LGNews: Top 10 Most Juiciest 2011

Allow me to compile a bias list of the top 10 most juiciest things that happened this year in Thai ET. Juiciest meaning coolest, most sexy, and most shocking in general. I warn you, this post ends in tears.

1. Not related to Thai ET but I can make it relate, the best thing that happened this year is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part 2. Now to relate this to Thai ET. Did you know “Mark” Prin was Harry, “Ken” Pupoom was Ron, and “Mai” Davika was Hermione for the Paragon Cineplex Harry Potter promotion? Mark was hot in the circle glasses.

2. Really, this has got to be the most viral Thailand video of the year. “Bell” Nuntita‘s surprise on Thailand’s Got Talent that shocked the world. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen this?

3. Did this really happened? A nang’ek climbing up the social ladder by sleeping with everyone’s husbands with juicy ruff love scenes, like I’m talking about: right on the sofa, and lying to be pregnant, and the dialogue was wowDok Som See Tong was the earlier-this-year’s-talk-of-the-town. The Thai Culture Ministry proposed a ban and the public argued to raise the classification from PG 13 to 18 leading to some juicy stuff been edited out. But in the light of all that, DSST got a rating of a whomping 13, and at the Daradaily Great Award 2011 in August, DSST took home the Lakorn of the Year trophy with “Chompoo” Araya  grabbing the Leading Actress award. Damn, run that irony by me again.

4. And while we are on the topic of Dok Som See Tong where Raeya denies her behavior. That brings up “Pam” Panpim, “Todd” Phiti‘s  mistress, which wifey “Noon” Woranuch threw 1,000,000 baht at Pam’s face. Story here, both Pam and Noon denies of Pam being Todd’s mistress. This is my favorite gossip piece this year because this is really a scene right from a lakorn.

5. “Pancake” Khemanit biting now-boyfriend “Pae” Arak‘s lower lip in the controversial love scene of earlier this year Ch7’s  Tur Gub Kao Lae Rak Khong Rao. It was all real, no camera angle, and no stand-in. Totally unprecedented!

6. Not not really because of no. 5, Weir-Pan’s ‘break up’ was technically 2010, when it took half a year for it to ceased and had me questioning the definition of ‘dating’. Like all netizens, I’m just blown away by Pancake and her mom’s out-right public denial of Pan and “Weir” Sukollawat ever dating, therefore the word ‘break-up’ don’t even constitute their unhappy ending. Wahhh?

7. A breakup that is more 2011 is “New” Wongsakorn and “Jui” Warattaya‘s in February after being together for 4 years. Typical, we’ve been busy, we’re now siblings, and there’s not third hand involved. The spark went out. Many names were dragged into the equation, some being plain ridiculous, including: Porsche, Nichkhun, Weir and Tarn. Making the break up even more difficult is their restaurant Tum Plern that they had opened together, so now, New still continues to hold his share but imagine the awkwardness. Even a few months afterward, Jui cried before reporters revealing how she is shattered over her dream of marrying New and spoke of him like her first love. Then this had Netizens questioning her sincerity with ex-boyfriend “Captain” Phutanate, saying that she broke Captain’s heart and karma is getting her back. Thailand and their karma, but then I believe in karma.

8. What is the Thailand equivalent of Justin Bieber this year? I’m talking about the old news “Film” Rattapoom scandal. Right about this time last year, the Film-Annie saga shook Thailand, and it overdrafted well into this year with really no real conclusions. In the height of this mess, Film overdosed on pills and then just dropped dead and fled to England to let the dust settle and the worst part was that he sat overnight in jail overseas over some misunderstanding. And back in Thailand earlier this year. Film-Annie was in court, and like Justin, Film consented to DNA test which the Baby Momma backed out. I don’t care who is right or wrong, I feel so horrible for Nong Teekayu. Imagine this childhood. Who’s your daddy? Your mommy used you to get famous! I’m serious, Annie, a mom should never do this to her child.

9. Film was accused of fathering a baby, but “Pinky” Savika was accused of carrying a baby. Pinky’s third hand in the marriage between “Peck” Sanchai and “Tanya” Tanyares drove Pinky to the Netherlands. But the scandal evolved to include pregnancy accusation and reached her oversea. Back in Thailand, Pinky got a pregnancy test before cameras to prove her innocence. She continued to to fled to India to star in a flop movie and for some undisclosed reason, took the having-many-man role in Tong Pra Gai Saet.

10. “Marsha” Wattanapanich leaked semi-adult pics with French music producer surpassed, in my book, all the scandals this year. Pinky only got voice recordings and Film got the actual baby but with no DNA proof on the table of evidence, but Marsha had it worst. The pics with drinks, smokes, and nakedness reeked bad. But Film, were you watching Marsha when she stepped up to accept the pics being of her and took it like a ‘man man’?


Because it’s my finals week, pardon all crappiness.

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10 Responses to LGNews: Top 10 Most Juiciest 2011

  1. rosaypaw says:

    I’m so sad for jui but I’m happy she New love with push . I hope they dating till future

  2. Faith says:

    It is not only in Thailand that we use Prickly Heat Powder or Mexana Medicated Powder. It is great for soothing heated skin in the hot Jamaican nights – and every mother in my day had a tin!

  3. Why does it half to be pancake and weir

  4. NiNaSay says:

    I mad with p’pancake and p’weir I want to die they to break up Really want to die

  5. Asy says:

    Thumbs down to Pancake and Pae. Yuckkksss!

  6. xox says:

    That picture of Pan and Pae just grosses me out! That’s such an unattractive, awkward-looking kiss! They make that “Asian’s cannot kiss” phrase true.

  7. Kiki says:

    This was actually a great article! A couple of these stories where better and a little more crazy than lakorns! Lol

  8. Tran T. says:

    Thank you Lakorngod, i’ve been reading your blog for a while and i find it super helpful. I have a question and i know it’s really irrelevant. But i dont know where else to ask, so i’m just gonna ask you. I have been watching quite a few lakorns, i see thai people put some white cream on their face at night. I’ve been wondering what kind of cream is that? is that a tradition over there? Hope you reply. Thank you

    • godninja says:

      i remember asking my mom this as a kid, and i don’t recall what she answered. regardless, i’ll tell you what i know. i believe it’s called talcom powder and it’s like a drying agent. it absorbs sweat/moisture and hence keeps you drier and cooler. a lot of the times in lakorn, you see the country bumpkins putting on the powder because it’s the stereotype that’s they’re more old-fashy and it’s hot and stressful with farming. so it helps cool then down in the hot thailand nights. i’m sure there’s a whole thai history behind this.

      what’s weird is that, i confess, my mom uses this on us–my sibliing and i. after she showers us, she powders what you might better know as Prickly Heat powder (a form of talcom i suppose) on our cute baby fronts and back then diapers us. i wonder if other people can chime in if they’re asian parents practice this too…?

      what interesting is that Dan and Beam endorsed these a couple of years ago, and the comericals where aswesome and their faces on the powders made me wanted to buy them for not reason. wonder if they still have then in stock? no, i checked. a compiled commercials below. a few of them where edited to longer ads with same clips but there’s a whole lot of variation. worth it to watch!!!

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