Tawan Deard Episode 14 Preview

Bromance are uniting to  bust out our cowboy. Tawan and Roong will get a little heart to heart. We are are at the crossroads of revenge and love. Please look forward to me recapping within the airing day to celebrate the finale.

 Kwan: Pee Putawan is locked in the barn. Soon, Ai Daycha will go take him to visit the Tonws headman.

Roong: Are you hurt much?

Tawan: Not much, but inside it hurts more.

Roong: Why don’t you just kill me, so I won’t have to feel gulity like this?

Tawan: The heart of Phetroong is like what, why would Putawan this one not know?


About godninja

I like being a mystery, but my writing reflects me.
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