Tawan Deard Episode 14 Recap

Mysterious stranger? Obviously, we know who you are, but I still love the twist that wasn’t really a twist twist. You get what I mean. Did I mention that I like it when the bad help kill the bad. Save so much work for the pra’eks. Okay, Pond did not have to die. Hmm. I like this little last exchange between Singh and the ‘stranger’.

Singh: Who are you? Are you a friend or foe?

Stranger: The enemy of an enemy is the truest friend.

The stupid policeman has a monologue on his past regrets and that he deserves to die. Back to Tawan, he wakes up to his sister, Roong, and Sukda. Tawan accuses Sukda of killing his parents in order to own the wealth of Raifahroong. Sukda admits that he did order to kill Pupaa but not over the wealth. He recounts the story that Pupaa gradually become obsess with the gems to the point of killing off all the people who knows if its location. The food that Pupaa served to Sukda and his wife was poisoned. Luckily, Sukda survived but Roong’s mother died.

From then, it came survival, so Sukda ordered Jaran to rob Raifahroong and kill Pupaa. But he never thought that Putawan and his mother would get caught up in it. Tawan accuses him of making excuses. Sukda replies that he will repay back with his life and get the General to release Tawan. And for the rest, they will end it another day. Daycha is promoted to sheriff. Naroong remarks that Daycha is lucky to succeed in his career and love life. From here, Daycha asks Bulan if she got something with Naroong, he’ll hurt her. She threatens him back that if she dies, he’ll get oust of his position. She adds that she doesn’t want love, she wants power. The General guesses correctly that Naroong  got it in with Bulan, and warns him to not let the affair ruin the big job. Yok comes to invite the General to Raifahroong.

Sukda begs the General to release Putawan and his friends. The General goes along with it but adds that they will need to further question Tawan. Pond is freed and he asks Roong for forgiveness. She forgives him but says that he cannot return to Raifahroong. Salee and Pond hug that they will have to separate. Naroong is piss at his father of letting Putawan go. The General reveals that they will move Tawan to the major’s house, and en route, Tawan will ‘appear’ to be escaping, giving them the right to shoot him dead. The father and son nod in agreement that Daycha is the prefect man for the job.

Roong goes through rain and snow to visit our cowboy to treat this wounds. She tells him that he’ll be free.

Roong: (Holds Tawan’s nailed-through hand then lifts his shirt to see her bullet shot at him. Oh, should have lifted all the way for some Mark abs eye candy o.O!) Are you hurt much?

Tawan: Not much. But inside, it hurts more.

Roong: I had to. You were about to kill my father. What would  you want me to do? If I can die, I would die in turn for my father already. Why don’t you just kill me, so I won’t have to feel guilty like this? (Roong cries.)

Tawan: I should have not returned, Phetroong. I should have not come back here. (Tawan strokes her face and they hug and cry.)

Roong: I missed you. I missed you, Pee Putawan. But I never thought that you would return in this condition. (cries) How did you become a bad person? I waited for you to come back to protect me, not hurt me like this. When I shot you, you don’t know how much I hurt?

Tawan: I know Phetroong. Phetroong’s heart, why would Putawan this one not know?

Singh knows that he will not be release and sends Kaew off to send  a message to Kwan of an escape plan. Ranee is crying silently in grief. Pond runs to their camp and announces that Singh is planning to bust Tawan out tonight. Ranee gets on her determination face and declares that no matter what Putawan must not die. The crew goes to gather guns and ammo and gains the stupid policeman into the mission. Daycha fakes drunk to stalk his cheating wife. Naroong and Bulan are tangoing again and they bedtalk that even if Daycha finds out, he’ll still be the underdog. Outside the tent, Daycha witnesses the talk and calls her a whore.

