Tawan Deard Episode 13 Recap

Tears. Blood. Guns versus blade. Deaths. Tawan Deard lives up it action genre. Saroj dies, Sukda seems like the nice man, Jaran is yet to return to the final stage. So many questions and anticipation anxiety. Tawan Deard better have a good ending!

Super Cowboy Tawan hammers the shot and saves the stupid policeman. Naroong is angry and shots the policeman in the leg away. Daycha is with the ninja sidekick speculating the body in the dirty lake to declare Jaran dead. Saroj plans to sneak into the welcoming party of Narrong’s General father tomorrow to kill Sukda. Khao Gaa Seang brings up the question that even with Sukda dead, Phetroong would inherit Raifahroong. Saroj announces that he’ll have to kill Roong then. Tawan hears this from afar. Khao Gaa Saeng learns about Tawan’s true identity. Tawan demands to know of the killing Phetroong matter. Saroj rationalizes that if Phetroong is dead, then Raifahroong would fall into Ploykwan who is his sister. Tawan refuses to kill an innocent. Saroj agrees to put the matter off and makes it clear that he will kill Sukda himself. Kulan is back for more action with Naroong to trade off more of the jeweleries. They said diamonds are a women’s best friend. Yok sees the little tango.

Daycha is drinking and staring holes at a map of Raifahroong trouble-shooting where the gem location can be. Yok tells his son if the gem location really exists than it belongs to  Raifahroong. Daycha accuses Yok of knowing the location. His father warns him to take closer care of his wife. The stupid policeman digs up his treasure but gets beat up by drunk men. This shows that he who took bribes ends up being a victim to robbery too. Yok briefs Tawan, Singh, Pond, and Somjai on the security of the party. Afterwards, Tawan drags Pond aside to give him heads up that Saroj is coming in and for Pond to let Saroj in without raising anything.

Salee overhears and goes to tell Roong. Ranee begs Saroj to not kill Phetroong, but he says he will kill anyone if he must. Saroj gives his last words that if he doesn’t return for Ranee to run away. She hugs him assuring him that he will come back. The party is on as the General arrives. Sukda introduces his daughter, and Yok announces that Raifahroong has prepared a party of the army men and they will take care of the security. Kulan returns, and Daycha asks if she is betraying him like she did to Jaran. He confesses that he loves her even though he knows she is bad. Plus he admits that he is evil, but he have such feelings too. He adds on that if one day she betrays he, he’ll will blame himself for loving her. INTENSE!

Khao Gaa Seang and his worker drive to the party to deliver food, and Pond, according to plan, does the search to clear them though. Tawan receives them and the ACTION IS ON! The General expresses that Jaran is dead and Puprakan is now at peace, and he insists on holding the wedding as soon as possible. Roong agrees. Tawan  brings Saroj to his hiding place and asks Saroj to promise that he will only kill Soroaj and not anyone else. Saroj readies his gun vowing to kill Sukda today. Tawan gets out of the hiding place to find Roong and Salee right outside. Roong asks what he was doing? Tawan relies that he is just checking to secure the place. Roong tells him that she now knows why he is here at Raifahroong. Tawan walks off in perplexity and fear of how everything will proceed.

Roong comes to get Daycha’s help because she doesn’t want the army men to know. She reveals that Salee heard Pond and Daycha talking and more, Pond called Seua Putawan who is the son of Pupaa. Daycha agrees to help but asks to handle it his way. Kulan overhears and goes to tattletale to the the ninja sidekick. The sidekick plots that they let the everything goes as planned but to ready some fighters. Salee drags Pond to tell him to run away and that the whole assassination plan is busted, but Daycha walks in.Tawan is not feeling hot of the plan especially when he finds out that Pond and Salee has gone missing. Daycha uses Salee to get the plan out of Pond. Roong comes in angry at Daycha for his method.

Outside the army man announces that they know of Saroj in Raifahroong now. Daycha remarks that their ally is useful because right now they need time and power. Ranee and her assistant gear up to the army camps, where the assistant throw ‘mild’ TNT as diversions. This scares the General and everywhere moves indoor. Saroj crawls out of his hiding place and gets behind a tree, targeting on the General. The assistant is killed by the ninja sidekick and Ranee flees to tell Khao Gaa Seang that the plan is going downhill. Khao Gaa Seang is grave now realizing that everything got busted. Sukda smells fish and warns the General right in time to dodge Saroj’s bullet. Naroong orders the army to lock down the house. Inside and close, Tawan clicks his gun and points it at Sukda. Daycha sees and aims at Tawan, but last minute, Roong pushes Daycha’s gun out of the way. And Roong herself shoots Tawan.

