Ranting: Leh Pummared, Tata, Bie, & Yadech

Okay, when the news is on the boring side and I so see a lot of funny and juicy epicness in watching videos and cruising around, I want to share them with you.

1) Who knew that Leh Pummared is a comedy lakorn? I don’t call hot womanizer revenge seeking pra’ek Pummared (Pong Nawat) who married the older sister, impregnated the younger sister, fell in love with the middle sister, and then died at the end a comedy. What was this playlist compiler thinking? This had me cracking so bad! Maybe it’s just me.

2. In the Tukky Tukky Show last week, Tata Young was the guest and they played this impromptu game where one of the co-host pulls out an objects and they have to think of a song that has the word in here. I was watching this and then at first I didn’t get why Tukky Sudarat was singing Khon Jai Ngai…but then I got and it was hilarious.

3. If I meet Bie Sukrit, I would be like this fan girl on Fan Pan Tae Show. I’m not sure what the question was about, but she won his red leather jacket that he wore to open his Rak Mak Mai Concert with an autograph, a 5 times VIP pass to his concerts and lakorn set, and a wedding photoshot with Bie.

4. Did you know that Barry Nadech‘s heart beats ya-ya?

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8 Responses to Ranting: Leh Pummared, Tata, Bie, & Yadech

  1. CC says:

    LMFAO good question. I also want to know why they chose the song My Humps for Yaya to sing. In fact, there were quite a few suggestive songs in the 4+1 Concert. Aside from the fact that I have no appreciation for “My Humps”, I personally thought Yaya did well. If you call that bad singing and dancing 555555555555, you haven’t seen “bad” yet.

  2. khaing says:

    haha looks so funny. Pls sub those clip so we can share the fun. Thx u from S’pore.

  3. xox says:

    Of all sexy, flirty songs, why “my hump” by BEP? Lol. As much as I like Yaya, she cannot sing nor dance. She’s not terrible at it, but she’s just not great. Nadech’s outfit–hideous.

  4. austenitey19 says:

    lol i love your new section!!!! lol

    I think the person who made the playlist thinks like me that the whole plot of the story is hilarious. Pong seducing three sisters. lol

    I love Tata Young. Can you please put up the clip and translate it so I get the joke too?

    I am not a fan of Bie Sukrit but if I won stuff like that for Por Thrisadee I would go totally more fangirl than her. lol I was so fangirly when I met Por Thrisadee he probably doesn’t want to meet me again though. lol Por was so nice too. He thanked me for coming when he came all the way from Thailand to Fresno, California to the Hmong New Years to meet his fans and to give a concert and it only took me 45 mins to get there lol and being his fan and wanting his autograph and a photo with him. He was so awesome. Btw Are you going recapp Tomyam Lumsing soon since it is finished already? I know some else is recapping each episode so I was wondering if you are going to do an over all recap.

    Nadech and Yaya are so cute. They should totally date already.

    • godninja says:

      srry, i’m not watching TYLS. i haven’t watch anything since mook liam petch. if bie comes to the US, i would fly to go see him wherever he is. i remember back when pepper was in Milwaukee and i lived less an hour away and i really wanted to go but because I nor my sis or cousins knew how to drive, we missed it. that’s as close to me having been any thai daras. though my older sister did flew to fresno one year and she did meet num, mos, and the zaza girls. she even kissed mos i believe.

  5. UrWorstNightMare says:

    Yaya is doing the ho dance…my admiration for her innocent image is totally gone; thanks alot Yaya! I think you should stick to looking cute in magazines, yeah that suits you more.

  6. godninja says:

    I’ve been getting emails from chinese, vietnamese, malaysian, and spanish fans asking for my subs. So, yes! I do have subs for all of my clips avaliable in .srt and some in .ass format with the videos in .avi. All you have to do is ask.

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