Tawan Deard Episode 16 Finale Recap

Bloody hell! How many fake bullets did they used in the making of Tawan Deard‘s finale? It is hardcore action. At the same time, I’m not too happy with the sequence of events. Tawan just rained on the party and show who’s the boss. Jaran did all the heavy lifting, the ten-life ninja died in one slash, and Daycha got gang shot to death. It’s was too easy. Whatever. I went gaga at Tawan’s love confession when Roong was shot in his arms:

 Roong: You must return to be the same.

Tawan: I am the same. I still love Phetroong like before.

As Jaran is walking  away, Sali yells at him for being an irresponsible coward. Tawan challenges him to a duel. Khao Gaa Saeng referees and tosses the coin to mark their start. Tawan, of course, is faster, and he shoots off Jaran’s gun and hat. Armless on the ground, Tawan asks Jaran to beg for his life. Jaran replies no but winces in fear. Tawan with two guns shoots at his surroundings. Jaran realizes that he is alive.

 Jaran: Why are you doing this?

Tawan: Everything has a reason, but this is not the time to explain it.

Jaran: You are trying to embarrass me or you are trying to make me feel remorseful. That is why you have spared my life. I want to tell you something, absolutely never! A person like me doesn’t care for anyone already!

Tawan: The feeling of a person who is close to death, you should know it too.

Jaran has flashbacks of all the people he had murdered finally seeing himself in the spot of the victim. Tawan reminds Jaran that every person who lost their life under him all felt the same way. Tawan and the crew walk away. Jaran cries a little. Somjai meets Ranee who has an eye wrap. He gives her his ring to keep. She is shocked, but Somjai assures her that he will never regret the decision. He hugs her. The Commander reports to the General that a dead Kulan is found in the woods. The General suspects why Daycha is all cool when his wife is dead. The Commander reveals that he is suspicious of Daycha being the real murderer of Naroong. Daycha walks into the three evil musketeers and announces that he has been searching for them. Roong talks to her father. Sukda tells her that when the day come when Tawan kills him, Roong must not to hate Tawan. He deserves to be killed by Tawan’s hands. Tawan, Singh, and Somjai leaves for Puprakan. Tawan reveals that when though they are outnumbered, he has a plan already installed.

Daycha arrives with the three musketeers to find that he is only given  few guards to barb against Tawan’s attack. Jaran walks back to Puprakan to pass a dirty old townsman wheeling  a little girl out of the town. Jaran asks him why he is leaving. The townsman explains that guns have become the law and no one is taking responsiblity of the corruption. Jaran reflects over all the things people have scream at him for being a dictator. The crew assemble and everyone vows to fight it to the end. One of the gun dealers bribes his way into meeting Sukda.

Inside, the guy invites Roong and Ploy to gather around the food. The bowl cover is lifted to reveal the propeller toy. Roong knows the meaning and speaks out Putawan. The General orders the Commander to prepare a troop to terminate both the Daycha and Tawan parties when they have fought to exhaustion  Daycha sees the ninja sidekick, and the ninja announces that he is here to help. Daycha comes to visit the prisoners, declaring that he is aware of Tawan and his crew coming to save them. Sukda makes a comeback by telling Daycha that the General will not just let Daycha off free either.

Just out of the blue, Tawan and Singh ride right up to the secure place. Daycha, like me is perplexed at their bold actions.

Daycha: Are you stupid or crazy, which is it? You came only with just two to bust out prisoners. Do you want to suicide?

Tawan: Release Khun Sukda’s family, and we will negotiate.

Singh: I am giving you an option for the last time.

Daycha: I can’t belive it that you dare speak like this. Stop dreaming. Prepare to die. Soldiers, prepare to shoot. (Guns are cocked and pointed at our cowboys. Then Somjai throws in a TNT.)

