HeadsUp: Nam Kuen Hai Reab Rak

We’ve only heard of the flood crisis causing millions of bahts in damages to showbiz but damn was Exact Scenario Ch5 smart to turn the waves around. Likit Fah Chata Din had to stop shooting because of the flood, so Nam Kuen Hai Reab Rak‘s convenient storyline smoothed over the bump easily. NKHRR is a rom-com spin on the dilemmas and love opportunities of the flood starring three couples: Pong Nawat & Will Wannarot, Tar Navin & Grace Navakotcharmon, Nat Thephasadin & Fang Pitchaya set to air Monday-Thursday starting 01/02/2012.

As posted at ForeverPongAndAom, this is a short with no spoilers synopsis translated by Punrungpundao. During the great flood of 2011 in Thailand, it caused much trouble to anyone even Kor (Pong Nawat), who is a playboy and a pub owner. He has become a flood victim as well and has to evacuate and run away from his creditors by trying to get help from Kla, his father in Rayong. But he is surprised he doesn’t find his father. There is a young woman named Wun (Vill Wannarot), who claims to be the person that takes care of his father. She told him that Kla disappeared and after that Kor quarrels with him over the phone. Kor opens his father’s safe to get money to pay off his debt, but there is no money. There is only paperwork that specify that his father gave all of his money to Wun and that if Kor wants the money, he must marry Wun. There is much disorder and more fun when Yuan (Nat Thephasadin), Kor’s creditor, takes his family to escape the flood to live with Kor and Bibi (Pei Panwad), Kor’s sweetheart, also escapes the flood to find Kor. Plus, Kor must find his missing father. The full synopsis with spoilers is available in Thai at Pong’s FBfanpage. Tomorrow, I’ll see if I can get my Dad to read it.

There’s really nothing more that’s known, so just enjoy some pics.

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4 Responses to HeadsUp: Nam Kuen Hai Reab Rak

  1. fun says:

    Bad pairing! I like Vill though but not sure if I will watch this. Probably just skip like what I usually do with Ch5.

  2. xox says:

    Finally some nice, versatile pairings (unlike 3 golden men).

  3. :) says:

    Ok…. I got so eXcited when I heard that Pong and Vill were doing a lakorn 2gether when I saw their magazine photo shoot some months ago or was it last year or two. The story doesn’t intrest me that much. But b/c it’s Vill and Pong, I’ll try to watch it. I wad really hoping the lakorn would be a slap/ kiss lakorn but so SAD that it’s not.

    Godninja, please try to put the spoiler if u can.hopefully their can be some VERY good/sweet juicy scene of Vill and Pong.

  4. Kiki says:

    Hmmmmmmm… Ok we will see how this does.

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