News: Topless 4+1 Pra’eks

Have you seen this? Is this new footage? I beg you, someone hunt down the video for me!  ‘Cause I’m spazzing right now!!! You know how much I’m into abs and nakedness??? So far, it’s been naked females, but this is more like me! Wow! Wow! Wow! It’s not even one hot topless guy…but FIVE! And not just any five, but our five pra’eks of 4+1 Superstars.

Shall I narrate? Godninja clears her throat.

Mark: We must look sassy.

Boy: That’s right! Let me put my hand on you!

Nadech: Mario, come here! I need you to block my chest hair!

Ken: No fair! Why do I get the sissy necklace? Nadech got the sugar daddy one, and P’Boy got the gangster chain.

 Mario: Mark, we are not sassy nor, Ken, are we sissy. We’re not just topless, we’re topless werewolves. *puts on the alpha glare*

credit photos: gossipstar news bit with these pics dated 12/10/11

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22 Responses to News: Topless 4+1 Pra’eks

  1. Lavandula says:

    Mario… Sometime look like Thai people… Sometimes look like farang… 55+++…

  2. Genda Lee says:

    Got to admit! Nadech is Just so DAMN handsome/hot! I don’t want to feel like i’m harassing him but he is always in my mind. His smile is a killer. I just like him sooo much.

  3. Kiki says:

    Ok random question… How do they come up with Their nick names? Their names are super long and then they have names like ” boy, ken, aff, um, mint, mart” for a few examples and the nick names have nothing to do with their real names. Maybe you can answer that for me please.

    • godninja says:

      a very good question that i can answered in depth. the thai culture is a nick name culture. meaning that it’s not that daras want to have nick names to be cool, all thais have nick names, in general. most of the times, their nick names are childhood names and such before their stardom and have nothing to do with their real names but they can.

      for example, nick names that are short for their real names: “Vee” Veeraparb and “Rita” Sirita.

      many of the times they are based on their personality/likes, like Dan Worrawech is called “Dan” because he is tan. “dan” means black/dark in thai. i find a lot of their nick names strange. like “Kob” means frog or “Poo” means crab…?

      and there’s the just plain weird choice of english nicknames like “Donut”. “Cherry”, and “Pancake”.

      on the other hand, some nicknames are epic like, “Pepper” and “Captain”.

      typical english names are popular too: “Vicky”, “Janie”, “James” etcs. popular thai nicknames includes Bee, Nam, Soy, Noi, Boy, Toey, Som and many many more. from my experience, “Pinky” is actaully a common indian name.

      • Kiki says:

        Yes your right I’ve met a lot of Indian women named pinky! But I got it now thank you for that explanation! I totally understand the Thai nicknames but your right some of the English nicknames are still a bit wired like donut, and pancake… But they are cute and fit them perfectly. I especially like pancake, that’s just super cute.

      • Nan says:

        All Thais have 2 names — real name and nick name — Thai people named their child’s nick name only1-2 syllable (for easy to call) from anything that they can think about.. everything around you can be your nick name. For example, Gaew means Glass, Som means Orange, Yai means Big, Lek means Small, Noi means Little (Yai, Lek and Noi are really popular in the past but now no one named their child these’s old..can be seen in period lakorns), Gam means Cheek (my friend named Gam because when she was young she had a chubby cheeks haha), Fon means rain, Nam means Water, Pang means Powder etc. these are all examples of thai nick name which are form thai think about it..I really don’t know why we were named by the object around us lol.. but nowaday, It’s popular to named children nick names in 2 syllable or strange names that won’t imitate others and also named their child in english words like May (the month for someone born in may– use a lot in thai! I have about 10 friends named May – -“), Cherry, Pear, Donut (Maybe her mom liked to eat donut when she was pregnant lol), Pancake (I’ve never heard someone names pancake before except’s really rare name that not similar to others), Top, Gun, Boy, Book, Bird,Golf, Ball, Win etc. We call each other by calling nick names.. Even use with the person you’ve meet at the first time.. calling real name to each other feel a bit distant… Real names use only in a formal ways or with a manner like saying with customers, with the boss, with the senior that you respect and use in literal ways. Real names we are named by balee and sansakrit language (from India — our language is influenced by these language too) I don’t know how it called in English sorry– real names are usually 2-4 syllables no longer than that..only the king and royal family’s names can be long.

        Hope this help :)) PS. sorry for my poor grammar > <

      • godninja says:

        your grammar is not a problem. thanks for the info. i think i might take thai next semester, this makes me wonder what nickname should i pick? hmmm…i alwaysed liked Noi for some reason.

  4. Angela says:

    I’m in love with Nadech!!!! He’s so hot!!!

  5. LKFAN says:

    What’s the “4+1 Pra’ek” thingy?? What’s it all about?

    • godninja says:

      4+1 is a promotional group consisting of nadech, ken, mark, boy, and mario. you know. 4+1=5 pra’eks. it’s a collab of the lakorns: 1) plearng torranong 2) tawan deard 3) roy marn 4) game rai game rak and 5) 3 num nuea thong which all took the primetime slots of fri-sat-sun. they all are training for a concert, but it got postponed to february. there’s alot of promotional by these hotties. it basically 5 hot ch 3 guys slap together to do bunch make us fan girls spazz. their training concerts bts vids are so epic. mario pop dancing and nadech kicking butt…oh february come sooner.

      • LKFAN says:

        Oh…ok…hmm…interesting…but why is it titled 4+1?? Haha.

      • godninja says:

        i dunno. just because. 4+1 = 5? so 4+1 Superstar. i really like the concert poster and teasers! ahhh, eyeliner!!!!

      • godninja says:

        wow, what a coincident. mark is still touching this chin…that’s not the point of this comment, check out the bottom of the poster with the word ‘sassy’. LMAO!

      • LKFAN says:

        Mark looks the best in the poster because he has no eyeliner!! Dude can they please stop putting dark makeup on these hotties! I wouldn’t like a guy who puts more makeup on than me…yuck…

        Anyway, I still think the concept of “4+1” is weird. Though it makes sense, it’s just weird…
        “Channel 4-1 present you our 4+1 pra’eks!!! YEAH!!!”

      • xox says:

        I was like “what the heck is this?? Some wannabe 2pm??” LOL—I kidd. I just recently found out what 4+1 was about.

  6. xox says:

    HAHAHA! You are so funny!!! Sugar daddy chain! lmfao!

  7. fun says:

    I have seen one too many Korean bodies (Taeyang, Daesung, Jo Kwon, Taec, etc) that I am not that wow by this =( although I love 4+1 guys to death!!!

    • godninja says:

      i love all the shirt ripping and abs flaunting in kpop…they can get so hot but at the same time, the cross dressing and make up and…*shivers* totally kills my manly image of them.

    • xox says:

      I have to admit, Korean celebs do have killer abs and nice bods. But Korean girls—-ehhhh. Many (especially actresses) are pale, skinny, flat, etc…they’re just not gorgeous like celebrity Thai girls. (:

  8. Kiki says:

    This is to great! Lol so sexy but cute! Just how we love our pra’ek’s to be:)

  9. SarahAdlina says:

    I have bumped into a video saying e 4+1 superstars wif mark n etc. Sadly i didnt bother watching it 😦 regretting it rite now… >.<

  10. Roxxi says:


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