News: Saichon is a Miracle Healer

I was watching this segment on Woody Born to Talk the other day, and my jaw just dropped. You know how you and I are crazy about our Saichon/Charles? Well, we are nothing compare to this Nong Mooman. Mooman is a 7-year-old girl born with a heart problem of only 1-2% survival rate. On her third surgery said to be risky, Nong Moonam assured her father that she will make it back to meet Saichon. 

Nong Mooman was born with only two heart chambers compared to the usual four making her handicapped in many ways that inhibit her from living a normal childhood life. She has been in and out of the hospital since birth and unable to go to school. Even sadder, her mother died, and as she lives with her grandma, granny watches Game Rai Game Rak. Tada! Thumps up, if your granny watches lakorn too!

Ever since Nong Mooman watched GRGR, she gradually got better. She was able to talk and learn better, being less rowdy as she watches the lakorn to its end. She stayed up watching it, recounting the story to her sleeping grandma, and Nong Mooman rewatches it again in the daytime. She has asked where is Saichon’s house, where is the beach, and that she wants to go visit the beach to see Saichon (Barry Nadech) and Nangfah (Yaya Urassaya). She wants to be Nangfah. Ahhhh, like us too! Her granny and neighbors reply that Saichon is in the television, it’s a lakorn on television. [Godninja: No! He’s real! Don’t kill our dreams–whether it’s a 7-year-old’s dream or a 17-year-old’s dream!]

On Nong Mooman’s first surgery, she was near death because of the bleeding, so the doctor inserted a clamp in her stomach. She survived and 2 days later, there was another operation performed to remove the clamp. Originally, Noon Moonam got better but then got worse. On the third procedure to bridge together two blood vessels, the doctor said it was a fatal one. Before entering the operation room, Nong Mooman told her father  not to worry for she will come back to see Saichon.

Yes, Nong Mooman survived and is getting better. She can identify Nadech in magazines and on the last clip, Nong Mooman sends a message to Saichon: Pee Saichon, ma ha nu wai wai na ka/Pee Saichon, please come see me very soon. Who says 100 out of 10 that Nadech will come see Nong Mooman?

Credits: Woody Born to Talk ; pics screensnapped by LakornGods

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10 Responses to News: Saichon is a Miracle Healer

  1. lyla says:

    yeay! he visited her! please do the article for us godninja! there’s link here

    • godninja says:

      YES!!! i’ve been out of the loop not doing my updates as promise again because it is freezing and i mean it when i say i got sick yesterday and today. i’m just going to take it slow and recover because i need to be in top shape because school starts for me next monday. unfortunately, i can’t read/write thai, BUT will go see if there’s update elsewhere and will share it. thanks!

  2. Angela says:

    Poor little girl! Thanks for sharing this story. I hope the little girl gets better and I get Nadech will visit her soon. He’s such a nice guy and he will make her dream come true! God please help her!

  3. austenitey19 says:

    oh tears of joy are coming down my face. Yadech will be visiting her i bet. ha ha we all want Saichon and to be Nang Fah. and I am 7 years older than nadech. lol

    • godninja says:

      hmmm. i don’t know how old Nadech or any of the newbies are. for sure Yaya and Kim and them are younger than me that that is scary that they have such talent, look, fame, and money than me–a 19 year old but turning 20 next month college student working her ass off.

  4. Darion says:

    Sad but i know he’ll be visiting her soon…….

  5. suzsuz says:

    ooh..i’m sure he would too..and i wanna watch when he does!! 😀 will be very heartwarming.. ironically, yadech fever cured her..

  6. lyla says:

    “On her third surgery said to be risky, Nong Moonam assured her father that she will make it back to meet Saichon.”

    the power of Saichon/Charles worshippers! Get well very soon Nong Mooman!

  7. Kiki says:

    Oh my gosh I had tears reading this! Yes he will definitely be paying her a visit! (Honestly the story being published would be in vein if he didn’t)

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