Tawan is shocked at Roong’s bullet to his side [more like heart] as he recounts all their sweet memories. Everyone is confused at the action. Roong does the honor of breaking the ice.

Roong: He is not Nai Seua. He is Putawan, the son of Uncle Pupaa.

Yok: Khun Nu (Young Master).

Sukda: Putawan?

Saroj sees that Tawan is caught. Naroong announces to Daycha that if he kills Saroj then Naroong will give his head position to him. Daycha runs off to the already fighting Saroj and the ninja sidekick pair. Saroj and the ninja fight–bullet versus sword and apparently sword wins. Saroj is slashed in the back and goes running off and the ninja follows. Daycha is right behind, and they battle over who should handle Saroj. Ninja sidekick knocks out Daycha. Khao Gaa Saeng and Ranee see Saroj’s hawk circling ahead.

Ranee catches on and goes riding after the hawk. Saroj and sidekick ninja have their bloody showdown. Saroj is stabbed in the side and the ninja in the eyes. Ranee comes to take Saroj away, but Daycha appears to shoot three shots at Saroj’s back first.

Pond, Salee, Singh, and Somjai are locked up together. Singh asks if Pupaa is the ex-owner of Raihfoong. Pond screams in frustration that he is the who he betrayed Raifahroong and Tawan. Our cowboy is unconscious and tied up to a pole. The General is about to kill Tawan, but Naroong suggests that they keep Tawan live to lure the other accomplices to kill them all at once. Roong asks to visit Tawan, but Naroong reminds her that he is the one whose intention is to kill her father so she should stop caring of him. Roong returns to her room and takes up the wooden flying toy the little Tawan gave her, and she replays all the past events of how their two lives are at odds. Sukda is alone talking to an old photo of Saroj and Pupaa.

Sukda: Saroj…Pupaa…why do you have to do this much to me? Why didn’t you trust me? (Kwan walks in.) Ploykwan? You have something to ask me?

Kwan: Nai Suea or Putawan is my biological brother. He is good person who in the past has protect everyone, protect Raifahroong. And why would he want to kill father? Father, can you tell me?

Sukda: Father guarantees that he will be safe. I will not let anyone hurt your brother at all.

Kwan: Father or he, who is it that it the real killer?

Sukda: Ploykwan listen to father explain first.

Kwan: (Kwan shakes her head) Not now, not at his time, Khun Sukda. [The tide has turn. Father has become the formal Khun Sukda. I am anxious to learn the yet undisclosed reason behind the betrayal of their friendship.]

Saroj falls off the horse, and Ranee jumps off to hug him in his last moments of life. He tells her to stop waiting for him and asks her to promise him she’ll be happy. Ranee replies that without him, she rather not live. Saroj dies in her arms as she begs him to wake up. Ranee reflects over their sweet memories and their twisted fate. Gun in hand, she readies to take her own life, but Khao Gaa Saeng come right in time to intercept. The stupid policeman fails miserably at stealing and is caught. He asks the townsmen to vouch for him that he’s the sheriff helper, but they declare that he is part of Jaran’s people. The army man declares that all of Jaran’s allies are to be killed but offers the stupid policeman to beg like a dog for his life. Karma is an ass, I know! A kind townsman begs the army to spare the stupid policeman’s life. Daycha visits Naroong to announce that Saroj’s dead corpse is found in the woods. Naroong is piss that his sidekick has lost an eye and wants to get equal by torturing Tawan. The two evil men go to rub it in Tawan’s face that Saroj is dead, and they announce that tomorrow, they’ll bring Saroj’s corpse to the town for public display. Tawan is angry and fights back. Kwan is thinking over the brotherly concern Tawan has always displayed to her. Roong comes into say that Sukda is dishearten at Kwan not talking to him. Kaew the little boy runs in yelling that Tawan is being beat up. Roong, Kwan, Sukda, and Yok race off. Inside the barn, our cowboy is on the ground eating hay. Daycha stabs Tawan’s hand with a nail attached to a board to repay back everything Tawan has cut his life short of. Daycha is about to give another blow, when the ladies comes to save the day. The evil men defends that they are questioning the guilty. Kwan threatens that he will tell her father. Sukda walks right in to demands that in Raifahroong he is the God almighty so the two evil men stalk off. Kaew tells the prisoners that Tawan is being beat up. The men plans to save Tawan.


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One Response to Tawan Deard Episode 13 Recap

  1. Kiki says:

    This is a really great lakorn! Yes better have a great ending! Sense its ending and kon rak luang jai is just beginning can you do that next?! It’s so good even without subs! ( which is how I been watching lol) romance, comedy, shower scenes with ken, and the slutty other woman we love to hate! It has all u could ever want! Hope u consider. Thanks great speed on tawan deard!

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