Tawan Deard Episode 12 Recap

To stop the revenge or to continue the blood shed? Our hot cowboy internal battle is intense to the point of horse riding while intoxicated and hallucinating of Jesuses. Roong loves you and you love her, so drop the revenge cowboy. She said herself that she’ll kill you if you turn out bad. I’m dying of anticipation to see where who’s bullet will  be hitting who in the finale.

Daycha drags Jaran to his camp in the woods. Kulan wants to kill Saran, but Daycha wants him alive for his plot to take over Raifahroong. Kwan is pondering over what Saroj told her that Sukda murdered her parents. Roong tries to comfort her, and Kwan asks for Roong to tell her the truth about her parents. Roong replies that she is the daughter of the ex-Raifahroong owners who were best friends to Sukda. She adds that Kwan has an older brother Putawan whose body was never found. Singh is drunk muttering that he’s not dying for one girl. Kwan asks to speak to Tawan, so Singh leaves them alone. Kwan reveals that she saw Lanee with the gunman Saroj, and if she told her father, then Tawan would be a person of interest. Kwan goes on to asks why Tawan is over-concern about her. Being on the defense, Tawan replies that he likes her, but he’s not bold like Singh. Therefore, Kwan gives permission for Tawan to kiss her and hold her to prove that he likes her. Tawan, of course, tears away from her. Singh watches from afar talking to himself that Ploykwan has not let go of Tawan.

Next morning, Daycha, Kulan, and Jaran get ready to return to Puprakan. Naroong and his ninja sidekick are piss off at Daycha just picking of Jaran and taking all the credit. Jaran is in jail, and Daycha presents to Naroong the jeweleries he stole from Jaran to establish an ally and to have Naroong install Daycha as the station guard. Daycha wants Naroong to help him find the hidden gem location in Raifahroong. Sukda is accepting Daycha’s return to Raifahroong against the warning of Singh, Pong, Somjai, and Tawan. Soraj watches Ranee bathe, and then he dries her hair. Ranee says she is happy to be living like this with him. Soraj responds that he will only stop when the enemies are dead. Tawan walks into them and announces that Kwan now knows that Ranee and Saroj are connected. Tawan expresses the possibility that they stop the revenge at this point to let Sukda go. He continues that Jaran has been caught, Naroong will punish him,  and soon the army will withdrawal. Saroj is shocked and reminds Tawan that Naroong will take care of Jaran, then marry Phetroong and conquer Raifahroong. He warns Tawan to not let the big job fail because of a woman.

Kwan tells Roong of Ranee’s relationship with Saroj and how this makes Tawan suspicious.  Roong promises that she will investigate the connection. She talk to herself in Tawan and her swing reflecting over Tawan’s closeness with Ranee and she hopes what she is thinking is not true. The ninja sidekick gets thinking about the men that helped Saroj escape. Ranee and Tawan returns to town. Ranee’s assistant is knocked out by the ninja sidekick. Ranee walks in and the sidekick demands to know where Saroj is. She denies any knowledge and grabs a scissor. The sidekick and Ranee battle it out.

The gun sounds  getting the attention of Tawan and Roong outside. Tawan comes in to save Ranee, but falls down to the sidekick. Roong comes in to save the day. Kulan hates the poor life of Daycha and is angry at him for not taking the jewelery to keep and live in luxury. Daycha says that their low position will only be temporary, and he’ll triumph. Kulan is piss off and says she’s already tired of him. Yok comes in to warn Daycha that he should be cautious of Kulan for she even betrayed her husband Jaran.

Sukda calls Naroong to a meeting. The sidekick accuses Ranee of being an accomplice with Saroj. Ranee keeps her cool and defends that Saroj was just a customer. Tawan cuts in to declare that Ranee is innocent with the assurance of his life. Roong adds to that she trust Tawan for he has saved her father so she assures with her life too. The matter ends here. Naroong and his sidekick got a new idea to use their new ally Daycha. Kwan joins Singh telling him that she is glad Ranee is ruled innocent or Tawan would’ve been in big trouble and that she is perplexed trying to find answer to this person [Tawan]. She tells Singh that he should get a wife, and she’ll help him and asks him to name anyone in Raifahroong. Singh calls her name, and Kwan asks his wassup. Then she realizes that he is answering her question. Aw!!! He chooses her! Tawan is awake too, and Roong throws him a pebble to get him out to talk. [Godninja like! Girls with guns and throwing rocks to lure the boys out at night! I want to go live in Puprakan!]

Tawan: Khun Nu Phetroong.

Roong: I want you to call me Phetroong because tonight I am talking to you as your friend. Just because I  backed up back up doesn’t mean I  trust you. At the end of the day, I myself suspect you like the other. I just can’t believe it that the one who used to sacrifice to protect me and my father is a bad person.