In the diversion, our cowboys take cover and pull out their guns. The crew has encircled the soldiers and the shooting begins. A millions bullets flies in the air, and they just all miss our men in boots. Tawan and Singh fight their way into the hotel. Daycha orders the army to bring out the machine guns. The Commander comes to report that the situation is bad right now with Tawan with the advantage. We see a mysterious pair of boots walk over to twist-necked kill a soldier. Of course it’s Jaran. He is here to make his grand exit. One of the musketeers grabs Ploy and uses her as hostage. Tawan and Singh come in and are lost for actions. Then out of the blue [there’s an awful lot of out of the blues in this finale], the ninja sidekick knifes the musketeer. He allows everyone else to pass but the ones who killed Naroong. Roong reminds the ninja that they are innocent, but Tawan shakes her off, saying now matter what they’ll have to face off.

Outside, bullets are still flying. Sukda, Roong, and Kwan make their way downstairs. The ninja sidekick tells both Tawan and Singh to come all at once. On the other battlefield, Jaran makes his way into an army tent. Daycha’s order for the machine gun is brought out, and Somjai is shot down. The General is pleased that both party are roughing each other up well and replies that they will roll in their troop. Tawan and Singh and the ninja have an awesome round of fist fighting. This ninja dies so hard. He jumps off windows too. They need to steal his sword because it’s a death machine. Plans is made to move Somjai. The gun dealer takes the job as Sukda, Roong  and Ploy shoot for cover.

The gun dealer gets shot in the leg in the process of dragging Somjai to safety. Roong takes down the second musketeer. Daycha orders them to give himself up or her will kill the gunman dealer injured in the open . At the camp ground, Jaran is dressed in a soldier outfit and walks out to be recognized by the General. Jaran shoots the Commander, and the General runs for cover. Jaran is shot in the shoulder, back, and leg, but he still prevails.

The General grabs his gun. At the three-man showdown, the ninja stabs our Singh. Then suddenly Tawan is all superman and strong as he throws around the ninja. The ninja grabs his gun, as our poor hurting Singh manages to pull out the ninja gun. Singh throws the gun to Tawan, and in one smooth move, Tawan slashes the ninja’s eye. Did this ninja just died in move slash? I suppose it’s only fit for him to meet his end with his own death sword. Khao Gaa Saeng and his worker are driving over, and they enter the place just in time to save the crew. The good crew is back on the advantage, and they start to shoot again.

Jaran uses the Commander as bait for the General to shoot first. Jaran drags the General into the gem caves. Inside, the general is confused to what Jaran is doing.

Jaran: One like me can’t live as a loser.

General: What you want?

Jaran: I want to die a winner. (Jaran points his gun to the TNT. The General catches on.)

General: Don’t be crazy! If you die like that what will you get?

Jaran: This gem cave, no one will have it.

General: You barbarian. Have you gone crazy? You’re crazy!

Jaran: I’ve been crazy for a long time. (He look mental!)

General: You are crazy. (Jaran shoots and EXPLOSION!)

All of the soldier had fled the scene, except Daycha who comes out with the machine gun determined to kill all of them. One of the gunmen dealer is shot dead. Then Tawan lights a TNT and throws it to Daycha. Looks like every bad guy is dead. Everyone comes out in to the open.

Sukda:Everything is close to be finished.

Tawan: It ended already.

Sukda: There is one thing you must do. You have waited for this day for a longtime now Putawan. It’ time.

Roong: Father…

Sukda: Phetroong, it’s suitable. I must give justice tot he son of Pupaa my best friend. Blood must be played with blood.

Roong: Father, I beg you. (Then a stray bullet sound, and Roong is hit. Roong falls, and Tawan catched her. Daycha is still alive, and all off the crew gang up to shoot him frying to his death. Tawan shakes Roong.)

Roong: Ploykwan. Pee Tawan.

Tawan: Phetroong, hold on. I’ll fetch someone to help you. A doctor is coming.

Roong: I’m never afraid Because no matter what. Brother will come save this sister always. Your must return to be the same.

Tawan: I am the same. I still love Phetroong like before.

Roong: (Pulls out the propeller toys. Her voice cracks.) The toy is broken. I want a new one. Will you make me one?

Tawan: Yeah, Phetroong, how many do you want?  I will make it for you. Don’t be anything. (Everyone is crying, and the killer song Dead Clock plays as Roong losses conscious. Everyone screams for her, and Tawan lets out a war cry into the sky screaming why.)

