Ranting: Boobilicious Daras at Kom Chad Luek Awards 2011

Wow! Por Nattawut got two for Best Actor in lakorn and movie, Chompoo Araya for Best Actress, Yaya Urassaya and Barry Nadech for Popularity, Roy Mai for Best Lakorn, 30 Gum Lung Jaew for Movie Popularity…I don’t even give a hoot at the winners. I’m wowing at boobs. Again, I’ll be talking juicy.


Because Valentine is next week, before boobs, I will introduce our couples. Vicky Sunisa and Chai Chatayodom & Por Nattawut and Ae Pornthip will be tying knot this year. Num Atthaporn and wife had married the other day. Koo Kwan Cee Siwat and Amy Amika are still hanging in.


Look like these oddballs didn’t get the memo. Is Ice Apissada going to a Korean’s Award and did Kat Katreeya bring her ice skates also?



Then, Benz Pornchita and May Fuengarom under dressed for their usual sexy look.


Mint Natwara and Kim Kimberly didn’t need cleavage to rock the red carpet.


Here with Pong Nawat, even with Noon Wornanuch‘s modest V-dip, she covered her cleavage when leaning over to converse.


Next, Vill Wannarot and Chompoo Araya hosted a descent cleavage while at this angle, Mint Chalida was a bit uneven.


But no worries, Kwan Usamanee was too tight.


Mirror, Mirror on the wall! Who’s the boobilicious of them all? Ploy Chermarn…do you ever fail to make my jaw drop? On first pix, I would narrate: Ahhh! Where did my boobs drop to? Let’s get it from for the gal herself on what she thinks of her dress.

Ploy: It may be a bit more sexy…in that it reveals my boobs. But since there are a lot of hems….so it looks bigger…something like that. But the dress is modest. [talking on its security] Safe. No one will definitely see…I’m also shocked. I’m shy too…but I came to an event. It has to be a bit all out.

Godninja: Ummmm…then what was this onstage making Chompoo uncomfortable as you just ooze out…? But then all mean stuff put aside, I like this dress quite a lot…but it’s not something I would wear.

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I like being a mystery, but my writing reflects me.
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9 Responses to Ranting: Boobilicious Daras at Kom Chad Luek Awards 2011

  1. Bop says:

    I don’t really like Ploy’s dress. this has got nothing to do with the amount of boobs cleavage she is showing. That dress’s color and that fact that is sparkles…yeh.I don’t really like it. Ploy is stunning regardless of the amount of cleavage but her dress is horrible. 😦

  2. Emerald says:

    Mint Chalida has grown so beautiful.

  3. CC says:

    Ugh, I’m not feeling any of these dresses at all. IMO, Vicki looks best and has the best makeup. The couples however are cute!

  4. slide says:

    “ateam did deliver their flawless acting but they didnt win for that ?”
    I am still shocked they didn’t even got nominated for their job in RM.
    About RM it wasn’t perfect but the storyline, the artistry and all made me travel. I didn’t like the abrupt ending.
    And maybe I will shock some people but I have yet to see Ploy conveying a classy vibe in her offscreen pictures. You can be sexy but classy at the same time.

  5. jen_x says:

    I love Chompoo’s dress the most 😀

  6. Perking says:

    Love Mint N ‘s dress and Joy rocks
    RM won best Lakorn, scratching my hair….. , lol

  7. Fun says:

    i love ateam but roy mai won for best lakorn?like really. ateam did deliver their flawless acting but they didnt win for that? yet they won for the horrible script of roy mai???? dont get me wrong, it was a good lakorn but it shouldnt have gotten the title. only ateam parts not the lakorn as a whole.

    anyways i dont like kim’s dress. it looks good from a distance but close up, it is fugly. i like mint c dress especially the bottom half. mint n is rocking it too. hm…

  8. UrWorstNightMare says:

    As if Ploy’s never been nude. Anyway, I think Ploy is the only one here with a sexy bod. She’s not super thin like the other’s and she’s got meat. If you wanna be sexy, you need meat.

  9. DaraRai says:

    I love Amy K.’s dress the most!

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