Tawan: What do you want me to do?

Roong: Go away from this place because if I find out that you have something to don’t with the assassin then I myself will kill you with my own hands. (Tawan gets out his dagger and forces it into her hands) Nai Seua. Nai Seua.

Tawan: Kill me right now is better than how I am right now. Do it Phetroong, since you don’t need this man any more, he deserves to die. (They fight, bicker, and then the dagger drops. Roong slaps Tawan.)

Roong: Why are you forcing me? You know how I feel about you. Why do you have to torture me like this? Why won’t you get out of here? Why won’t you get out of my life? (Roong pushes Tawan to the ground) I don’t want to see your face. Stop ruining my life, Nai Seua! (Tawan picks himself up and walks off as we get that slow dramatic song playing.)

Kwan and Singh are star glazing. She sees a shooting star and tells him she’s going to pray that her love prevails. They close her eyes with hands together praying. A heartbroken Tawan goes riding off to God knows where drowning down bottles of alcohol. [Do they just keep this alcohol bottles in their back pocket? Wish I can do that in America. Take a gulp before an exam. Oh plus, Tawan ka, Godninja is flagging you down for horse riding while intoxicated. You’re ticket: a kiss is sufficient.] Our cowboy wakes up kissing dirt instead. He shoots into the air to vent his frustration. Then he goes hallucinating of Roong now becoming Jesus walking on water kissing the other Jesus Naroong. You see, this is why you don’t drink under the influence of a heartbreak.

Singh is playing the harmonica instrumental version of our kick ass song and wakes up Kwan. Khao Gaa Saeng gives provisions and medicine to Ranee for Saroj. Drunk Tawan crashes into the jail station. He takes out his gun determined to kill Jaran for ruining his family. Daycha knocks him out before Tawan can spill his beans. [Does Puprakan have only one jail cell?] Yok speculates to Sukda that Tawan seems to have a personal grudge against Jaran. The stupid police chief comes to the station, and Jaran promises him wealth if he passes news to Kon. Kulan goes picking this and that and Kwan orders Kulan to help around the house if she wants to stay.

Kulan goes with Salee to help serve the army men food and takes special interest in serving Naroong. They hit it off sex for jewelery. The stupid police finds Kon and tells him of Jaran’s news. Naroong’s General father takes a special interest in Saroj and sends a telegraph to his son that he’ll be going to Puprakan for Jaran’s execution and to take care of Saroj. Pond wakes up Tawan, and Salee informs Tawan of his drunken actions. Tawan rushes off to give an excuse to Sukda of his rashness. He meets Roong, and Naroong comes in to take her way for a private talk. Naroong tells Roong that his father is coming to town for their wedding engagement.

Somjai asks for Tawan to help talk Sukda into letting Kaew come live in Raifahroong. Tawan replies that he’ll help because he knows what it is like being an orphan. Singh is playing cards that the station. [WTF! Puprakan is truly a lawless city!] He fails at first, but with some pointers from Jaran, Singh wins. Then he brings a cup of alcohol to thank Jaran. Jaran provokes Sing that he is not less than Tawan at all, but he is dumber. Singh says he is here to protect Jaran. The stupid policeman and Kon is in town trying to bust Jaran out of jail. Kon sees Daycha and declares that he’s going to kill him. Daycha walks into Singh playing cards, and shots goes off in the streets. Jaran provokes Daycha to get his gun. Using Daycha as a hostage, he gets Singh and the others to make way to his escape. Jaran gets ready to kill Daycha, but Sing gets into action. Daycha is able to run away, Singh is knocked out, and Jaran successfully escapes. The stupid policeman is caught by the army men. Jaran vows that he will raise back to the top again to Kon, but he falls off his horse from a back wound. Kong dies begging Jaran to not return to Puprakan. Jaran is furious and swaps their clothes to set it up that Jaran is dead.

I don’t know what is going on but Saroj and Naroong’s father got a soldier-general relationship. Saroj dislikes the General of how he is sacrificing the citizens’ lives. Saroj desires to stop killing, but the General declares that it is desertion and is about to kill Saroj, but Saroj is faster. The General wakes up from the dream and announces that he wants his team to be changed to professional killers. Somjai brings Kaew to Raifahroong. Naroong is about to execute the stupid policeman for allowing Jaran to escape. Everyone shows up to stop the execution. We get epic music as Naroong questions that here, who is the bigger one. Naroong gives Tawan a chance to save the bad policeman by giving him a one bullet shot to hit the string and if Tawan shoots more than one, Naroong will kill Tawan.


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  1. pachia says:

    Thank you thank you thnank you so much!!

  2. godninja says:

    for those who wants a full recap of TD from epi1, i most likey will not do that, because i don’t have the time. i think for sure that there will be someone smart enough to sub TD in the near future.

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