oh, i heard there will be like a one epi extension or something. so i go check that out if its definite.

    • Hangeng0000 says:

      Yes, Tawan knew Kwan is his sis from the beginning. If you haven’t watch ep.7, you got to. One of the best scenes between Mark and Yaya. Thanks for the recaps.

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