Snippet: Nai Roy Rak Finale Recap

Nai Roy Rak stars beefy chest “Pong” Nawat Kulrattanarak and sexy “Aum” Patcharapa Chaichue. I think they were smart to slap together two sex icon to star in what fans calls a lakorn flop of the year. Nai Roy Rak looked like waaayyy too much drama to me. Regardless of how much it dragged and sucked like I read, I like the finale. They tried very hard to make it good. It’s the typical rushed Thai ending of course. Hostage by the bad guys. Secrets spill. Pra’ek comes to save nangek. Too easy of a capture with the bad guys. Short make up! Sex! Break up. Baby! Few years later, reunion! Then happy ending!!!  Man, it never gets old!

HA! Thought so, got your attention with that photo, huh? Anyway, Nai Roy Rak‘s ratings are pretty descent but still low for a Ch7 lakorn, enough to be call a flop.

Nai Roy Rak‘s Ratings. Credit to pantip.

Epi 1: 9.2
Epi 2: 9.1
Epi 3: 8.2
Epi 4: 8.3
Epi 5:  8.0
Epi 6: 7.2
Epi 7: 9.1
Epi 8: 10.0
Epi 9: 9.8
Epi 10: 8.3
Epi 11: 9.0
Epi 12: 8.8
Epi 13: 7.7
Epi 14: 8.8
Epi 15: 7.7

Now to a condense recap of the finale. Mammusalin/Mut (“Aum” Patcharapa Chaichue) is captured. Maturin/Dia (“Tarn” Kanya Rattanapetch) comes to drag back her mother Bua, but her mother reveals that Mut is Dia’s older sister. The mom promised to revenge on the father Thade for raping her, so she gave birth to Mut in private and gave her to her boyfriend Pasit to raise. Mama Mafia comes in saying that Sita the villain’s son has talked. The crew moves out. Jirada, Mut’s adopted mom, cries for thinking that Mut was her deceased husband and Bua’s child. Dia is perplexed at the revelation and Kuthep (“Oun” Rangsit Sirananon) comes to ask her if she is worried of how she’ll behave to her older sister now. Dia replies that now that Mut and Kanon (“Pong” Nawat Kulrattanarak) are no longer blood related, they are free to love each another and that mean they both will lose.

Mama Mafia rolls in with her big guns and Mut is retrieved. Mama Mafia tells the bad guy Sia Sukda that she will release his son Sita when she is safe out of Thailand. Kanon returns with Mut, and Dia is all goody sister now. Kuthep comes in with a fancy glass of water to congratulate Kanon of being the pra’ek to help Mut back and that they’ll get married like a happy ending. The father Thade is mad at Bua for watching him hurt his own daughter. Bua apologizes, but he says that he’ll divorce her because she hate him that much and that when he raped her it was love but now it has all ceased. Thade come to apologize to Mut of everything. Mut wakes up to a whole lot of confusion. Jirada tells Mut that Bua and Thade are her real parents. Mut hugs Jirada saying that she’ll only love her more and she’s not leaving. They hug.

As fast as Thai endings are rushed, next moment, everything is all good. Kuthep jokes that he is glad he can be free to hit on Mut now. He is hinting to Kanon. And like all ending, Mut is leaving with Mama Mafia to go take care of Kim and says good-bye to her mother Jirada. The mom mentions that if a certain someone calls, she can’t lie forever. Mom asks Mut that she must ask herself that even if Dia is her sister, love cannot be stopped. Kanon calls tens of times and finally comes over to ask Mut’s mom. He begs her to tell where Mut is. Kanon assures that he and Dia are impossible and he knows Mut loves him. Bua reveals that Mut  is on vacation and fights to not tell Kanon. This is my favorite part.

Jirada: She said I couldn’t tell…but I can write it. [Then she takes out pen and paper to write the whereabouts for Kanon.]

Mut is enjoying massages, relaxing at a resort. She wakes up and sees a couple shooting their wedding photos, and then Kanon walks up behind her saying that if she like it, in their wedding they can do it like so. Mut accuses him of following her. Kanon says that he’s here to follow his heart instead. She asks if he found it yet. Kanon says that he came yesterday already but he just watched her from afar. He tells her he loves her. Mut returns the words. They hug. He tells her not to run from him anymore. Night time comes….we know what that means!!! Hot lips actions…sex! Next morning Kanon wakes up alone. He frantically looks around for Mut to find only a letter. Mut is in Hong Kong taking care of Kim (“Pai” Patit Pisitkul) and then she says farewell to Mama Mafia and Kim to go to America to take care of her ‘business’. Kim slowly lets go of Mut’s hand. Alone, he is heartbroken and cries saying it was so hard for him to not love her.

4 years later. Kanon calls Kuthep, who is now married to Dia, that he’s back from America but out-of-town. After the phone call. Kuthep flips over a book and asks Dia to pick their baby’s name. He poke at her stomach. AWWW!!! Did they freaking smash all of this together to make up for a the crapiness. Then we see a little kid’s ball fall in the pool, and he calls for help. Kanon appears and helps dig out the ball. Kanon gives the ball to the kid and asks if the kid is alone. The kids answers that he came with his mommy, and at the mention of his mom, the kid adds that his mom taught him to not talk to strangers. Then Mut comes running in calling for her son. Kanon and Mut freezes. Kanon Junior walks to cuddle his mom saying that this uncle helped get him his ball. Kanon walks right up and says that he all this time, he still loves her even if she has a kid now and married.  Mut replies that she is single living alone with her son.

Kanon: Can you tell Uncle? What is your name?

Anon: Anon krup. Anon Rattanarak krup phom.

Kanon: Your surname…? This means that…

Mut: Yes…He is our child.

Kanon: [Family bear hug!] Our child. My child.

Mut: I just came from abroad a few days ago. I came straight the place where we meet.

Kanon: [Strokes Mut’s face] Anon, can I carry you son? [He lifts his son with Mut on his ides] Meaning our heart are the same. From now on, don’t run away from me anymore. I won’t let you and my son get away again.

Anon: Mommy, who is this?

Kanon: This one? This one is your dad, Anon.

Mut: Call him dad, son.

Anon: Dad.

[More family bear hug and THE END!!!]

Credit: The hot lips action photos to rakdara


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6 Responses to Snippet: Nai Roy Rak Finale Recap

  1. lalapaloli says:

    Yay, I love Aum Patchrapa! I’m such a fan of her, I so wanna meet her. ^^

  2. Angskeet says:

    thai people are getting brave now and are doing real kissing scenes…i’ve notice that recently

  3. -a says:

    Oh wow, they got a kid at the end.Didn’t read the recap.I was too lazy just looked at the ratings and the pictures and of course the lines.

  4. jazmin says:

    Thanks for the snippets! I guess I didn’t miss anything

  5. sarinsem50 says:

    Thanks for hard work.

  6. looksy says:

    Thanks for the finale recap. Will link this at our blog.

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