Tawan Deard Episode 15 Recap

I can’t help to notice that Mark is soooo hot! Man+Guns=My Type! So, it’s really the second to finale episode. I am super baffled at the masses of death. I’m not a big action lakorn watcher, but Tawan Deard‘s death statistics are unprecedented. So many innocent bystanders sacrificed. I know that more deaths are to come, I just hope that there are many sweet to make up for the bloodshed.

Jaran offers to be an ally to take down the General. Tawan refuses to work together because Jaran killed his parents. Jaran questions that between killing him and saving Phetroong, which is more important to Tawan. Jaran is not asking for forgiveness but for a comradeship to take back Puprakan. Ninja sidekick walks in with his blinded one eye and vows to kill Singh and everyone affiliated with the murder. Sukda asks for the General to pull out his troops. The General announces that Raifahroong is his and the hidden gem is his too. He will let them go if Sukda discloses its location.

Roong returns with Daycha to a dead Raifahroong. She sees Sali and they catch up. Roong holds her hand, telling Sali that Pond has gone. Sali refuses to accept it, and they hug. Roong demands to see the General where she rationalizes that Naroong’s death is not their doing. The General refuses to acknowledge it, but the ninja sidekick is getting the vibes. The General reminds Roong to quick go get the gem location out of her father. Our cowboys have a bromance talk. Tawan apologizes for hiding his identity. Singh says a friend is still a friend. Tawan regrets his vengeance, and how that lead to Pond’s death. They vow to save Ploykwan and Phetroong. Jaran orders them out. Somjai is back in town to get news from the gun dealer that Raifahroong is overthrown. Tawan and Singh are with Jaran to meet the good crew. Tawan announces that Jaran is an ally now. Roong returns to the barn and hugs her father. Kwan is brewing in her own hatred saying that Sukda’s karma is catching up to him and he says he will repay.

Yok begs Daycha to help, but Daycha refuses and asks his father to change side. Yok slaps his son. This just add more fire to Daycha’s greed to own Raifahroong.  Somjai sneaks in to talk to Sali and he receives the information that Sukda, Kwan, and Roong are in the barn and that Singh is accused of murdering Naroong. Somjai is able to escape. Ranee dresses Tawan’s wounds and questions of the aftermath of the battle. If the General is ousted, what of Jaran and of his heart’s matter? Is he going to married the daughter of his enemy? Khao Gaa Saeng drinks with Jaran, acknowledging their comradeship but vows that they have yet to settle their own score later. They drink to it. Singh is playing his harmonica again, probably sending out his heart to Ploy as he relay all the memories of Kwan being mean to him. Baby it’ll be alright. You know they are bro and sis now, so she’s all yours.

Finally, Kwan is thinking of Singh in return! Kwan is worried of Tawan and Singh. Roong assures her that they are alive and will come save them. Sukda meets with the General and offers the location in return of the safety of his family and his Raifahroong workers. The General won’t compromise but offers to free only one party-his daughters or the workers. The next morning, the workers are release, meaning Sukda chose the workers. It’s so wise of him to pick the greater number that is the true value of a leader. Roong is proud of her father’s decision. Yok refuses to leave and stands his ground that he has to take responsibility of Daycha’s actions.

Kulan is locked up and orders to be free. Daycha tackles her and confesses that he killed Naroong so he can kill her just as easily. Tawan has a nightmare flash of his past. Our cowboy fails at shooting with his nailed through hand. Jaran suggests that he stop wasting bullets and learn to shoot with his other hand. Ammo is all on go for Somjai as he ships them to the crew. The cave’s blocked entrance is bombed loose, and the General’s men ship out the gems. The General is there to check out the goods, and Daycha watches on the side. They are going back on their words to drag back to workers to dig work on uncovering all of the gems.

Roong watches their workers being hulled back. Sukda orders an explanation. The General promises the workers their safety if they work for him. Sali and the other refuses, and the General announces that they must or they’ll be killed. Sukda comes in and asks for the worth of the General words. Sukda is angry and grabs a gun to kill the General but fails. Tawan is reflecting over what all his love ones have told him, and he get a new-found power. Tawan hammers at shooting, and everyone gather to speculate his metamorphsosis. Jaran walks over to give him a gun ,and Tawan shoots with his other hand. He is now ambidextrous. Beware! Somjai returns and relays them the news. Jaran is angry that the General has found the gem location. They debate over who to save first–Sukda’s family or the workers.

Rooong suddenly gets a light that the next town Puprayak has army troops who are also enemies of the General. The good crew’s army truck is being fixed. Khao Gaa Saeang thanks his worker that they are friends of death. The crew gears up, and they take their leave. At the cave, the crew lures out the army and the workers are guided out. The commander is surrounded, and he drops his gun. They give him a message to send to the General that they didn’t kill Naroong so he should pull out before they attack.

Roong bangs at the door that the soldier should call a doctor to look after her ill father. The two soldiers comes in and Yok and Roong fight them. Kwan comes to help and gets aim at, but Sukda comes to block the bullet. Sukda tell them to run on without him. A soldier reports to Daycha that Sukda and them have escapes. He goes off and orders that Kulan be closely watche. Kulan packs up, taking special care of her jeweleries and pulls out a mini-gun. Yok clears the way. Sukda collapses, and Roong asks Kwan to help her. Kwan talks back that Sukda killed her parents so his death is none of her concern. Yok comes over and slaps Kwan. He tells her that Sukda loves her.

Kwan gets her sense back and walks over calling Sukda father again. She asks for forgiveness. They hug. Dude, ya got to get the heck out of there first! A shot rings and Yok is hit. A heavy trickle of blood drips down his head. Kwan grabs a gun to shot the soldier. More soldiers and Daycha come to surround them. Looks like the escape is a loss cause. Daycha screams in anger of how his father refused to stand next to him. Khao Gaa Seang’s truck return tot heir camp, and Ranee helps out a black-cloaked worker, but he turns out to be the ninja sidekick. He takes out his sword.

Flash, we see the General talking to this commander and orders that Sukda and his two daughters be taken to lock up in a more secure location. Tawan, Singh, and Jaran returns to see Sali, Khao Ga Seang, and his worker walking out of the camp. They return to the whole camp slaughtered.

Ranee walks out with her eyes slashed. Somjai stalks off in anger demanding the ninja to appear. Daycha on the other hand is going crazy asking his father to watch  him live his much better life and thinking of how much his father sacrificed for him. Daycha breaks down squeezing the broken glass cup. He announces that he has no one left to trust, then he remembers Kulan. He goes up to the room to fund his men dead and Kulan gone. Daycha rides to catch up to Kulan. He orders her back. Kulan replies that she doesn’t love him. Daycha tells her that he can give her anything. She responds that she’s not anyone’s possession and she takes out her mini-gun and launches a bullet at Daycha’s stomach. She apologizes but gathers her things and gets ready to run. Daycha raises and he knocks her down and strangles her dead. Tragic! Daycha killed him father and Kulan his love. This guy has gone crazy! Dude, Kula looks scary in that last pix.

The commander comes in to move Sukda, Roong, and Kwan to the more secure hotel location. The commander announces that the townsmen should spread the news to Tawan that if by tomorrow by sunset, his crew don’t turn themselves in, they will execute Sukda and his daughters. The crew receives the news, and they ready to go save them. Jaran stands up and announces that this is not what he signed up for and is pulling out.


Tawan Deard The Review Coming Up!

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