News: Igossipy’s Top 10 Hottest Daras 2011

The 10 Hottest Daras. 5 nang’eks and 5 pra’eks that made it hot this year according to Igossipy. Featuring pics from the Daradaily Great Awards and the Hamburger Awards.


1. Barry Nadech. Mr King commercial of 30 ads heart-throb of tens and adults all over the nation and close to home, made a bunch of gals spazz. Brought Saichon and Charles fever in the mist of the Thailand flood.

Boy Won for Next Male Icon

2. Boy Pakon. This mustache trademark hottie has been around, but this year, he made his mark in Roy Marn with Margie Rasi.

Dome Won for Male Syle Icon

3. Dome Pakorn. Fashionista and singer Dome proved that vampire mania is never-ending. His first lakorn Rak Mai Mee Wan Dtai attracted ratings with girls begging him to suck their blood.

4. Tono Pakin. Tono dominated ch5 his year with 3 lakorns: Kwarm Wela Tam Ha Rak, Reun Pae, and Bu Ngah Nah Fon. His many news with his nang’eks added to his popularity.

Porsche Won for Best Rising Actor from Lakorn with Mon Rak Mae Nam Moon

5. Porshe Saran. 3 lakorns this year didn’t make his fame. It’s his third hand news with Jui and New that made him.


1. Aump Patcharapa. Forever the hotttest and most earning nang’ek, Aump wowed this year as she broke up with hi-so ex-boyfriend Note to stay single among the hounding of Krit.

Yaya Won for Next Female Icon

2. Yaya Urassaya. Yaya’s hotness came hand in hand with her kookwan Nadech at number one hottest pra’ek in Game Rai Game Rak. Let’s watch out for Torranee Nee Krai Thong next year.

Chompoo won for Leading Actress from a Lakorn with Dok Som See Thong

3. Chompoo Araya. A fashion icon and Queen of event, Chompoo waltzed in her bipolar roles in Dok Som See Thong and Mia Taeng. Her relationship progress with Nott is making wedding bells sound.

Pan-Pae Won Couple of the Year at the Daradaily Great Award 2011 with Pancake also Winning Hot Girl of the Year

4. Pancake Khemanit. Of course, the not-really break up with Weir and then the shortly after hook up with Pae and lineup of lakorns had her buzzing this year.

5. Janie Tienphosuwan. Janie was a sass in Tard Rak and her love scenes with Ken in Kol Rak Luang Jai had us applauding. And this year she jumped on the dating hi-s0 wagon with boyfriend Tum.

Igossipy’s Top 10 Hottest Daras 2011 

  1. Barry Nadech
  2. Boy Pakon
  3. Dome Pakorn
  4. Tono Pakin
  5. Porshe Saran
  6. Aump Patcharapa
  7. Chompoo Araya
  8. Yaya Urassaya
  9. Pancake Khnmanit
  10. Janie Tienphosuwan

I want to stress here that these are condensed summaries of translations done by shampoo@Spicy. I added more juicy  info that I believed contributed to their fame. The original article is from Igossipy.


End of the Year 2011 Series.

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2 Responses to News: Igossipy’s Top 10 Hottest Daras 2011

  1. Ems says:

    Where’s my Ken? He had 2 lakorns this year…

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