Kaew tries to go deliver the guns to Singh and Somjai but fails. Kwan takes up the job and walks in with her chin up saying she’s bringing in food. Guns in hand, they ready themselves to save Tawan. The crew drives in without a particular plan. Naroong comes in to move Tawan to a ‘safer place’. The General sweet talk to Sukda that he is ready to protect his wealth. Right then, shots sounds. Sing and Somjai are in action. The crew is shooting in, and Naroong and Daycha gets desperate to kill Tawan. Singh comes shooting, and Naroong goes out in a rage. Then a gun points to this back; Roong ‘s back to save the day. [Girl’s Got Guns!] Roong orders Tawan to be let go. Sukda and the General enter the scene. Roong is serious on shooting Naroong. The General orders Daycha to release Tawan. The crew comes in with their jeep and with Naroong as a hostage, they escape with no casualties. Sukda says he will take responsibility for Phteroong’s and his worker’s actions and will understand if the General wants to call off the wedding. The General replies that he will do that, but he still wants to discuss the gem location. Daycha walks in to present himself as the sheriff in charge of hunting down Tawan.

The crew stops, and they split up. Okay I like this next part!

Khao Gaa Saeng: Pond take good grip of Khun Naroong. If anything gets fishy, use him as hostage.

Naoorng: Hey, this is not like promised! You said you’ll release me in the morning.

Singh: Oww, is it morning yet? And also I didn’t said what morning you’ll be release. [LMAO!]

Daycha gears up to go rescue Naroong. The search splits up. Tawan leads the group, with Pond supporting Tawan, and Roong rounding the back with her gun to Naroong. In the other group, Somjai talks to Ranee and he gets tongue-tied explaining that he is helping them because  the got a crush on her. Stupid policeman wakes up and gives Somjai his last possession which is a ring his mother gave him. [The moving background is fake, and I’m starting to see this in lakorns. I don’t know what’s so hard about shooting it the old-fashion way.] One army team catches up to them, and when they notice that Naroong is not on board, they shoot out.

Back to the other crew, Naroong is able to run off, and Pong goes chasing after him. Naroong knocks Pong with a stone and plunges a bullet in him. Singh comes but is too late and only mange to throw a knife at his back, and goes on a rage to kill Naroong. Tawan and Roong find Pond, and he begs Tawan to let go of his vengeance and for Roong to take care of Salee. Pond dies. [Pond’s death is so insignificant for his role. I don’t mind if he dies, but at least give him a good cause of death. Really, his death was unnecessary!]

Bullets continue to shoot between the car. The policeman is shot, and he urges then on as he will fight the men. They run and the policeman takes his last stand. He takes the other army machine gun, and both parties shoot the other to death. Daycha and his army finds Naroong. Naroong urges Daycha to quick send a message that Tawan are running to Poopayak. Daycha sees Singh’s dagger, and he gets an idea. Daycha stabs Naroong to death for having an affair with his wife. The General is furious, even in tears, as he caresses Naroong’s corpse a nd vows to kill Singh and get even with Raifahroong.

The General sends for Sukda and Yok, then the army capture all of the Raifahroong’s people. Salee urges Kaew to run away. Bulan learns that Naroong is dead, and she suspects Daycha if being the culprit instead. Kaew succeeds in running away. Sings suggests that they rest, and he goes off to findwater and walks into a camp. He announces that he is friendly, but gets knock out and bounded by a stranger [who we our course know is Jaran!].

Tawan confesses that his revenge is the root of the problems and that’s why Pond had to die. Daycha catches up to Tawan and Roong. And as Roong reloads her gun, Daycha gets her unguarded, and he kicks Tawan down a small cliff. The crew is safe in a city waiting for the Tawan team to show up. Somjai volunteers that he will return to Puprakan to get news. Ranee tells Somjai he must return, and he tilts his hat promising he will. Our ‘stranger’ walks upon Tawan. Daycha’s army fails to find Tawan, and they leave.

Singh and Tawan wake up, and Tawan unbinds Singh.

Singh: (Looking at the stranger’s’ back) Who are you? Are you a friend or foe?

‘Stranger’: The enemy of an enemy is the truest friend.

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