We get a flash with Kwan’s voice narrating that the nightmare have ended. Puprakan and Raifahroong have been revived again. Then Tawan is seen horse riding as Kwan continues to narrate that Tawan returned to Saroj’s hometown and Ranee is the only one who knows of his location. Two months later, Khao Gaa Saeng celebrates his tavern reopening. Somjai, now sheriff, catches Ranee to invite her to celebrate his new job. He asks for he ring that he gave her, and Raneee bring it out saying that it doesn’t suit her. He proposes to her and says that he doesn’t care of her past and only ask for her to be happy. Ranee tells him that she doesn’t love him. Somjai relies that he can wait and that on the day, she answers him, they (Kaew too) will be a family. He asks her to marry him again, and she smiles. Sigh is playing his usual song in the night, and Ploy joins him.

Kwan: These days, have you stop drinking?

Singh: Yes. I was afraid my liver would harden, and I would die. Then there will be no one to take care of Raifahroong. (Singh continues to play his harmonica.)

Kwan: Hey Singh, I have realized something. You only know how to play one song.

Singh: (Laughs.) Oh, Khun Nu just noticed that?

Kwan: I have noticed it for a long time. You keep playing the same song. So boring.

Singh: You have come to sit with me only for a few nights; you’re bored already?

Kwan: Hey Singh, you are now the head guard, you can’t be goofing around. You have to be more mature, you understand?

Singh: (Smiles and sits up.) Are you concern about me?

Kwan: Well I want my father to notice your work so that you can be promoted quicker.

Singh: (Smiles wider.) Promote me? From a worker to a son-in-law?

Kwan: (Hits Singh on the shoulder.) You crazy, just you wait.

Singh then points to the sky claiming to see falling stars. Kwan is distracted, and Singh steals a kiss on her cheek. Sing  laughes that she got fooled. Kwan playfully smacks him. Singh grabs her hand, the Broken Watch song plays ,and he kisses her cheeks ever so softly.

Tawan: Your cheek is softy and smells good too.

Kwan: People will see. (Singh sleeps on her lap calling her name. Then he starts to tell her she loves him, but Kwan stops him.) No need to say it, I already knew it for a long time.

Singh: Are you happy?

Kwan: (Nods.) Why do you ask?

Singh: I was thinking how are others doing? Are they as happy as we are?

Kwan: Other people, do you mean…? (Singh nods. He is referring to Tawan and Roong.)

Sukda takes out his photo them three friends: him, Pupaa, and Saroj. Sali knocks and comes in to give letter to Sukda from Ranee. Roong is alive riding to her swing. Sukda follow her and gives her the letter. It’s from Tawan who has written that he has forgiven Sukda and has given up the rights of the farm to Ploykwan. Roong asks that if this means the Tawan will never return now. Sukda tell Roong that some things can’t ever be forgive completely and for her to forget Tawan. Roong replays through all of Tawan and her sweet memories. I realized that there is a lot of cheek stroking and forehead kisses. Her memories end at their last time together when she was shot and had asked Tawan for a new toy propeller in which he promised her that he’ll make her as many as she wanted.

Tawan is living a forest life, thinking about Roong too as he twirls the toy propeller. Then YES YES YES [Yes, Roong! Girls sometimes need to wear the pant in a relationship. For the first time in Tawan Deard, Roong is wearing skirt, just like Kwan before. I notice too like other fans have point out.], Tawan turns to see Roong walking over like a slow dream. He stands up, and they stare at each other lost for words. They walk together.

Roong: This place is very comfy..

Tawan: If it is possible, I want to live here for the rest of my life.

Roong: By yourself?

Tawan: Probably.

Roong: What about me?

Tawan: It can never be, Phetroong. This place is not suitable for you.

Roong: Pee Tawan is afraid…afriad to start afresh. You’re afraid to will lose everything that you have experienced? If you give me a chance, we can have a tomorrow together. I will stay by your side until your nightmares cease. We will pass through it together.

Tawan: Phetroong, I will do everything to my best. We will start over. We will have a tomorrow together.

Roong makes the move to hug Tawan. He hugs her back, and they smile in closure.

Tawan gives her a still-tame forehead peck. Make out already! I give you permission to make babies! Tawan Deard the end.


Review and OST Coming!!!

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